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  1. Stupid backstory: A growing power provider, PowerMax, made a very much needed offer with the park management. As the park was getting more and more attractions, which in turn need more power, and they were soon approaching the limits of their current power plan. Because of the mixed ground throughout the park, PowerMax advised to transmit the power using high voltage overhead power lines for the main transmission, and smaller overhead power lines in the different areas for power distribution. Park management decided against the latter because that would mean the power lines would be visible everywhere throughout the park, which could prevent future additions.. They compromised to build the smaller power lines for underground. What the park needed to do in return, was to have PowerMax's logo at all attractions where the guests would see (most likely in the hope that other big company holders would do some research to their plans). Once the deal was made and both parties signed, construction for the high voltage power lines began. The first thing they were used for was for the trams. For now the rest of the park could easily do with the current plan, and in time switch over. I've also added some more greenery in the above area, extended the fences, slightly changed the pirate themed station, and made the entrance area more inviting looking. Claimed: Queue: giraty, qbbq, TheMightyClem, Jochem, Wuis, Broxzier Missed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia, SpiffyJack, WobblyRails, imlegos, Tune @giraty The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.29.sv6
  2. The timing is perfect on my end! I have time today, and only today, to work on it. Claimed: BroxzierQueue: giraty, qbbq, TheMightyClem, Jochem, WuisMissed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia, SpiffyJack, WobblyRails, imlegos, Tune
  3. Are workaround could be to build the maze with a queue, and a path going around/underneath the maze. This park does exactly that:
  4. I cannot open it either, but I'm not sure if it's corrupt, because I get this error:
  5. Make a new thread and provide more information, instead of bumping up old threads.
  6. Do you have any more information that just that code? Like, what happens exactly? What does the console say?
  7. @Gareth Great to hear you're enjoying it! You can try setting the lowest base height to an odd number, which is just below water level. Then any non-black pixel has a much higher chance to get on or above sea level. While I do like your surface paint tool idea, I think this is best implemented as an optional plug-in (not supported yet), instead of being in-game for everyone, since only a small portion of the players will be using it. @Wuis Here's the direct links:
  8. What! Must have been tested while it was very crowded on the paths or something, how else is cycling that intense?
  9. Welcome to the forums! I'd get to know the game well before trying out multiplayer if I were you. Once you can play the game well, try joining a group for multiplayer, since these servers don't get grieved as often as the open ones.
  10. This should be fixed in a bit, just hang on.
  11. The park now features a bicycle rental place, which is located near one of the stations. Currently guests need to bring back their rented bikes, however, if proven useful, more of these will be built, so that they act as yet another transport service to various locations. The ride is not open yet, because the invisible track is not complete. Be careful when changing the main roads (the ones next to the tram lines), as there are now some invisible tracks on top of them. During my turn I've also fixed a disconnected path, and hired some extra mechanics. Claimed: Queue: imlegos, giraty, qbbq,TheMightyClem, Wuis, Jochem, Tune, Broxzier Missed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia, SpiffyJack, WobblyRails @imlegos The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.22.sv6
  12. It seems to load only a few of the RCT1 scenarios before it quits, there should be many more. Try removing or renaming the config.ini file inside the OpenRCT2 folder, to run the game with the default settings, and no path to RCT1. It may be that the RCT1 files are causing this to happen.
  13. Okay... then no error is given. Try again but this time add --verbose after command.
  14. If you hold shift and rightclick anywhere in windows explorer while having that folder open, you should see the option "Open command prompt window here", or if you've installed the Windows 10 Creative Suit update, it's "Open Powershell Window here". Then simply type in "", and it should try to run the game. The game now exits while starting up, because it most likely can't find a specific file, and this will probably be printed to the command prompt (or powershell) window.
  15. They should go in your RCT2 installation directory, or you can place them in the OpenRCT2/objects and OpenRCT2/scenarios folders respectively.