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  1. Future of this project?

    Classic was made by Chris Sawyer, the person who made RCT1 & 2 in the first place. It's a REALLY good buy for mobile, but it's stupid as hell for Steam
  2. Group Park 7

    I honestly don't know.

    Just a tip, but the different currancys don't change any of the actual numbers, just the sign.
  4. You can already buy RCT2: Triple Thrill Pack on Steam for like $10
  5. Group Park 7

    So, you want something like Main Street U.S.A. to go from the park entrance to the center
  6. Portal Coaster

    OpenRCT2 & Knuckles.
  7. Group Park 7

    I did invite people to continue a coaster once.
  8. Miniature Train Hack

    You can open any ride that is set to Boat Hire mode. Powered launch also works, but Boat Hire allows multiple trains.
  9. Looking for two park downloads of a long extinct website.

    ...Is that comic sans?
  10. Trying out the new track pieces

  11. Trying out the new track pieces

    So, has anyone else noticed this appears to have been removed? Not even playing in an RCT1 scenario seems to make them useable.
  12. Are you by chance using cheats to make guests pay both entry and for rides? Also, the ammount of money you can make guests pay for a ride decreases as time goes on until 25 years old where it's reset to a slightly lower value
  13. Land leveling tool

    IIRC Broxier had a tool working at some point, just hadn't implemented it into the main branch
  14. Remember the old YouTube?

    Ermmm, why here?
  15. Heya, so I've been watching some Twitch streams (and attempting to do one myself) on OpenRCT2 and notice that the !news command is broken. I know it's not the most important thing, but it is a broken feature Also, how possible would it be to create a sort of !goal command that pulls the data of the scenario name & goal from the file and make the bot say it?