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  1. Broxzier

    How to use .DAT files with OpenRCT2?

    OpenRCT2 will only load vanilla objects from the ObjData directory. To load custom objects you have to copy these .DAT (or .json) files to your Documents\OpenRCT2\object
  2. Broxzier

    Help Setting Up LAN Server PLEASE

    If you're both connected to the same switch or router, then that's true, but when there are multiple routers that don't act as bridges, then you still have to open ports on these.
  3. Broxzier

    Help Setting Up LAN Server PLEASE

    "Disconnected No data" suggests that you were connected already. when does this happen exactly? @gtxtreme Using a port that's meant for something else (in this case SSH) is not the nicest solution. If this does work, you should be able to just open the ports on your router.
  4. Broxzier

    Accessing Older Autosaves

    The autosave folder is not backed up automatically, so make sure to save your parks! Autosave is mainly intended to not loose changes when the game crashes, not to automatically save the game for you. Earlier this week a new option was added that increases the number of autosaves to keep. This is 10 by default, but you can set it as high as you want. Note that this could potentially take up a lot of space on your hard disk.
  5. Broxzier

    Cheat bar does not open

    As D1JL points out, you're running the vanilla version, not OpenRCT2. Once you open OpenRCT2, go to Options -> Controls and Interface (cogs tab) -> Toolbar and tick Cheats. Then you can open the cheats menu from the top-toolbar.
  6. Broxzier

    Best way to decrease queue wait time?

    If there are a lot of boats waiting to depart the station, decreasing or unticking the minimum waiting time can help a lot.
  7. Broxzier

    Rename Fat Bhudda

    Good, now submit a pull request for it, with an explanation why this should be changed, and it may be merged into the project.
  8. Broxzier

    Why did i get a trojan from openrct2?

    You didn't. Don't be so quick to blame something. If you don't trust OpenRCT2, don't download it. But really there is absolutely no reason to not trust the builds, the entire source and build steps are open to everyone to see.
  9. Broxzier

    Ghost train when building a track

    I actually had something partly working like 9 months ago, but almost forgot about it! I'll see if I can rebase it on the latest version.
  10. Broxzier

    Fun Spot Emporia crashed

    Do you remember what you were doing just before the crash? You mentioned adding a few more rides, do you mean you built them, or did you add them through the object selection?
  11. Broxzier

    bin dir not created

    The progress bar and error suggest it's a Launcher error. I've seen this error a few time, probably happens when downloading goes wrong. Just retry if it happens again.
  12. Broxzier

    Rename Fat Bhudda

    Just submit a PR if you want to see it renamed.
  13. Broxzier

    How do I close a Topic?

    To stop getting notifications, you could unsubscribe. Then the topic remains open, and other members can still improve on previous answers.
  14. Broxzier

    Trainer for RCT2Open

    What a trainer basically does is modifying the memory of another program. This is not needed for OpenRCT2, because the source can be changed directly, and cheats can be made in a nicer way. If there are any cheats you are missing, you can open a feature request issue on GitHub.
  15. Broxzier

    OpenRCT2 Wallpapers !

    You should just post them here, instead of asking people to reach out to you.