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  1. Broxzier

    An RMC hybrid coaster.

    I think the track requires a custom build g1.dat file or custom build of OpenRCT2 for the sprites.
  2. Broxzier

    Group Park 8

    I mainly fixed things around the park this turn. Fixed the path's edges and corners in the parking lot (@L3mmy be more careful in the future, especially when changing things that someone else made) Removed a custom footpath (was unused luckily, but this is a NSCO round so don't add custom objects) Made the water fall from the top of the water structure near Ivory Avenue (log flume) Added a bunch of fences and dirt around footpaths Extended the underground pipes/sewers to reach the new areas Added some lines on the roads and some other tweaks near the parking lot Claimed: - Queue: L3mmy, UTMAN, Broxzier Missed: 1081p, Deurklink,, Redscope53, giraty , Wuis, Thibo1102 @L3mmy it's your turn The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.36.sv6
  3. I just tried it on dcd5224, but for me the scenery gets deselected correctly. What ride type did you try it with?
  4. Broxzier

    Help I can't lower my resolution!!

    Try setting the window scale factor higher so the game has to render less of the park. This can be changed in the first tab of the options window.
  5. Thanks for reporting it here. What build of OpenRCT2 are you using?
  6. Broxzier

    Update the Graphics

    Oh? Okay, if you think so. It's not like OpenRCT2 has replaced and added sprite tracks already or anything...
  7. Broxzier


    @KingJulian You could try and ask for help in the gitter chat, that's where more linux devs are around that can help you.
  8. Broxzier

    Group Park 8

    Claiming! Claimed: Broxzier Queue: L3mmy, UTMAN Missed: 1081p, Deurklink,, Redscope53, giraty , Wuis, Thibo1102
  9. Broxzier

    Food court

    Every path in front of these shops counts as a junction. Place them somewhere not next to a path, but to its own plaza or something, and they pathfinding won't have to deal with so many junctions, and guests won't get stuck. That's just how it works right now. The white paths are ignored by the pathfinding, so guests who are walking to somehting (not wandering) will only walk on those footpaths.
  10. Make sure you are actually on a recent build or OpenRCT2 and check if the file SG1.1 or CSG1.DAT exists for you. It should be in your RCT1 tripple thrill pack folder.
  11. Broxzier

    Problem loading OpenRCT

    If you're still having issues, try renaming your config.ini file in your Documents/OpenRCT2 folder to something else, so all settings are set to their default.
  12. Have you set that path in the options and restarted OpenRCT2?
  13. Broxzier

    Group Park 8

    There's space between the paths and the blue blocks that you added now, and I think a ligher shade of blue would fit better.
  14. Broxzier

    My favorite game ever.

    Welcome aboard! Glad to hear you're enjoying the nostalgia trip
  15. Broxzier

    No toilet/restrooms available to build

    They do show up for me. You may be missing some objects of your installation then. It looks like you're using your own build (debug), so make sure you've also downloaded the latest json objects.