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  1. Thanks for finally explaining #3877 and the extensive investigation. If it’s still an issue, this should make debugging a lot easier.
  2. jensj12

    Pre-made rides don't work in Multiplayer

    Has been asked numerous times already. See Here
  3. The easiest option is make a separate non-steam game shortcut in steam, but that doesn’t make you OpenRCT2 playtime count for RCT2. To make that work, you need to mess with your RCT2 files. Go to your RCT2 installation folder and replace RCT2.exe with OpenRCT2, renamed to RCT2.exe. If the game updates or you verify the integrity of your game cache, you need to do it again.
  4. jensj12

    Any way to change "Save" directory?

    Not. You can't. There is no new save format with increased limits yet.
  5. jensj12

    Solution to Transport Rides

    Support for proper transport rides (that is, consider using them in the pathfinding process) has been suggested many times and will most likely make it into the game, someday. See #7758
  6. If it did work before, you might be missing some of the new json objects. These should be included in any download, but something may have gone wrong.
  7. jensj12

    Custom Scenery ?

    You may need to enable debugging tools in the options for that button to appear.
  8. jensj12

    Error with OpenRCT2 on mac

    1. Disable admin rights (or whatever it’s called on a Mac). The game doesn’t need it, and in case you somehow get a malicious version of the game or connect to a malicious server, having it enabled is a great security risk. 2. The game needs the assets from the original RCT2 (not OpenRCT2) game to run, so you need to tell the game where you have those. I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t help with Mac-specific issues. If you don’t own RCT2, you need to buy it (€10 on steam or GOG).
  9. That’s the right website, just click OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2 - Required RCT2 files and scroll down to RCT Classic. I don’t know the exact file structure of RCTC so other than mimicking the RCT2 structure, I don’t know how to make it work. Someone else gotta help with that, or try some things yourself.
  10. Don’t select the executable itself, select the folder that contains it ('RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic'). Assuming the data structure of RCTC is the same as RCT2, that should work perfectly. If not, go to issue tracker (github) > wiki > required RCT2 files and copy the required files to OpenRCT2 directory.
  11. You can easily attach it here, just click 'click to choose files'.
  12. jensj12

    Amazon RCT2?

    What is the exact error message you got? Can’t find g1.dat? In the case, install RCT2 and, if you installed it in a standard location, it should be detected automatically. If it’s not detected automatically, select the folder you installed it in, that folder should contain a ‘data’ folder with g1.dat inside.
  13. jensj12

    CCC5: Competitive Coaster Contest

    After almost 3 months of dazzling dueling coasters, voting is finally over. I was afraid that we wouldn't have a clear winner (all tied at 1 vote a few days ago), but we have, and it's @Klabbertrap! Congratulations! Following tradition, the next CCC is yours to host. Contact me (personal message on this forum) within a month and we'll get it set up.
  14. Wait a few minutes, startup takes a while at first launch and every now and then.