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  1. (Only saw this edit just now) Please don't take it as offense, I was just saying. In case you change things up on your server, all links you've posted here will be broken, while for files attached to a message here on the forums will keep working, even after an update.
  2. Don't think of it as a decimal number, each number next to a dot is a different number. The corresponding numbers are usually called Release, Major, Minor and Build. Check out this Wikipedia page about versioning, and especially the Incrementing sequences part.
  3. You know you can just upload the parks here, right? The version should be 5.10, not 5.1. I'm not sure if non-generic scenery like the signs and the to-be-wolves is a good idea. They cannot be reused in the rest of the park, and take up an object slot each. With GP2 and 3 we managed to hit the limit early on.
  4. It's all very white, I'd make use of some different colours between the lower and top part.
  5. @Foxy Actually those fences can be removed, I do plan on adding more buildings there in my next turn, or someone else can if they want.
  6. That can be based on the base height of the track block to be build. Comparing the average for track blocks that take up multiple tiles is a safe option. When the average ground level is higher than the average track block height, raise all land, lower otherwise.
  7. That's the reflection of the roads! It's because I cheat. There's no place for a glass wall. But now that I think of it, the glass cube might work here.
  8. Aaaaand done. For now at least So during my turn I've build part of the area where some of the staff work. They're keeping the stocks for the entire park up, you don't want your park to run out of balloons of course. Well, they're responsible for keeping track of the sales, and then there's the storage and the cars making sure everything is where it should be. Claimed: - Queue: @Foxy, UTMAN, SpiffyJack, giraty, RedScope53, Jochem, TCE, Tune, Cascadia, Broxzier Missed: Wuis, YoloSweggLord, jensj12, Philmon11 The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.08.sv6
  9. Work-in-progress sneak peek: There's still lots of scenery work to be done, somewhere this evening I'll upload the new version.
  10. Nope... Claimed: Broxzier Queue: Foxy, UTMAN, SpiffyJack, giraty, RedScope53, Jochem, TCE, Tune, Cascadia Missed: Wuis, YoloSweggLord, jensj12, Philmon11
  11. As long as you're using the template and checking for duplicates, there's no way we'll be blocking you. Having someone QA features is always welcome. If you could do this for new features before they are being merged into the code, that would actually help find new bugs early on.
  12. These look nice. Are those 3 dots per object, or all separate?
  13. 24 hours have passed since the last update. Claimed: - Queue: @Philmon11, Broxzier, Foxy, UTMAN, SpiffyJack, giraty, RedScope53, Jochem, TCE, Tune, Cascadia Missed: Wuis, YoloSweggLord, jensj12
  14. I don't see a reason not to, but it's not necessary.
  15. It's been years since I last used 3DS Max, but I think it has an option for ambient light. Set this high enough for the dark side, and then set the directional light's intensity to get the light side right. Once rendered, GIMP can apply the colour pallet with dithering for you. This tutorial here shows how to do that in Photoshop, GIMP probably has a similar feature for it.