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  1. Deurklink

    Halloween Hills - RCT2 Scenario

    Yes it does, but it may be too dark if you don't use the standard theme. Also I'd recommend to turn off day/night cycle. Just copy the file to your scenario folder in the openrct2 folder.
  2. Deurklink

    Error when opening saved park?

    Version 0.2.1 looks for custom scenery in the folder .../Username/Documents/OpenRCT2. If you copy your custom scenery files to there it should work again.
  3. Hello everyone, I made a new scenario for Halloween. It has a custom palette which is very dark but highlights everything which is orange or yellow. Also, the water is a dark red color. All rides are invented at the start of the game. All land outside the middle island can be bought. For best visibility, play this scenario in a dark room Can you get 1500 guests in the park within 3 years? Halloween Hills.sc6
  4. Deurklink

    How to update network version?

    There was a version of openrct2 which didn't close properly, leaving openrct2.exe running in the background. Go to task manager and make sure openrct2.exe is no longer running, then try updating the game. If it doesn't work, switch to latest release version, then switch back to develop to force the game to update again.
  5. Deurklink

    Group Park 8

    Alright, I'm done! Here's what I did in my turn: Changed the roof back to purple after someone made it brown for some reason Hidden some chainlifts on the monorail track to they go upwards at a decent speed. They still go downwards ridiculously fast though... Added a custom futuristic ferris wheel called Ferris Wheel ² I built this in another park but thought it would fit really well in this theme, so i made another one. Unlike on a normal ferris wheel, guest sit next to the track and don't always just face forward.. Because it has a really big capacity, I gave it a huge queue area. I also added some trees behind it to fill the area around it a bit. @Bangaled, you're up! EDIT: Forgot to make 1 piece of queue line invisible, so here's a new save: The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.51a.sv6 Claimed: - Queue: Bangaled, sage_lee, Leudimin Missed: 1081p, Redscope53, Wuis, Thibo1102, giraty, L3mmy, The_Saladman, UTMAN, Broxzier, DDDucker, Deurklink
  6. Deurklink

    Group Park 8

    Claiming, because @DDDucker has had it for over a week now. I'll continue with 8.50 Claimed: Deurklink Queue: Bangaled, sage_lee, Leudimin Missed: 1081p, Redscope53, Wuis, Thibo1102, giraty, L3mmy, The_Saladman, UTMAN, Broxzier, DDDucker
  7. Deurklink

    Deurklink's Forest Frontiers

    Thanks! A wide turn would have just taken too much space there 😛
  8. Deurklink

    Deurklink's Forest Frontiers

    Looping star was inspired by the old Looping Star from Slagharen, Cannonball was inspired by Kanonen from Liseberg
  9. Deurklink

    Which coaster is hardest for you to build with?

    An air powered coaster is easy to build if you follow a few rules: - Bank any turns it goes through at high speed. - Make sure it goes over the top of the hill slowly. If it goes too fast, the negative G-forces will be very high and the rating will suffer.
  10. Deurklink

    Food court

    The code for pathfinding can be found here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/blob/develop/src/openrct2/peep/GuestPathfinding.cpp It's a few thousand lines of code and comments though so good luck
  11. Deurklink

    Deurklink's Forest Frontiers

    After 38 in-game years, I finally beat Forest Frontiers! Here you can see an overview of the map. Most of the map, with the exception of the parking lots and the go-kart track, were built approximately in the land available in the original scenario. I wanted it to look like an actual forest, so I made the foliage around the park a lot more dense than it was originally. Here you can see the park entrance. The entrance of the park was completely redone, but I decided to put back some squirrel trees because it is still Forest Frontiers. The park entrance comes with some buildings, including a souvenir shop and a place where people can get park maps and buy umbrellas. This is part of the parking lot for guests. The cars actually sit on block brakes on several invisible rides, I hacked them to move them a little bit more to the back than were they would normally sit. There is also a smaller parking lot for the employees, to the side of the entrance. You will also find some paths outside the park which are only for employees. Right after entering the park, you will encounter an indoor area which houses several rides, including a spiral slide tower. There are also some stalls where guests can win stuffed animals or t-shirts. Of course, this is also where you will find Jimbo's burgers, one of the most popular restaurants in the park. Outside the building you will find a classic carrousel and the observation tower called Totem. Close to the entrance, you will also find this steel coaster named Looping star. This was the park's first roller coaster, and is still loved by the guests despite its age. There's also a smaller roller coaster named Dragonfly. This coaster was built for the guests who do not yet have the stomach to face Looping Star. Guests who ride Dragonfly will do 2 laps around the track before coming to a stop in the station. In the center of the park, you will find the splash boats ride called Splash River Falls. Guests will gently travel up the hill with their boat, after which they will drop down the double slope, ending with a huge splash. Guests that don't mind getting soaked can stand on the observation area next to the track. Next up is the park's wooden roller coaster called Lumberjack. Guests first travel up the chain lift hill, after which they plunge down and traverse Lumberjack's twisty track. On this ride I used the old school 4-seater cars for nostalgia reasons. I'm particularly fond of the layout of the track. Next to Lumberjack you can see the park's launched freefall tower. - This is the park's most recently added roller coaster called Cannonball. Riders are first launched up a top hat, after which they will navigate through several inversions and some curves and airtime hills. The latest addition to the park are the Frontier Karts. This go kart track is built on land normally not available in the scenario, but I felt I had to add something in this area of the park. Alright, that was it! I think this is the longest time I have ever spent building in one of the old scenarios!
  12. Deurklink

    Watercooler Tycoon - Halifax Grounds Timelapse Series

    I can recommend you to make tracks invisible by using the 'Allow arbitrary ride type changes' cheat. It's explained here: Instead of having to click every track piece, the cheat I mentioned above allows you to make your entire track invisible with just a few mouse clicks.
  13. Deurklink

    Guide: How to make invisible rides?

    Update: I have made a video tutorial on how to make things invisible.
  14. Deurklink

    Disable Auto Speed Up

    Nah it's okay, I often also use it intentionally!
  15. Deurklink

    iOps Resort

    Wow, this is great! You are very talented!