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  1. Broxzier

    Trainer for RCT2Open

    What a trainer basically does is modifying the memory of another program. This is not needed for OpenRCT2, because the source can be changed directly, and cheats can be made in a nicer way. If there are any cheats you are missing, you can open a feature request issue on GitHub.
  2. Broxzier

    OpenRCT2 Wallpapers !

    You should just post them here, instead of asking people to reach out to you.
  3. Broxzier

    Console addition?

    That's for the in-game console. The screenshot command that you can use from command line has had this options since forever. Use "openrct2.com screenshot" to see the format.
  4. Broxzier

    Two bugs (saving rides)

    @GetaX I am unable to reproduce that bug on v0.2.1-348 (9f11588 on develop). I've tried it by saving existing and newly build mazes. Can you still reproduce it?
  5. Broxzier

    "Undefined String" Issue

    This was a regression from a fix for something related yesterday, and has been fixed now. Upgrading to a newer build should solve this issue.
  6. Broxzier

    Group Park 8

    @L3mmy No, that has nothing to do with this group park.
  7. Broxzier

    New to the forums, long time builder

    Welcome to the forums! Your introduction is very well formed and informative, definitely not bad There's a screenshot dump topic where you can share anything you've made, or make your own thread for anything bigger than just one screenshot. We also have group parks, where we take turns to work on the same park to end with a good looking and mostly filled map.
  8. Broxzier

    Trojan Issue

    If you know how to avoid virus scanners from detecting our software as a virus, please enlighten us. There's not much we can do, other than contacting the companies and asking for an exception.
  9. There's an issue about it on GitHub. You can help find finding what caused it by finding the build where it first broke.
  10. Broxzier

    Invisible Queue Line Signs

    There is a flag for it in the code, which tells the game when a queue is the end of a line for a ride. There is no way to edit this currently, though. I've considered adding it to the role inspector, but didn't because of possible side-effects. As a workaround you can simply hide the queue with a corrupt element, and copy over a new path that is higher in the list but at the same height for a visual queue, but without the banner.
  11. Broxzier

    Question About ORCT2

    You may be playing on an administrator account. If so, you should create a new account with user privileges, and use that, or make your current account a normal user.
  12. Broxzier

    Group Park 8

    Also don't forget to include a screenshot, even if it's just a motion simulator.
  13. Broxzier

    Coming back

    Great to see you're at it again! If you ever run into these kind of issues, you can always ask for help here.
  14. What's the exact error you're getting?
  15. Broxzier

    Group Park 8

    Added a few benches and fences throughout the park, and build a small building and area where guests can watch some rides while enjoying a snack. Claimed: - Queue: The_Saladman, UTMAN, Bangaled, sage_lee, Broxzier Missed: 1081p, Deurklink,, Redscope53, Wuis, Thibo1102, giraty, L3mmy, DDDucker @The_Saladman you're up! The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.46.sv6.zip