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  1. Make sure OpenRCT2 has the rights to write the settings file. Does saving games work? This forum has some anti-spam features. You can not post again within 24 hours of your first post. After one day, the limit is removed.
  2. jensj12


    Technically you don’t need to have RCT2 installed on your chromebook, copying the required files from a RCT2 installation on another machine works as well. The wiki on GitHub has all the details you need for this.
  3. Booster pieces for the water coaster have been added to the game. Thanks for reporting and have fun!
  4. jensj12

    Game Speed

    Briefly tap the + and - buttons on your keyboard to make sure they don’t hang.
  5. Will be fixed soon.
  6. Vehicle stuck - Are you using the (longer) vehicles from time twister? Those often get stuck. Switch to normal karts to fix this. Doesn't fit in station - Make a longer station or less karts, original limits are there to prevent this. It might be possible to change the behavior of the karts for this specific case, but I don’t know anything about the kart logic code.
  7. If the boosters are disabled, you can only change it by changing the ride type. Booster strength depends on the ride type, and a strength of 0 means they are disabled (for twister coaster they are a bit stronger than others). You may be able to get around the cap by disabling ride operation limits through the cheat menu (if you can't find it, first enable it in the options, then look for a golden shovel in-game). Note: devs may be willing to change it for the water coaster (has happened to other coaster types as well), just create an issue on GitHub.
  8. jensj12

    Fuery Trojan detected

    Virusses are constantly evolving, so antivirus scanners apply some heuristics to check whether a program looks or behaves a bit like a known virus. That’s why your AV comes with the name of a virus, but that doesn’t alsways mean it’s a virus (but sometimes, it is). If downloading OpenRCT2 affected your overall computer performance, it was your AV that ran in the background as OpenRCT2 wasn’t even running. It's up to you if you trust OpenRCT2, you can look through the source code on GitHub.
  9. jensj12

    Best way to decrease queue wait time?

    If all else fails, decrease the queue length.
  10. jensj12


    The devs answered a few years ago: OpenRCT3 is not going to happen, as it contained less bugs that had to be fixed and there are better alternatives available. The license supplied with RCT3 also makes it impossible to decompile it, but I don’t know what other options there are. If you still want OpenRCT3, feel free to start it, but be prepared to do most of the work yourself.
  11. jensj12

    Vehicle/Scenary Unavailable

    No problem. Now I've had some time to search, I've linked the corresponding issue on GitHub (#5860).
  12. jensj12

    Vehicle/Scenary Unavailable

    This has been suggested (on github) quite some time ago. Perhaps it helps to post something in that issue as well. There are recently also complaints that more designs than usual have this issue, and switching away from OpenGL rendering might fix it.
  13. jensj12

    Accessing Older Autosaves

    Unless they're in the recycling bin (which I don't expect) are backed up with another automated tool, there's no way to get them back. Autosaves are meant as backup in case of a crash or data corruption. If you want to save a game for later, save normally.
  14. jensj12

    Im new and I have one question!

    You can try to rename openrct2.exe (or the launcher executable) to rct2.exe and put it in the folder where rct2.exe was. This makes steam open the replaced executable instead. Not sure what other files need to be moved or if there are any conflicts.
  15. Each vehicle is a different ride type that shares the same track type. In the original RCT2, a new vehicle would often be classified as a new ride type with its own build menu button and track designs. In OpenRCT2 they’re simply grouped together more often, allowing you to switch vehicles without rebuilding the entire track (or cheats). For the research speed, it would be nice if you could setup a test scenario and run it in both RCT2 and OpenRCT2 to see if there are any differences. Having such proof greatly increases the chances of a dev looking at it.
  16. jensj12

    Install on Linux from CD

    I think you’re missing the JSON objects, which should come with OpenRCT2. How did you install OpenRCT2? What do you see at startup?
  17. jensj12

    Two Builds

    Using the launcher, you can easily switch between builds. You can probably have two builds installed at the same time, but not with the launcher. If you really want two builds at the same time, I’d recommend using the launcher for develop builds and manually installing the release builds, but switching between them is probably easier. A note on develop builds: they’re usually just as stable as release builds, as they also contain the latest fixes. Any game breaking bugs will only ever be present on develop builds, but they’re usually fixed quite fast and you can always switch back for a day or two.
  18. jensj12

    Rename Fat Bhudda

    Pull Request - Fork the code repository on github and make changes to your personal fork. You can request the changes to be pulled to the official code base with a pull request (which includes a discussion topic and some help with auto-merging). For more help, please refer to the OpenRCT2 GitHub under 'contributing' (especially the gitflow workflow) and the GitHub help pages.
  19. jensj12

    Additonal Scenery Objects

    Yes. In the options, enable debugging tools. Then in-game, look for the top toolbar button with two cogs and select 'object selection' there.
  20. jensj12

    Competing Parks

    Have a look at #896, that will answer most of your questions.
  21. jensj12

    Occamy.C detected in OpenRCT@?

    This has happened to OpenRCT2 a lot and there’s nothing we can do about it (you can search on the forum). OpenRCT2 should be completely safe if downloaded from here, you can even check the source code on github.
  22. jensj12

    Ghost train when building a track

    #485 It will come eventually, but it’ll take some time.
  23. jensj12

    Broken Object Selector

    You can track the status of the issue I linked. It seems reopening the object selection sometimes helps. You can avoid the issue by temporarily switching to stable builds until it’s fixed.
  24. jensj12

    Broken Object Selector

    My bad. There was already a new issue that is still open: #8484 (I thought it was the same as #8414)
  25. jensj12

    Broken Object Selector

    Which version of the game are you running? (Lower left corner of the main menu, please specify the exact commit hash) Additionally, try to update the game and check whether it still happens, I believe this was already fixed (it has been reported some time ago).