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  1. Batchman

    Has the location for custom rides changed?

    Actually, turned out to be a problem with the Loader. As long as I use the loader to update, then turn around and manually start the game, everything shows up!
  2. I downloaded a bunch of custom rides (from Amazing Earl and the likes) and installed them a few months ago, but these days when I go in to play, I never seem to find them. By any chance has the proper location for putting custom rides changed? I'd like the chance to use some of these extra rides in sandbox parks!
  3. So what counts as food shops? Mainly, do drink shops count as food shops? For some reason, even when I seem to qualify for some of these awards, I never seem to get them in OpenRCT2. And may I question whether there may be more involved in the park safety award? Even if there is no vandalism and no rides have ever crashed, I never seem to get this award until I have enough engineers running around. (Somewhere around 1 per ride or so.)
  4. Batchman

    Go Karts make no sense

    Had 16 cars ... and the code is greek to me. <ggg>
  5. Batchman

    Go Karts make no sense

    Sorry, but I firmly believe this. Just made a nice go kart layout in a park. Lots of cars to keep people moving, over and under paths, interacting with itself and another ride, a decent length, but not too long, even a small underground section. And I set it for 2 laps and test it, and it comes to around 4.75 excitement. Not bad. Check it again a couple of minutes later, and decide to push it up to three laps to see if there might be a possibility of pushing the rating even higher. And it drops to about 2.30. So I drop it back down to 2 laps, and it goes down to 2.20. I change this, that, and the other, and the ratings remain in the toilet. Finally, I remove the small underground section, and set it back to two laps and test it, and it shoots back up to 4.77 excitement. Now I'm leaving the damn thing alone!
  6. Batchman

    Inverted Hairpin requirements

    Well, I consider it absurd, but now that I know the problem, it won't be an issue, at least for that coaster, anymore.
  7. Batchman

    Inverted Hairpin requirements

    OK, turns out it was the glitch with the Minimum wait time and the ride length. If the minimum wait time is not checked, the ride claims it is 570 feet long, and has the proper rating. If the minimum wait time -is- checked, then it claims the ride is 534 feet long, and it gets a penalty for being too short. As far as I am concerned, it is ridiculous that a check box for the amount of time between sending out cars supposedly changes the length of the track, but there it is.
  8. Batchman

    Inverted Hairpin requirements

    Funny thing is, I found this chart of yours on Reddit literally minutes before I came here to check on this thread again. <ggg> Thanks for the very helpful chart! I have to guess the issue was only a minor glitch, because I opened a new park, dropped the same coaster into it, and now the excitement is around 6, where it belongs. Weird.
  9. Batchman

    Inverted Hairpin requirements

    Thank you kindly for the information ... unfortunately, I have not a clue what it means.
  10. So I'm trying out an Inverted Hairpin design that seems to get roughly a 6.x excitement in Classic, and when I try to build it in Open, the excitement drops to around 3.x, which seems to indicate that the Inverted Hairpin coaster has one of those pesky little requirements that, if not met, causes the coaster excitement to drop by half. So ... is there anywhere that information on these kind of requirements in OpenRCT can be looked up? Have to figure what kind of mild tweaking I need to do to get this coaster to it's proper stats.
  11. Batchman

    Problems with saving scenery?

    Well, seems the problem is back, then, since someone commented that it went away at some point. Darn! I hate having to sign up for a new site. Oh well.
  12. I design a coaster, and try to save it with scenery to keep the paths and such. If I manually select the scenery, it doesn't save it. If I use the 'select nearby', it saves it, but with too much stuff. If I use 'select nearby', then deselect what I don't want, it still saves all that it originally highlighted, including what I deselected. Is this a recent problem?
  13. Batchman

    Group Park 7

    For you, maybe ... I've never had much skill with the building tools ... it's a large part of why I have never yet convinced myself I'm ready to try joining in on one of these projects. On the other hand, I've only been around during this one, so it's still early.
  14. Batchman

    Group Park 7

    Wow! That was amazingly quick for such a large building! Very nice looking.
  15. Batchman

    Group Park 7

    It is a gorgeous rapids ride!