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  1. Screenshot dump topic!

    I built a coaster with the number 420 in 7 different stats. It took me a long time to get it exactly right, but I'm very happy with the result.
  2. Screenshot dump topic!

    That's very impressive. What is the excitement rating after adding scenery and other stuff?
  3. Let's Calm

    This song gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. It's not for everyone, but if you like heavy metal and harsh vocals, you should give this one a go.
  4. Which coaster is hardest for you to build with?

    There is always a reason for high intensity stats and low excitement stats. I'm guessing your lateral G's are too high. If you could post some screenshots of your coasters with bad stats I could point out where you are going wrong.
  5. Progression of my excitement record

    Excitement records without using cheats. Also, I doubt that a coaster with stuff like 900 km/h launches would have more excitement, as most stats have a cap for the excitement you can get from them. So unless you can create a coaster that reaches like 1000 positive G's (one of the few stats without a cap) I doubt you can get over 96.
  6. Progression of my excitement record

    On November 1st I broke my record by a small margin when someone discovered that you get different bonuses for different types of path. The brown footpath in the screenshots are the only additions to the coaster, which raise the excitement to my current record: 96.59. Click here for a full-sized giant screenshot which was way too big to upload here. I wonder how long this record will stand.
  7. Progression of my excitement record

    Three days later, on September 10th, I suddenly had the realization that spirals do not count as drops, which meant that there was a way to get air-time without getting drops. This means that I didn't spend all those intensity points on the 63 drops, so I could add other things at the end to get even more excitement. This led to the creation of the coaster that holds my current record. I originally planned to get the maximum value of air-time, 1964 seconds, in 2 laps, but I ran out of landscape data so I had to do it with three laps. This remains the greatest coaster I have ever built, and until there's a new save format and the limits are raised, I don't think that the record will be broken by a large margin. I ended up with a coaster with 96.10 excitement, just a few points away from the 100 excitement.
  8. Progression of my excitement record

    I set the number of laps to 20 to see how high the nausea rating would get. When the test results got back I was completely shocked, my coaster had gotten an excitement rating of over 75! It also had an intensity rating of over 11, but not nearly as high as I expected it to be. This is because the game stops counting drops after 63. This was also when I discovered that the air-time bonus is applied after the penalties for excess intensity. I modified the coaster a bit to get the intensity under 10 and the result was a coaster with 92.07 excitement.
  9. Progression of my excitement record

    After this, my record skyrocketed very quickly. I discovered a way to get a lot of air-time per drop, which you can see very well in the zoomed in screenshot below. A day after the previous coaster, on September 6th, I built a coaster with 18.96 excitement.
  10. Progression of my excitement record

    When I was trying to build a dinghy slide with over 10 excitement, I learned the power of air-time. I applied that to a giga coaster by having a bend in every drop to get more air-time. With this, I was finally able to break the barrier of 15 excitement on September 5th. This coaster has 15.18 excitement.
  11. Progression of my excitement record

    On August 8th, I finally broke my record, but only with 0.12 points. When building another coaster I learned that water directly below the track and water 1 unit below the track both gave a seperate bonus, so I simply applied that to the previous coaster, raising the excitement a little bit.
  12. Progression of my excitement record

    It took me a long time before I was able to beat my old record with the new boosters. I failed a bunch of times before I finally succeeded. On June 11th I created this coaster with 14.53 excitement. Because of the faster boosters, this coaster has a much higher average speed than the previous coasters, which partly led to the increase in excitement. I also kept the number of drops at 9 for the first time. This was when I really started a learn a lot about how stats work. This record would also stand for a long time before it was broken.
  13. Progression of my excitement record

    On April 6th, I finally broke the 14 excitement with 14.21. Around this time I started to expand my knowledge about stats and use that knowledge. This was the first coaster where I kept the lateral G's around 1.5, as that's the highest value that you still get excitement for. This was also the first time I noticed the air-time bonus, although I didn't realize it. I remember that adding extra drops gave more excitement, even though I was already over 9 drops (the maximum value that you get excitement for). Now I know this was because of the extra air-time, but back then I didn't know that yet. This was the last coaster that I built with the slow boosters on the Giga coaster. Shortly after this, the faster boosters for the Giga coaster were added to openrct2.
  14. Progression of my excitement record

    On the same day, I built another coaster, as I was desperate to break the barrier of 14 excitement. This one only had 0.05 more excitement, but it was still an improvement. I also built another one three days later, but that only got to 13.77 excitement.
  15. Progression of my excitement record

    Only a week later, on April 1st, I built this coaster with 13.83 excitement. This was the first time I used boosters for the majority of the ride to keep the ride up to speed while getting more length. I also used boosters in the previous ride, but not nearly as much. I think in this entry mainly the path bonuses are better, although I still was just doing random things and hoping for an increase in excitement.