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  1. Actually, the ride being visible above the exit is just a rendering glitch that has always been in RCT2
  2. He meant removing people saying guest commands in Twitch chats. The bot I mentioned is infact a twitch bot, which joins the connected streams of users playing OpenRCT2 on stream (This is dependent on having ORCT2 open and connected to Twitch) User permissions in servers can be modified by the host to include ability to build attractions, scenery, paths, use cheats, chat, and pretty much everything else. The one thing they can't remove is viewing. Controlling peeps would be a little awkward since they act like a bouncing Pac-Men, never stoping (Though in this case, even when reaching the edge, they just turn)
  3. All the good servers are mainly experienced based. Welcome to the undying community.
  4. ORCT2 does have a bot already. Mainly used for naming the guests and sending certain messages to the in-game ticker
  5. Eh, anyone can feel free to work on the train (It'd probably get done then). I'll just keep final say of what stays and goes, that seem good?
  6. I may have to hold off for a few weeks, things are getting a little hectic. Yellowstone+New House=No time for imagining mines
  7. Wasn't this suggested before, then turned down? Why the change of heart?
  8. The prices between the games are the same I'm pretty sure. RCT2 doesn't support cash being received from both, but this can be fixed using ORCT2
  9. Claimed: Queue: @giraty, qbbq, TheMightyClem, WobblyRails, Broxzier, Wuis , Jochem, Tune, imlegos Missed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia, SpiffyJack The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.14.sv6 Couldn't think of anythin to add.
  10. Update: Did some more work on Unnamed Mine Train; - Built exit path - Built more station - Continued coaster track forwards.
  11. Claimed
  12. Ya know, just occurred to me, wouldn't this be more Build Logs then Parks?
  13. . . . Why are you sharing this? It's like the equivalent of posting "Getting food lol" on Facebook
  14. I'll probably claim around 3:00 PM Pacific today. If any one wants to do somethin before then, go ahead.
  15. Likely because only host can hire staff and move guests in MP.