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  1. I've attached the landscape file to this post for whoever wishes to make changes to it. There's no need for updating the version already, that'll happen when we start the actual scenario. Save the attacked file in your OpenRCT2/landscape folder. The results of the poll are in, and we're not making it easy here Half of the players want expansion content, and the other half doesn't. Assuming that not everyone who wants to allow costum content picked all three options, there are more players that want to use them than not. What kind of expansion content would be included in this park seems very balanced, though then we most likely run into a limit again. When you include new objects in the park, please think about how generic they are beforehand. Group Park 7.sc6
  2. With both @SpiffyJack's and @Przemek's suggestions in mind, I started to create a heightmap for the park. Thoughts?
  3. Some thing I'd like to see this park: Central area, like a square or something, for guests to relax and no rides covering it. Entrance area in a similar fashion Outside park (for simple trees and some scenery - all land is owned, but have a fence made with scenery or something around the park (I prefer this over the low border like in GP6) One large hilly area What I usually do at the start of a park is painting the paths using the land tool. Not for the entire park, but only for the yet unbuild areas.
  4. @jensj12 Fixed @Leudimin I agree, having one train or monorail going around the park would make it easier to build around it too.
  5. To decide wether or not we're going to use expansion content, I've created this poll: You can pick multiple answers. On Sunday we'll check the results. Just like with the previous few parks, I'd like to start with some teraforming before we begin, and perhaps one transport ride.
  6. With Group Park 6 (almost) having come to an end, it's time to start the next! How does it work? Multiple players extend and improve on a park by taking turns. We use a queue to determine whose turn it is. When joining, you'll be placed at the end of the queue, and have to wait until you reach the front before you may take yours. To not keep the rest waiting too long, there are two time limits. When a player reaches the front of the queue, they have 24 hours to claim the park, and once claimed they have 48 hours to work on it. Once finished they will post the new saved game with a short update log, a screenshot, and the updated queue, where they may add themselves to the end of again. When someone does not claim their turn in time, or went over the 48-hour limit after claiming it, they will be moved to a missed turn list, and the next person in the queue may take their turn. Anyone listed in the missed turn list is allowed to claim the park when it's not claimed already, or move themselves in the front of the current queue so that they may claim the park when the current player has finished. The missed turn list is not a queue, anyone in there has the same priority. First come first serve. In order to join, make yourself familiar with how it this all works, read the rules, and then leave a comment saying you want to join. You may add yourself to the end of the queue right away, or wait for one of the other players to add you. Rules / Guidelines NSCO - to be determined (will be edited once we have began) Be rational - Don't build things that cover a large portion of the map, or build coasters every turn. Look at what the others are building, and try to blend in. When not approved by the other players, your changes may be reverted. Respect - Don't alter anything made by others without having their consent. Hotfixes - Anyone may claim the park when it's not claimed already for hotfixes, but try to keep it claimed for a minimum amount of time. Tag the first person in the queue when finished. Hotfixes do not need to increase the version number, but append something to the end of the filename (e.g. Group Park 7.12-crashfix, or simply Group Park 7.12a). Versioning - Increase the version in the filename by one. The number that needs to increase is the one after the 7. part in the filename (7. is because it's the seventh group park. The part behind the dot is a separate number). The first 10 versions should contain a leading zero.
  7. The way you describe it, it sounds like there are two tracks on exactly the same height. As far as I know, that will not work. The vehicle uses track block data to know the curve of the current track, where it starts and where it ends with a relative location and height offset. It then simply checks if behind the end of a track block there is an element with the correct height and rotation and same track id, and if there is, it'll pick the first track element on that tile at that height without checking for rotation or track id, meaning that no matter which one you build first, there's going to be a loop in the track somewhere.
  8. The ratings for another ride may still be waiting to be finished, and if this ride is hacked in some way (merged with another track making it loop for example), the rater gets stuck, causing newer rides to never finish their ratings.
  9. Welcome Leudimin! Programmers are always welcome to join this project. Some features and reported bugs are marked with "starter". If you feel confident enough, perhaps you can take a look at those. There's always developers willing to help if you have any questions about the code!
  10. Filled up some empty spots with scenery throughout the parks, and fixed the issues that jensj mentioned. There's not much space left to build. I think it's time to start a thread for Group Park 7. Claimed: - Queue: Wuis, saxman1089, Przemek, jensj12 Missed: RedScope53, Cascadia, WobblyRails, Tune, Jochem, Monsanto, SpiffyJack, imlegos, qbbq, Wuis, TheMightyClem, giraty @Wuis The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.79.sv6
  11. Those are not the ones from the current title sequence. They might be leftovers from an earlier version, or you've added them yourself somehow. The parks from the title sequence are stored together with the sequence script in this folder: Documents\OpenRCT2\bin\data\title. You'll see that there are multiple files. The default one for OpenRCT2 is called openrct2.parkseq. This is just a zipped archieve with a custom extension.
  12. Claiming.
  13. What enhancer do you use, Redscope? I'm using Youtube Plus myself.
  14. I don't think so. The vehicles type determines how the train behaves, and the same type is used for choosing the sprite.
  15. Make sure to provide steps to reproduce this issue, or it will be very difficult to debug.