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    Favorite Roller Coaster to build?

    I have been playing RCT2 since release. I have built thousands of parks and coasters. My favorite coaster is the Twister Roller Coaster. I love the verity of trains. Stand up, Hyper, Floorless and then the non looping trains 6 seater and Hyoer Twister Trains. This coaster gives me the highest excitement raiting (when design correctly and multiple interactions with scenery and other rides/buildings/underground) What is everyone else’s favorite coaster to design/build?
  2. MartyMcfly24

    Largest Park?

    Ok cool, I thought maybe there was an option that I couldn’t find within the new open RCT download. 👍
  3. MartyMcfly24

    Largest Park?

    Anyone know if the limits have been increased ? Park size for me is still 256x256 for a custome park 🧐