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  1. #8941 Update: it has been fixed. Please update the game.
  2. This has been fixed recently, please update your game and it should work fine again. If not, please include the game version you are using (in the corner of the main menu, looks like 12abc3d).
  3. OpenRCT2 does not support windows XP. You need to upgrade your OS (or get a new computer) before you can play OpenRCT2.
  4. Currently, that won't work. Maybe somewhere in future, but not now.
  5. You can upload images/files/etc on this site as attachment so you don’t have to link to other sites. It might help to get your issue solved faster. Some people don’t like downloading stuff from unknown sources. Additionally, please provide the game version you are using. It’s on the main menu in the lower left corner and looks like ab12cd4.
  6. That is what the ‘convert save to scenario’ button is for. Create a scenario, play it for some time, then convert it to a new scenario. Or simply do all the work in-game, as you can access all scenario options there as well (but you’ll still have to convert it).
  7. You can make it yourself. Find a scenario of your choice, open the cheats window (assuming you have enabled it in the options), and click ‘scenario goal: have fun!’ in the correct tab. You can also greatly increase your money balance there. To disable money completely, open the scenario options window (enable debugging tools in the options, then find two cogs button in the top toolbar) and disable money there. You can also change the scenario goal to anything you’d like.
  8. I don't know any recent changes to the game that might have caused this. It may already started happening while building the new coasters. Another possible issue might be that you've reached the sprite limit, which causes the new guest generation to stop. Make sure you check the guests thoughts for possible causes. Without a save, I can only guess.
  9. If you installed RCT2:TTP from steam in the default directory, everything should work out of the box (if not, you have to point OpenRCT2 there, but that shouldn't make it crash). Try to verify the game cache of RCT2:TTP, remove OpenRCT2 and install the launcher again. That should git rid of any issues during installation. If that doesn't help, you'll probably need to file an issue on github with the dump file attached.
  10. There was an issue with player info not being synchronized properly, but that has now been fixed by #8801.
  11. You can’t fix it, only the devs can. Just keep playing as if it never happened. When you notice significant differences between you and the server, simply reconnect to fix all issues caused by the desync. If the game always throws the desync error immediately, it may be false alarm, but that will be fixed soon.
  12. If you still have many CD games, consider buying a portable CD drive. I've done that as well and works nicely as long as you just copy over all files to your computer and use them from there
  13. Welcome! Good to see some more people that like to build the best coasters in the smallest places. In case you need some inspiration...
  14. I spot two suggestions here: 1 - Has been suggested AND has a pull request created for it. Most likely just a matter of time before it gets merged. #7737 2 - This requires a new save format before we can even begin to think about implementing it. Tracks have a flag for being a chain lift or not, but brakes are a separate track piece. I expected this one to be suggested on GitHub before, but I couldn't find it. You can make one if you'd like, but you'll have a better chance of getting it implemented if you post it in december.
  15. I thought support for windows XP was dropped more than a year ago. Once you have a newer OS, download the launcher from the download page and run it (assuming you have RCT2 installed).
  16. This has been the most requested feature since the start of the project a few years ago, but I heard some rumors that it might come in 2019. It requires a new save format and thus quite some work from the devs. Expect it to happen, but not anytime soon.
  17. There is nothing the devs can do for you. You need to tell your Norton installation that OpenRCT2 is not a virus. For example, whitelist it (or the entire directory if that is possible), restore it from the quarantaine, ...
  18. In the options, make sure you have the cheats top toolbar button enabled. Then, in-game, click and hold the golden shovel and select 'disable clearance checks'. That allows you to build the scenery pieces at ground level.
  19. Since it crashes the game, it has been disabled for now. It will be enabled sometime in the future, but it requires some work as sending track designs over network is not yet possible.
  20. Go to the in-game save dialog (make sure you have at least one saved game), there you can find out where it is located. This topic is very old. Last year, buttons have been added to easily locate used directories.
  21. OpenRCT2 only works with RCT2 (and expansions). To play OpenRCT2, get RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack from steam (or any other store). You can use the RCTDeluxe installation you have to extend the capabilities of OpenRCT2, but you still need RCT2 for that.
  22. Heavy rain already causes brake failures to happen far more often. I doubt adding another bad weather breakdown would really add something. This is probably something that will only be added as a plugin.
  23. This has been suggested a few times and has received a warm welcome by the devs, so expect this to be implemented at some point. There are just a few other things that need to be done first (UI an file related stuff) and it competes with other nice-to-have features. If someone is working on it, you will see a pull request appear on GitHub. Don’t expect it anytime soon though. If you need it as soon as possible, you can code it and submit a pull request yourself.
  24. Make sure OpenRCT2 has the rights to write the settings file. Does saving games work? This forum has some anti-spam features. You can not post again within 24 hours of your first post. After one day, the limit is removed.
  25. jensj12


    Technically you don’t need to have RCT2 installed on your chromebook, copying the required files from a RCT2 installation on another machine works as well. The wiki on GitHub has all the details you need for this.
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