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  1. It is possible to save a track file with scenery: hold the save button and select the other option.
  2. Using golf holes can indeed make a coaster teleport, this trick has been brought to this forums a few months ago. Other than that, there's nothing special about that coaster. Next time, please post an image/video of your coaster. Downloading a file, opening orct2, figuring out what coaster type it is and then building it in a park is quite a hassle and impossible on mobile devices. Anyways, welcome to the forums! Hope you'll have a good time here.
  3. Since it's a group park, is there a way to encourage group coasters? The map size was good last time (at least not too small), perhaps we can build a slightly larger park with wider paths and larger area's of parks/bushes/trees around them.
  4. It may be worth noting that GP6 is also coming to an end.
  5. Looks good already. The trees look like they're perfectly placed in a grid, which can be improved by using different kinds of trees together and possible not filling every single possible tile with trees. I also see trees growing beneath rollercoasters, which isn't a nice place to grow for a tree (and leaves the coaster without supports).
  6. You can sync them at the top of a lifthill. Make sure the next block ends at two synced stations, and get two trains there waiting until both trains you want to sync are at the top of the lifthill. The trains in the station leave synced, and both tracks will be cleared at the same time, opening the blocks for the lifthill at the same time.
  7. The result will be exactly the same as when using zero clearance and/or the tile inspector. @Saxman1089, you can't even open the ride in the screenshot, it should complain about an incomplete circuit. If there is indeed a solution, I'd like to know it as well.
  8. If a train needs to go backwards over a piece of track, the train itself needs to go backwards. What you're trying is not possible in OpenRCT2. A train will always face forward, and will turn around if necessary.
  9. There are most likely -1 rides in the park. Anyways, bug reports should go in their own topic, and this one even deserves an issue on github. Can you provide a save file?
  10. Windows defender doesn't block it, so you might try disabling Avast completely when installing OpenRCT2. I'm using defender + launcher and never had a single problem.
  11. Then here it is, with ordinary trains instead of mine carts. Free Transport will take guests from the bottom to the top of the hill. Claimed: Queue: giraty, Broxzier, Wuis, saxman1089, Przemek, jensj12 Missed: RedScope53, Cascadia, WobblyRails, Tune, Jochem, Monsanto, SpiffyJack, imlegos, qbbq, Wuis, TheMightyClem The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.78.sv6 @giraty
  12. The path layout in the station of Pyramid of the Sphynx confuses mechanics, as the pathfinding thinks there's a path connecting the queue and the exit while mechanics can't use it. Can't fix it without adding path railings in the station. I did fix two other rides where the exit got disconnected. Not finished yet. Is there a way to put rollercoaster cars on a miniature train/tram track, in such a way that the train moves as if it was a tram?
  13. Claimed: jensj12Queue: giraty, Broxzier, Wuis, saxman1089, PrzemekMissed: RedScope53, Cascadia, WobblyRails, Tune, Jochem, Monsanto, SpiffyJack, imlegos, qbbq, Wuis, TheMightyClem
  14. Claimed: Queue: saxman1089, giraty, Broxzier Missed: RedScope53, Cascadia, WobblyRails, Tune, Jochem, Monsanto, SpiffyJack, imlegos, qbbq, Przemek, Wuis, TheMightyClem, jensj12
  15. Go to options and edit title sequences. Select the OpenRCT2 title sequence, there you can open all parks from the title sequence.