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  1. ...I'm pretty sure those are elevator pieces, you aren't supposed to be able to use those.
  2. Personally, I don't see a reason why this would be any use.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts for track construction... Gonna have to check that out, I remember the idea being tossed around a while back...
  4. 5 seems to be a more gradual change then what's already in-game (It's just a few pixels from the other tile mixed in with the terrain)
  5. Not sure what you mean by my stuff... Though, on Earl's you just click a DL link, if it's in a zip then just extract the contents to MyDocuments>OpenRCT2>ObjData or something of that sort.
  6. But you can mod the path using TI, allowing you to establish the connection manually. Or does that not work?
  7. Couldn't you use the TI for that @cascadia
  8. People on NED have also already proved it's possible.
  9. deafult. Basically all those buttons have the same features are a File Explorer window.
  10. Wuis, you changed your image... Why arn't you the PC Dino D:
  11. Likely occured due to someone disabling the vehicle limits.
  12. I was thinking more of how the ratings are affected. Since it's clear that A.R.T. does affect the ratings.
  13. We do have expansion content in this map, so you'd likely want to get a copy of RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack.
  14. Disable Clearance Checks/Tile Inspector.
  15. It was definitely meant as more of a way to clear up people asking how to do things with ORCT2 tools, and could easily be used by more experienced players to add their own discoveries of the tool, for instance what putting in different arbitrary ride types actually does. Currently everyone just uses Crooked House and doesn't question it, however it does reduce ride rating, and it is known other rides can also remove track sprites, but isn't really known how exactly they function. Some plausible topics to address with this idea are Tile Inspector, Arbitrary Ride Types, Sandbox Mode, Object Selection, Cheat and Debug menu overviews, Disable Clearance Checks and Merging, among other things.