Group Park 7
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  • Reduced amount of trains on Contortion from two to one.
  • Fixed bridge to SotN (Symphony of the Night).
  • Opened SotN.
  • Added various facilities near SotN.
  • Added dedicated staff to the SotN area.
  • Added toilets all throughout the park.
  • Gave Fire Plunge a new station.


The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.100.sv6

Queue: Jochem, Broxzier, Deurklink, Wuis
Missed: xbalogan, jensj12, Przemek, TheMightyClem, 1081p, cascadia, RedScope53, RaunchyRussel, Darthyoda714, TCE, saxman1089, Leudimin, Wuis, DiamondRush, SpiffyJack


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I think we should just apply some finishing touches from now, and start thinking about the next group park :)

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