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  1. RedNovaCoaster

    Some Requested CTR's

    Where would I get a 3d modelling program?
  2. RedNovaCoaster

    Some Requested CTR's

    I have no clue even where to start! I'm bad with coding but if you link me to a tutorial or something I would really appreciate it!
  3. RedNovaCoaster

    Some Requested CTR's

    So could anyone make any of the following posted above? Would really appreciate it!
  4. RedNovaCoaster

    Some Requested CTR's

    Yes it does work for now but the biggest ones im looking for are the starflyer / windseeker and the gen 2 b&m hyper
  5. RedNovaCoaster

    Some Requested CTR's

    this thread is for people requesting CTR's and if anyone could add them into the game here are my requests so far #1 2nd Generation B&M Hyper #2 Mack Spinning Trains #3 Gerstlauer Spinning Car #4 Gerstlauer Infinity Trains (OTS and Lap Bar) #5 Starflyer / Windseeker Concept So a way I could see making a star flyer / windseeker possible is making a model that can fit on the roto drop and use cheats to get the roto drop to operate in observation mode so it spins while going up slow and down slow, all we need is a model to put on the tower, the same goes for launched freefall.
  6. RedNovaCoaster

    An RMC hybrid coaster.

    Hey im a bit confused on how to download the track still. I cant find rmc_track_2 should i look for it in the zip file? And then where do i put it? Also what do you mean by compile?