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  1. CCC 3

    Chaotic confusion: 2 Space! Into Space! Into: 1
  2. A new take on RCT1 scenarios

    Dynamite Blaster should only crash due safety cut-outs. The trains enter the station with a speed just below the crash limit (but I've never trusted it).
  3. Space Base (On an unnamed planet)

    Wouldn't "The great circle with smaller circles" be a better name?
  4. CCC 3

    The contest is now closed for submissions. @Broxzier I've checked your submission, and it did crash after some time. Since it uses a rectangle of 600 squares and the maximum is 165, I can't accept it as submission. So there are two valid submissions: Giraty: Chaotic Confusion jensj12: Space! Into Space! Into Also check out the other coasters posted in this thread, they're cool, but not submitted or not valid for submission. Now it's time to vote. Pick the one you like most, and drop a +1 on a copy of this list. Chaotic confusion: 0 Space! Into Space! Into: 0 The will be one round on bonus votes after 4 people have voted, which will give one bonus point for chaotic confusion. Voting closes within 3 weeks, so make sure to submit your votes by then.
  5. Compact Coaster Contest

    @Batchman CCC3 is currently running (and will close very soon). There will definitely be more contests in the future, so keep an eye out for that. Next one is currently scheduled to start in January. Lauched lift hills are available in vanilla RCT2 and RCT1. Build the twister coaster and see.
  6. CCC 3

    I have an entry as well: Space! Into Space! Into (a small modification to a group park coaster I once made) Save: CCC3 Rocketry.sv6 It only makes it around the track once before coming too close to each other and stalling at the track merge. Screenshots:
  7. CCC 3

    Remember to submit your designs today! The contest will close as soon as today has passed and I have access to a computer with internet access and openrct2 (which may or may not take a few days, my laptop is broken).
  8. CCC 3

    I'm currently working on a coaster where this doesn't hold. Tracks consist of exactly the same track pieces, but still the coaster will make it around the track only once. Planning to submit this one ASAP so I can submit a second one. edit: seems to be non-deterministic. Sometimes it does return to the station, sometimes not.
  9. having problems with .td6 files from RCTgo

    Delete the tracks.idx (or similar) file and restart the game. This is the file that caches your saved tracks, it may have failed to update properly.
  10. duplicate rides and park value

    More rides is always better*, it's the value per ride that is lowered by 25%. Having 2 rides of the same type thus still gives you 150% value of what a single ride of that type would give. *except when there's a huge difference in value
  11. OpenRCT/RCT newbie questions

    You can get in-game, which means the game auto-detected your RCT2 installation.
  12. OpenRCT/RCT newbie questions

    About the tracks, were you testing in OpenRCT2? Try placing the tracks in documents/OpenRCT2/track/ instead of the RCT2 installation folder. If that doesn't help, put them in a separate folder (remove them from your installation!) and try to install them from within the game.
  13. CCC 3

    TBH I was already planning to increase the max size to 160 tiles, but I've added another 5 to fit your coaster. As I changed the rules and could have known it earlier than anyone else, I won't make use of the 15 extra tiles.
  14. Mini Helicopter Ride Hack

    Just another case of a bug I fixed in multiple places a long time ago. I'll have a look at it somewhere in the next few months and try to fix as many cases I can find. That it crashes while demolishing is new to me, thanks for reporting.
  15. Impatient Guests

    Adding queue line TV's should help a lot. Most parameters are based on game balance instead of realism and I doubt it will ever change. If guests are clearly less patient than in vanilla RCT2, then there's a chance that it will be fixed.