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  1. Well, no as in it's not new, but yes. It is a chest, that's what it does.
  2. In my experience, scenery does work. However, it has to be more then just a bunch of floating base blocks.
  3. Ride Maintenance Feature?

    There's a cheat that resets all ride's construction dates A feature that adds this to non-cheat gameplay has also been suggested before, I just don't remember where.
  4. RCT Classic vs OpenRCT2...

    I don't recall any RCT game having that, I know Transport Tycoon allows you to lay straight lines of rail like that though.
  5. RCT Classic vs OpenRCT2...

    Also multiplayer Can't forget about multiplayer.
  6. Only one log on log flume (FIX)

    This happens to any ride that can start trains outside of the station. Car Ride, Mini helicopters, Monorail, Miniature Railway, Splash Boats, River Rafts, Mono Cycles, probably a few others I'm forgetting
  7. A thought on.... Limitations

    What are you seconding? Something that was already stated to be coming eventually when it's possible, or something that was already stated to be coming eventually when it's possible?
  8. Go ahead and share some holiday themed scenarios here. Christmas Canyon.sc6
  9. missing buttons

    He's not talking about a missing hud. The last dev version apparently broke the English (US) option, most text just flat out doesn't exist now. HOWEVER, as a temporary fix, you can use English (UK) and the game will work just fine, though you will have to put up with chips and toilets for the time being.
  10. So, this year I had the idea of taking some official maps and remaking them with a snowy/christmas style, using mostly a gingerbread wall set. Crazy Gingerbread Castle RC2.sc6 (RCT2 - Crazy Castle) Extra Notes: removed most Shuttle capable coasters, Added several other rides in their place. Removed Medieval & Creepy style (To make room for...), Added Gingerbread Wall Set Holiday Harbor.sc6 (RCT1CF/AA Haunted Harbor) (Image Error) Extra Notes: Added ATM as a researchable object, added Snow & Ice themeing
  11. Blue Dragon (Building Timelape)

    So, where IS the timelapse? That's just a static image.
  12. Yeah, the premade coasters in multiplayer topic has come up before, and I think it sorta ended with these points being brought up: Troll rides (that cover entire maps) Lack of skill showcased (It's multiplayer, impress people)
  13. Regardless of currency type, the number will stay the same. If I'm not mistaken the game's prices are actually in pound sterling (native currency of Scotland, home to game creator Chris Sawyer).
  14. I think a problem is that some of the more well known content sites, like RCTMart and Amazing Earl have sorta... disapearred, RCTMart's been down for awhile not and I've not heard anything about Earl for awhile either. Though, since there's a lot of crossover between us and New Element it might connect to their content browser.