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  1. How do I move Open RCT2?

    If there is no proper way to do it, you can force it using symbolic links. That works for any folder.
  2. The folder you need to select is the folder that (directly) contains the .exe file, and has data, scenario and objdata subfolders. Suppose you select folder RCT2, then RCT2\data\g1.dat should exist (do not select the data folder directly).
  3. Peeps aren't moving

    There's something wrong with the invalidation of tiles, see Moving your mouse over them and/or alt-tabbing in and out of the game might fix the issue few a few seconds.
  4. RCT2 uses a palette to render everything. Go to the objects selection (you may need to enable debugging tools in the options first), and check the water color. Changing the water color changes the entire palette (but the original ones only have different water colors). Does changing or reselecting the water color help?
  5. A thought on.... Limitations

  6. Group Park 8

    Queue: Broxzier Missed: Redscope53, Deurklink, Wuis, UTMAN, giraty Not happy with what I made. If I find some more inspiration I might reclaim and continue my turn, but not now.
  7. Group Park 8

    Claimed: jensj12 Queue: giraty, Broxzier Missed: Redscope53, Deurklink, Wuis, UTMAN Hope to do something nice, not sure if it will succeed.
  8. Reversable Boosters

    Checkout the Blackpool Please Beach park from RCT1. It uses additional upwards track to make the train return.
  9. In that case, please open a new issue on github. I have no idea what else could have caused this.
  10. Cannot find any autosave files

    It's in documents/openrct2/save/autosave. Starting rfom the default save location, just go to the autosave subfolder.
  11. RCTC (RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic)

    Use OpenRCT2, that has a built in cheat to use as many trains/cars per train as you'd like. While OpenRCT2 is built for use with RCT2 assets, it should also work with RCTC, though you may need to move some files manually. RCTC is just RCT2 with a new UI and RCT1 scenarios added.
  12. Have you tried closing OpenRCT2 and opening it again? OpenRCT2 uses a list of images that are currently in use. After loading some parks, this can become too fragmented to function properly. See
  13. Can't open the app

    Try the launcher to run the game. That should work in almost any case and it keeps the game updated. Since you have a Program Files (x86) folder, it most likely means your computer is 64-bit and you should use the x64 version (but x86 should work anyways).
  14. CCC5: Competitive Coaster Contest

    If that rule was to be added, I'd say it's better to make the terrain invisible as well. I've added a note in the first post.
  15. i can't beat evergreen gardens

    Can you post the map (a savegame of what you made of it), so we can identify what's going wrong?