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  1. jensj12

    Messed Palette on a Save Game

    A few things to try: Check your settings, disable day/night cycling. Check if toggling weather effects / lightning makes any difference. In-game, go to object selection (you need to enable debugging tools for that) and (temporarily) select a new water color. Changing the water color changes the entire palette of the game, though the only differences are usually only in the water colors. You're not the first with this problem. Search around this forum for that other topic to see if there’s a solution there.
  2. Touchscreen support should already be there. It is not as nice as mouse controls yet, but it is gradually being improved. If there are any problems with touchscreen controls, don’t hesitate to talk to the devs (create an issue on github if it doesn’t exist yet).
  3. jensj12

    New here, some questions...

    In that case, don’t send them over wetransfer either. Just make sure you only share non-official content. You can easily sort those out by looking at the date they were created.
  4. jensj12

    New here, some questions...

    PYou can attach saves and object files here, just click 'Click to choose files' and select the file(s) you want to share.
  5. Clearly an AV issue. Go to your antivirus and whitelist/restore OpenRCT2 there.
  6. jensj12

    New here, some questions...

    The easiest way is to open a save that has the objects you want. This can be done by either downloading a save or joining a server. Joining all open servers for a second should already get you quite a few custom objects, though there’s no way to tell which ones you’ll get. If you just want a package of objects (and scenarios), look for UCES.
  7. jensj12

    Guide: How to reduce your intensity rating

    Thanks for the video. Now I can just link this instead of explaining it all over again every time someone asks.
  8. jensj12

    Trojan Issue

    This issue (or similar) has popped up many, many times before and there’s nothing we can against it. There’s most likely nothing to worry about, but if you don’t trust it, don’t go online with OpenRCT2 or check and build from source yourself.
  9. jensj12

    Largest Park?

    Both park size and rides have strict limits currently, so you can easily create a park that hits those limits.
  10. jensj12

    Problem With Setup

    It was most likely your antivirus, judging from the remnants it left. Try to restore/whitelist OpenRCT2 there. I’d highly recommend using the launcher, setup is just as easy and it keeps the game updated.
  11. jensj12

    RTC Classic Zoom Levels

    RCTC zooms in up to two levels extra. As it requires large rewrites of the code to do so, this is not yet possible in OpenRCT2, but it has been suggested many times already.
  12. jensj12

    Invisible Queue Line Signs

    Adding a corrupt element using the tile inspector hides the element directly above it in the list. Hiding an element should not cause any glitches, as it completely removes it from the drawing routine.
  13. Does the game still crash if you remove all guests and then wait until you hit 2000+ guests again? Does the game crash (error message) or hang (not react)? Can you provide the save file? (You can upload files on this forum)
  14. jensj12

    Line painting with the terraforming tool

    You can only paint full tiles, so it would not make sense to only paint a single edge. Painting a single edge can only be made possible after the new save format is in place.
  15. jensj12

    Game keeps crashing when using scenery.

    Numerous crashes have been reported for the latest builds. You can track their status on GitHub. For now, you’re probably better off using the stable builds until these scenery-related crashes are fixed.