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  1. What's new in 0.2?

    Then you checked an outdated version.
  2. Hey! Just found this on reddit.

    Welcome Taco, I'm always glad to hear it when more and more people find this game and enjoy it Hope you're having a great nostalgia blast
  3. game version wont update

    Make sure the launcher can write the files. Close all instances of the game, reboot if you haven't to make sure no processes are blocking it, and try again. Otherwise, remove the OpenRCT2 installation files and then run the launcher.
  4. css17.dat is in the Data directy inside your RCT Deluxe folder.
  5. Sandbar Shores

    Nice, there aren't enough scenario makers around! I've got a few tips that would make this look better: Try to increase the height difference between the lowest and highest point of the map, to make it more hilly in general. Now it looks like a high tide would flood the island, or a low tide would make the ground underwater completely dry. And adding some foliage and grass would make the island seem far more alive.
  6. game version wont update

    A commit with ID 8a9fda6 doesn't exist, but I assume you want to use the development version? Make sure it's selected in the options of the launcher.
  7. Game kind of frozen

    There was an issue that caused only a small portion of the screen to be invalidated after loading saved games where the camera was zoomed out. This has been fixed now.
  8. Static in Merry go round music?

    It was an error with the file css11.dat in his installation. Reinstalling the game solved it.
  9. Dinghy crashing, potential problem?

    I was indeed referring to your comment. Next time you see something like this happen and think it's a bug, you should let us know on GitHub with a saved game attached, so we can investigate the issue.
  10. These games are on sale for a mad -75% off RollerCoaster Tycoon: Deluxe = $ 1,99 RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack = $ 3,39 Locomotion, Chris Sawyer's = $ 1.49 This sale includes other Tycoon-like games as well, like Railroad Tycoon 2 Platinum, Railroad Tycoon 3, Theme Hospital, and Sim City 4. Have a look at all the games on sale here:
  11. Group Park 8

    @giraty It's your turn
  12. Hi people

    Welcome Victor! Can you share some of your work?
  13. Group Park 8

    @saxman1089 Yes! Only there is a slight problem with the entrance and exit - the guests walk at the height of the original station, rather than at the height of the entrance/exit or vehicle. This should definitely be fixed in the code.
  14. Group Park 8

    Please forgive me gentlemen! I went 2 hours over the limit. Anyway, here's the new addition: Spinning Stars. It's a small ride with spinning Virginia Reel cars on a circular track. Claimed: - Queue: UTMAN, giraty, Broxzier Missed: Redscope53, Deurklink, Wuis @UTMAN The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.22.sv6