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  1. CCC4! Combined Coaster Challenge!

    I'd love to join this contest, but due to a broken laptop I currently have no OpenRCT2-capable device with the required RCT2 files or a disk drive. I'm trying to move all files from my old laptop, but it's requires some luck to get it done between two crashes. Expect a submission from me if it lasts until at least the 12th of February.
  2. There's a changelog in-game (and in the game files, documents/openrct2/bin/changelog.txt when using the launcher). Or take a look at the changelog on GitHub:
  3. Cheats once remained active while switching games, but some cheats may lead to unintended consequences (like disable clearance checks). Cheats are planned to be saved in the save, so loading a park will enable the same cheats as when you saved it. Just wait for a new save format and cheats will be properly saved again. May still take a few months or even years though.
  4. Space Base (On an unnamed planet)

    You might want to consider adding more colour to some areas. Especially the green part looks very... well, green, with green water, green buildings and green pipes. Now green and blue have something special in the architecture, I'm waiting for the other two to get something
  5. CCC 3

    It should have been closed, but I forgot to close it. Anyways, final standings are here. Witch a score of 4 against 1, the winner is: Chaotic Confusion by Giraty! Congratulations! Next C-theme is yours to pick @giraty
  6. Absurd rides

    Old but not forgotten
  7. OpenRCT2 Forum Discord Server?

    Don't forget to post on this forum as well, I don't use discord.
  8. Absurd rides

    If you can make a proper set of rules you can host a Crazy Coaster Contest (or let me run it).
  9. A plug-in system is already planned, and downloading custom content will most likely be supported in-game as well (at least as easy as in OpenTTD). OpenRCT2 is still in very early development in terms of advanced extra features.
  10. Virus?

    Windows 7 has Microsoft Security Essentials. It is the same as windows defender, except that it doesn't come pre-installed.
  11. can you change your username

    Changing usernames is usually discouraged or not allowed. You may get your username changed by sending a PM to the administrator, but be warned that you probably won't get it changed again later. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. CCC 3

    Chaotic confusion: 2 Space! Into Space! Into: 1
  13. A new take on RCT1 scenarios

    Dynamite Blaster should only crash due safety cut-outs. The trains enter the station with a speed just below the crash limit (but I've never trusted it).
  14. Space Base (On an unnamed planet)

    Wouldn't "The great circle with smaller circles" be a better name?
  15. CCC 3

    The contest is now closed for submissions. @Broxzier I've checked your submission, and it did crash after some time. Since it uses a rectangle of 600 squares and the maximum is 165, I can't accept it as submission. So there are two valid submissions: Giraty: Chaotic Confusion jensj12: Space! Into Space! Into Also check out the other coasters posted in this thread, they're cool, but not submitted or not valid for submission. Now it's time to vote. Pick the one you like most, and drop a +1 on a copy of this list. Chaotic confusion: 0 Space! Into Space! Into: 0 The will be one round on bonus votes after 4 people have voted, which will give one bonus point for chaotic confusion. Voting closes within 3 weeks, so make sure to submit your votes by then.