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  1. Leudimin

    Screenshot dump topic!

    Bumping this thread... What Leudimin (and his runner alter-ego, Dravetmi) is planning? It seems like he is going to build his own version of the 7th Group Park, and he has placed his signature radio mast-launched freefall right in the middle of the park... This is going to be a NSCO, vanilla RCT2 (also using no entrances, a feature exclusive to OpenRCT2) park, so no big dish atop the mast this time.
  2. Leudimin

    Group Park 8

    Wow, I missed that because it's not a "traditional" track! I'm sure it has been Deurklink. I may replace my track with something else next time I have the turn...
  3. Leudimin

    Group Park 8

    So I was busy with other things, and thinking what to build. I noticed on the object selection that the go-karts were being used, but I didn't find a go-kart ride anywhere in the park (probably it was being used as trackitecture, which I'm strongly against). So I decided to use the space next to Pure Town and the Sky Tower to create a go-kart track. Normally I like to name these Super Mario Kart, but this time it's simply named "Go-Kart track". I've also built an entrance building with some stalls, I know I've done better in the past. I've placed some ads, one of them is a reference to the previous Group Park. Claimed: - Queue: @Bangaled, sage_lee, Broxzier, Leudimin Missed: 1081p, Deurklink,, Redscope53, Wuis, Thibo1102, giraty, L3mmy, DDDucker, The_Saladman, UTMAN The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.47.sv6
  4. Leudimin

    Group Park 8

    Okay, since nobody in the queue is claiming the park I'm doing so. Claimed: Leudimin Queue: Bangaled, sage_lee, Broxzier Missed: 1081p, Deurklink,, Redscope53, Wuis, Thibo1102, giraty, L3mmy, DDDucker, The_Saladman, UTMAN
  5. Leudimin

    Coming back

    Thanks! I've already solved those issues. I've also managed to enter my old computer to get the file I needed back in March. Turns out it is not needed anymore, but it takes aaaaages for a save to load if it needs that file and isn't avalaible. Besides, I have had these spells of playing RCT2 and then breaking for a while for quite some time now, dating back to when I was in the old computer.
  6. Leudimin

    Group Park 8

    Nice to see a new group park going on! Once I solve some troubles I'll get back. For now I'm putting myself in the missed list. Claimed: - Queue: @UTMAN, Bangaled, sage_lee, Broxzier Missed: 1081p, Deurklink,, Redscope53, Wuis, Thibo1102, giraty, L3mmy, DDDucker, The_Saladman, Leudimin
  7. Leudimin

    Coming back

    Back when the OpenRCT2 parks opened for the season (March) and just after breaking my own excitement record (going above 9 for the first time) I had to quit OpenRCT2 due to a missing file preventing me from loading certain parks (IIRC it was some mini coaster). Now I decided to come back, and the first lesson: Never update many versions at once! I still haven't managed to run the latest version (0.2.1) , and once I get to do so I'll check if I still need that file or it has already been replaced by an open source sprite. Once all of this is solved, I'll return to my take on RCT1 parks, continuing from Leafy Lake, as well as returning to the Group Parks (if they are still done).
  8. Leudimin


    That Déjà Vu is a déjà vu from Six Flags Magic Mountain. I despise pre-built coasters.
  9. Leudimin

    Cannot connect to any server

    Aha! I've found what happened. Somehow object PREMT1 went missing or corrupted. It's on my end, nothing related to the game code. Now I have to find it, since I don't have access to my old computer anymore...
  10. Leudimin

    Cannot connect to any server

    Yup, I'm using the latest build (57be3b4). I usually don't update unless the network version does so, but when I encountered the bug (remember, I believe it has to do with some track, not with any of the servers) I updated to the latest build and it is still there.
  11. Leudimin

    Cannot connect to any server

    I now think there is an issue with some track type (probably the mini coaster), as some files and scenarios offline won't load for me. For example Six Flags Magic Mountain will load, but Six Flags Great Adventure doesn't.
  12. For some time now I haven't been able to connect to any server. When I attempt to do so once the park finishes downloading the game freezes completely. It's so bad the only way to close the game is to completely shut down the computer. What I can do? Is this a known issue? I hope this gets solved soon.
  13. Leudimin

    New season starting!

    Tomorrow is the 1st of March, which means all OpenRCT2 parks will open for the 2018 season! As always, the parks will remain open until 31 October. Some may hurry to meet their goals in time, while others are opening with theirs already acomplished. Wether your park has yet to meet its goals or has none at all (have fun!), has money constraints or unlimited money, I'm sure most of you have new rides for this season (like me and my new giga coaster, which is the first one I build with an excitement rating over 9).
  14. Leudimin

    Screenshot dump topic!

    Introducing my new excitement record! (As well as my new intensity record ). For the first time, a Giga Coaster takes the title. Defeat DIPG, as the coaster is named, is the first coaster I've built that breaks the 9 mark on the excitement rating. If anyone wants to see it, just visit the green side of StuphChicken's Sandbox Server, where it will remain for the next few days. Also pictured is the new shape of my signature killer coaster on the red side (which coincidentally retains the traditional name of just DIPG). Here are the stats for both (in Spanish, like all my pics):
  15. Leudimin

    Group Park 7

    By the way, we update the "version" number at the end when someone finishes his/her/its work. Here's the same save with the correct version number. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.93.sv6 BTW, I noticed we have reached the same version number as Group Park 2, which to my knowledge was until now the one with the highest number of versions. We'll make it to 100?