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  1. Broken Cheat?

    I haven't heard of this bug before, so please report it on the github issue tracker (if you don't want to, we can do it for you).
  2. Anyone remember thrillville?

    Bought Thrillville for the rollercoasters and it became my go-to party game. Couldn't keep myself from buying off the rails as well (both for PS2). I think I even still have the disc of the sequel around somewhere...
  3. Inverted Hairpin requirements

    Try to increase the highest drop height, max speed, max negative g (min 0.1g), max lateral g (min 1.5g), length and number of drops (min 3) (one at a time) to see which one causes the penalty.
  4. Problems with saving scenery?

    I found the issue on github:, it's from 2016. If updating your game doesn't help, either open a new issue or reply in the one I linked.
  5. CCC4! Combined Coaster Challenge!

    Congratulations to @Ling! You've officially won this contest. So what's next? Another CCC of course! The next one is on the hands of @Ling. If you have any questions, just ask and I will respond. If you don't want to host the next contest (or don't respond at all), shout out and I will host instead (please don't only host the first half). If you don't have any ideas, well, too bad, I do have, and I still have many. And before I forget, official voting is closed, but unofficial voting may still continue.
  6. CCC4! Combined Coaster Challenge!

    Only 3 days left to vote! Don't forget to show some love to your favourite coaster.
  7. Screenshot dump topic!

    The original Euthanasia rollercoaster makes the 10G last for 60 seconds, while your entire coaster only takes 30 seconds...
  8. I have the RCT1 edge styles working properly and the only file I have copied that you didn't list is csg1i.dat
  9. Since RCT2 expects you to use scenery instead of terrain for buildings, RCT2 indeed only has the four edge styles you posted.
  10. Invalid/Unable to Launch

    The launcher didn't download anything at all. Make sure it has the writing rights to the OpenRCT folder and the internet connection is not blocked (e.g. by your antivirus).
  11. Only one log on log flume (FIX)

    Thanks to the information here and experience with the vehicle limits cheat, the issue was easily found and a fix has been merged. Update your game and this bug is gone.
  12. CCC4! Combined Coaster Challenge!

    Deurklink - 0.3 Ling - 1.7 jensj12 - 1 @Deurklink
  13. RCT Classic vs OpenRCT2...

    Perhaps you remember something from Parkitect (or FreeRCT, which had plans for something similar).
  14. Only one log on log flume (FIX)

    This is a known bug (on the github issue tracker) and it will be fixed soon. In the meantime, use the 'disable vehicle limits' cheat.
  15. Group Park 7

    If I'm allowed to claim at any time without being on any of the lists you can kick me out (in fact, we can then remove the entire missed turn list after the first round of turns).