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  1. Group Park 7

    Doesn't look like it stays
  2. Group Park 7

    That looks really cool! (Except the lamps on the path )
  3. Group Park 7

    Well, you just complained that the chain didn't look good.. If you can solve that by moving the station, i think the overall design becomes better Issues with supports can be solved by putting scenery under them, or indeed by moving the track. You could also just go for the standard cars.
  4. CCC 3

    Maybe for next contest it would be cool to do something with heartline-twister coasters. I think some cool stuff can be made with track merges.
  5. Group Park 7

    It's quite easy actually if you move the station more towards the cliff. One thing you should be careful with if you use the wide trains is that you shouldn't have obstacles too close to the track or else the trains will clip right through them. In one of the screenshots it clips through one of the supports which looks awkward.
  6. CCC 3

    I guess voting is closed? If not, Chaotic confusion would get a vote from me
  7. Space Base (On an unnamed planet)

    New update! I have been working on a central plaza, and added some buildings around it. I also have started on a new quarter of the park, which will be colored blue. The buildings will also look slightly different from the rest of the park. Overview (The uncovered paths between buildings are temporary): First off, the plaza building. I decided to keep the roof open in the middle area. It's filled with shops and areas for the guests to sit. Inside view: Next up is a LIM launched roller coaster named Blastoff. I like making launched roller coasters that stay close to the ground and move at high speeds through curvy tracks. Inside view: I have been playing a bit with building styles for the blue area. I decided to go with curved edges for the buildings here. It gives them a slightly different look than the other buildings in the park, while keeping the same general style. Finally, i made a roller coaster which was built out of an exotic material called 'wood'. Not much is know about this strange material, but apparently it can be used to build roller coasters. This roller coaster is called Centrifuge. At its highest level, it peeks out of the building for a brief moment. After that, it follows a spiralling track, hence the name. I also built a monorail station in the same building. Here's the save, for the people who want to take a better look at the roller coasters: Space Base 06.sv6 Next update i will probably be filling up the blue area.
  8. New to the forums

    Welcome to the forums LordMarcel! I really like your posts on reddit. Maybe you can also post your excitement rating guide here on the forum? These are my favourite reddit posts: Shortest 10 excitement rollercoaster Excitement rating guide 33 Million park value
  9. Quiesent Reef - Island Park

    I typically only watch formula 1.. Just remembered seeing this video somewhere
  10. Absurd rides

    Mind == blown
  11. Quiesent Reef - Island Park

    Macau is very narrow indeed
  12. Group Park 7

    I just really love doorhandles
  13. I think you should put this on the issue tracker, on GitHub: With a detailed description like this, the developers should be able to solve the problem quite quickly.
  14. Absurd rides

    For some reason i really like that roller coaster
  15. Absurd rides

    Show us?