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RCT1 Co-op and more!

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Hi everyone! I realized I haven't promoted my server(s) yet. So here comes my shameless plug. :P

I am the founder of a server called RCT1 Co-op w/ wingnut707, and am currently running a contest there. It's a lot of fun--we try to complete as many original RCT scenarios as we can. Here is a link to its Discord: https://discord.gg/jz9w4Fk

Unfortunately, I can't get my server up too often, so there is another server just like this that I co-founded with @GTW1226 called GTW's Nostalgia Server. It is up MUCH more often. Almost every day, actually; I take over on my server when GTW can't host. We welcome everyone, beginners and experts alike. Come join, if you'd like! You can find our Discord here: https://discord.gg/78KHjRh

I am also a moderator on Freedom Server. Here, we are very open as to what people build and are a very tightly-knit and relaxed community. We swap out maps every 3-4 weeks, sometimes longer if we really like it. Here is the Discord: https://discord.gg/fvpWX7m

That's it. Sorry if this is too long. I hope you will consider joining these servers. It's really a hoot to build on all of them!

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