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  1. Dumps are created in the same folder as the game.
  2. Adding a corrupted element below the selected element places it on top of the element below it. It never auto-clamps it to the selected object. Clamping must be done manually or it will cause the highly irritating behaviour you described.
  3. The goal 'Have X guests in your park' always comes with the 700 rating requirement. Select 'Build 5 coasters' or 'Have fun!' if you don't want to keep the rating at 700.
  4. If nothing works, delete the entire settings file (config.ini) and it should start up with the default settings (which worked for you).
  5. The problem is that you installed both AA/CF and LL, as Loopy Landscapes also includes everything from Added Attractions. I also used to have double AA track designs in RCT1. Easiest solution would be to remove the AA scenarios locally, but it would be nice if the game could handle this properly.
  6. Check your graphics settings. If you are using the OpenGL rederer, switch to something else and the water should look normal again. The water color issue is already in this list.
  7. Over time, the reliability of all rides goes down faster, whatever the inspection interval is. Mechanics restore up to 25% of the lost reliability. Keeping the reliability high will always have a positive result, decreasing the chance of breakdowns. This code is responsible for handling inspections:, and this is what decreases reliability (ignore the comment): If the ride does break down, higher relibility may prevent a brake failure.
  8. Looks like someone asked something already answered.
  9. The game automatically deletes autosaves after 10 other autosaves. This way you will never have more than 10 autosaves. There are already plans to move them into a subfolder:
  10. The current tram of peeps brings 100 guests iirc. If you need more just tap repeatedly, and I don't see many uses for less guests. If you want to have guests in your park at the start of a scenario, there is no better way than letting the game run.
  11. This was fixed 5 days ago: You may need to start a new game for the changes to take effect.
  12. Easiest way is to point orct2 to your rct2 installation (it will ask you to do so when you run the game). If you really want to copy files, copy everything that you want to have in orct2, which likely includes the entire objdata folder. Read the wiki for more information.
  13. Files are saved to ...\AppData\...\Program Files\... when a game tries to save it to the normal program files location. Windows doesn't allow saving to program files, so it saves them in appdata instead. ORCT2 may have trouble finding tracks/saves saved there.
  14. Don't select RCT.EXE, select the folder rct.exe is in.