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  1. Group Park 7

    Once again, I'm so sorry that I didn't have time to finish it yesterday. Thanks so much @Wuis for letting me finish. Ok, so Basically what I did was Improve my rides that I have in the park. I was planning to work on the maze but I just finished what I was working on, so I could get it uploaded. I gave the Log Flume the name of, The Miner's Plunge (I think), and put some mine scenery around it, nothing major. Then I went over to the Fire Plunge area, which is a WIP still, and built a souveniour/ onride photo store near Fire Plunge, and built a Station building, which I don't like, but didn't have time to get rid of most of it and change it. If anybody wants to make small changes to the station building your welcome to, just don't mess with the coaster . Thinking about it now, I might want to do a fire fighting theme for Fire Plunge, I don't really know. Other changes: Added path to roundabout city (mechanic couldn't get to it) Shortened Fire Plunge queue line Made some small staff changes Claimed: - Queue: @Wuis, Jochem, Deurklink, Leudimin, giraty, Broxzier, Darthyoda714 Missed: xbalogan, jensj12, Przemek, Spiffyjack, TheMightyClem, 1081p, cascadia, TCE, RedScope53, saxman1089 The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.71.sv6
  2. Group Park 7

    Sorry guy's, didn't have any time yesterday to finish, gonna upload in about 30 min.
  3. Group Park 7

    Totally forgot about this when I came back from my Christmas vacation! Claimed: Darthyoda714 Queue: Wuis, Jochem, Deurklink, Leudimin, giraty, Broxzier Missed: xbalogan, jensj12, Przemek, Spiffyjack, TheMightyClem, 1081p, cascadia, TCE, RedScope53, Wuis, saxman1089 Also noticed @Wuis is in missed turn list and queue. Is there a reason?
  4. Group Park 7

    Thats to bad. I remember on my old Windows Vista computer we had major problems. The computer was getting really old and we eventually just built the computer we have now and its so great. So I hope you fix your computer soon.
  5. Group Park 7

    Thanks so much for fixing it! And the path where the red wall is can removed if you want that was temporary, as I was trying to fix the people stuck there. You can keep it if you want, and just expand it so it looks normal.
  6. Group Park 7

    So I finished the drop coaster, but after I opened it made a modification, then reopened it all the people in that area are stuck. It seems like a path finding issue, because I picked over 20 of them up and put them near the exit, but the still walked in the opposite direction, away from the exit. But overall i'm happy with the coaster, and with some scenery and a tunnel was able to get the excitement over 8 (barley.) If anyone knows how to fix the issue, then feel free to, as long as you don't break the coaster, but I have a blueprint of the coaster. \ Claimed: Queue: @Broxzier, Wuis, Deurklink, Leudimin, giraty, Missed: @xbalogan, @jensj12, @Przemek, @Jochem, @SpiffyJack, @TheMightyClem, @1081p, @cascadia, @TCE, @RedScope53, @saxman1089, Darthyoda714 I put myself in the missed list because past this Saturday I won't be able to claim for about a week and a half (you know traveling for Christmas), but once I get back I won't stay on the missed list for long. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.55.sv6 EDIT: Noticed I never said the Drop Coasters name, which is Fire Plunge.
  7. Group Park 7

    Claimed: Darthyoda714, Queue: Broxzier, Wuis, Deurklink, Leudimin, giraty Missed: xbalogan, jensj12, Przemek, Jochem, SpiffyJack, TheMightyClem, 1081p, cascadia, TCE, RedScope53, saxman1089 Downloaded the park a hour ago and started working on it, just forgot to post that I claimed it. Hopefully I'll get the drop coaster done on this turn.
  8. Group Park 7

    Yeah thats fine, just no insane major changes (like deleting half the layout and redoing it.)
  9. Group Park 7

    Yeah I could move the station but it fits with the current design well. And I noticed that about the support but you can't really move a support without moving the track.
  10. Group Park 7

    So I've been working on a Drop Coaster for a few hours total today, but what ever I've done so far I haven't really like the way it looks or the stats. So after this being the 5th time I've deleted the last half or 2/3 of the coaster, I've decided to come back to it next time. The G's are over the limits and the intensity is too high for the current excitement rating for me. I know that the lift hill looks terrible with the sudden change of the angle, but It had to be that way so that I could get it over the mountain. If anybody wants to you can change the lift hill part because it looks really bad. Claimed:- Queue: RedScope53, Broxzier, Deurklink, Leudimin, saxman1089, giraty, Darthyoda714 Missed: xbalogan, jensj12, Przemek, Jochem, SpiffyJack, TheMightyClem, 1081p, cascadia, Wuis, TCE The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.49.sv6 @RedScope53 @xbalogan @jensj12 @Przemek @Jochem @SpiffyJack @TheMightyClem @1081p @cascadia @Wuis @TCE
  11. Group Park 7

    Claimed: DarthYoda714 Queue: RedScope53, Broxzier, Deurklink, Leudimin, saxman1089, giraty Missed: xbalogan, jensj12, Przemek, Jochem, SpiffyJack, TheMightyClem, 1081p, cascadia, Wuis, TCE Also, since I have had no clue about this whole time how to you prounce @Deurklink correctly? I've been saying Dorulink (door- o -link) but I have no clue.
  12. Group Park 7

    Claimed: - Queue: TCE, giraty, Darthyoda714, RedScope53, Broxzier, Deurklink Missed: xbalogan, jensj12, Przemek, Jochem, SpiffyJack, saxman1089, TheMightyClem, 1081p, cascadia, Wuis
  13. Group Park 7

    Just got on and realized that @RedScope53 your 48 hours to work on the park are done! So post all your work you got done post it, so somebody else can work on it.
  14. Group Park 7

    Agreed. Like the idea of there being a little pirate themed area.
  15. Group Park 7

    The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.41.sv6