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Im new and I have one question!

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Hello all! Man, how did I not know there was an open version of RCT2... I was down right addicted to RCT 2 and 3 as a kid. This version looks real great!

One question:

Since you can use a retail version of the game from steam to turn into ORCT2, can it be setup where steam still recognizes that I am playing RCT2: Triple Thrill Pack, even though it's Open? (Still recording time played and so on...)

Im assuming no but it's worth a try! :D

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You can try to rename openrct2.exe (or the launcher executable) to rct2.exe and put it in the folder where rct2.exe was. This makes steam open the replaced executable instead. Not sure what other files need to be moved or if there are any conflicts.

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