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  1. Western and mine work well enough together.
  2. User Created Expansion Set expansion set...
  3. Maybe it was a pirated version?
  4. I need to brush up on NCSO mine theming
  5. No Custom Scenery Objects
  6. I am 100% ok with trying a NCSO mine train again.
  7. I'll take the area that would require a mine train.
  8. I'd be okay with working on that track.
  9. Turns out, this guy impersonated BlindiRL, and admited it in his Twitch chat... Not part of the solution, part of the problem.
  10. If you'r finding problems finding people to play with, go invite your friends.
  11. All games have assholes. Welcome to online multiplayer.
  12. That's cash based only I believe.
  13. Rotating the sprite isn't the same as flipping a model... so this would likely just look bad.
  14. If they were reading them, they'd probably question what we're saying...
  15. ...Why? Aren't you technically a competitor?