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  1. I keep reading every post here, waiting for some time and inspiration to pop up at the same time.
  2. Some checks: In the options, turn on the fps counter. Unless 'uncap fps' is enabled, it should run at 40fps. Click the ride that goes way too fast and track the vehicle. What is the in-game speed of the train? Check the game speed in the top-left corner of the game. There's a button to speed up/slow down the game there (or use '+' and '-' on your keyboard). It may be the case that the game lagged very bad on your old configuration and now runs fine, making you think there's something wrong while there isn't.
  3. This is a completely different issue than the OP. Please post this in an appropriate topic or make a new one.
  4. I meant that the save contains a game in a corrupted state, not that the save itself is corrupt (based on the linked discussion on github).
  5. Make sure he forwarded his ports and enabled advertising of the server.
  6. It is currently not possible to force a peep into a queue. A queue before entering the park is not going to happen either (think about balance changes and such). You could try to implement it yourself if you really need it.
  7. I can't open the save. Where did you get it from? It's most likely corrupt. Does it crash in vanilla RCT2 as well?
  8. Just fiddle around with some cheats in single player. That way you'll get to learn how the cheats work and you'll avoid all the multiplayer griefers Watching some youtube video's with cheats will help to get you started. There's also an old thread on this forum showing some cheats.
  9. Where's the giant screenshot function? Looks cool btw.
  10. Ignoring asserts only cause greater problems, they're there to catch errors early before the game messes up completely. A list of steps like peti100 provided is very helpful in debugging these things, so please provide us a list of steps to reproduce the crash so devs can investigate it on their own machines.
  11. You're reporting a multiplayer issue, but the screenshot is from a singleplayer game. A few questions to narrow down the issue: Can you reproduce it reliably? Which steps are needed to reproduce the crash? (please also provide a file, or indicate the scenario you've used) Does it also happen if you don't kick any player? Does it happen in singleplayer, multiplayer or both?
  12. This has been fixed 12 hours ago: (2 commits later than and within an hour of 430ab2d)
  13. Please tell us more about the situation. Multiplayer or singleplayer? Save file? Error message? Game version?
  14. Too much hassle for such a minor feature. If you want to know more, read this.
  15. This link downloads a launcher that will download 32-bit builds. You can find it by clicking download launcher on the downloads page, and select the x86 one.