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  1. Try the launcher, it will automatically download the game for you and keep it up to date. In case you still get errors, please specify the error message.
  2. You can simply try the right mouse button in-game to see what it does. Make sure you move the mouse while holding the RMB. For the keyboard shortcuts, you can find and customize them in-game through the options menu.
  3. As stated, the hardest part is creating the sprites. Getting them into the game is not a problem. Even if you wanted to use existing track parts as scenery, you can already build a ride of a different type in the other direction to get the same effect.
  4. Sadly, it’s copyrighted material and sharing is thus not allowed. If you no longer have RCT1, you’ll have to buy it again.
  5. The issue is less likely to happen in parks that are smaller and/or have fewer items enabled (or items that require less image slots). Repeatedly loading saves (including the title sequence parks) increases the chance of this happening.
  6. Except for the window title, I don't see any sign of RCT2 on that screenshot. Where do you have the files from RCT2 (not OpenRCT2) on your computer? The folder you need to select probably has 'RollerCoasterTycoon 2' in its name. Someone with more knowledge of GoG on a Mac (I have steam/disk + windows) might be able to tell you exactly where to find it.
  7. You need to point OpenRCT2 to directory. That directory should contain the folder 'data' which should contain 'g1.dat'. If that doesn't help, can you post a screenshot of the directory you're pointing OpenRCT2 at?
  8. Is there any specific save that causes this consistently? If so, please upload it so that we can have a look. If not, we need a lot more information to have a chance at tracking it down. You can try to reinstall both RCT2 and OpenRCT2 from scratch to make sure you have no corrupted files.
  9. You probably have too many objects enabled (note there's a separate count for scenery groups and scenery objects, the latter is not visible when selecting scenery groups). Try to deselect some other scenery groups first.
  10. The easiest way to play the most recent version is to use the launcher. If you need an older version than that, you should probably ask the server to update.
  11. #8941 Update: it has been fixed. Please update the game.
  12. This has been fixed recently, please update your game and it should work fine again. If not, please include the game version you are using (in the corner of the main menu, looks like 12abc3d).
  13. OpenRCT2 does not support windows XP. You need to upgrade your OS (or get a new computer) before you can play OpenRCT2.
  14. Currently, that won't work. Maybe somewhere in future, but not now.
  15. You can upload images/files/etc on this site as attachment so you don’t have to link to other sites. It might help to get your issue solved faster. Some people don’t like downloading stuff from unknown sources. Additionally, please provide the game version you are using. It’s on the main menu in the lower left corner and looks like ab12cd4.
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