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  1. Hello, there. I'm FerrariForTheWin. I've been playing the RCT series since 2003 and picked up on OpenRCT2 around early 2017. I made my forums profile here a few months ago, but I don't think I fully introduced myself. So here it goes... I am one of the co-founders of the FREEDOM SERVER and GTW's Nostalgia Server, and a staff member of a few part-time servers too. I hang around some of the other servers on the community every now and then, so you might see me from time to time. The fact that there's people out there who are willing to take something I lived and breathed throughout my youth and improve upon it to where I can re-align with it (and others too) many years later, is one extraordinarily grateful gift. Anyways, I hope to meet new people on the forums and if you see me on any of the community servers, say hi!
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