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  1. custom content not recognised

    You have to put custom scenery in the OpenRCT2/object folder now. If you put it there it should work.
  2. Sandbar Shores

    Even though it's a sandbar, you should really try to do some more landscaping under your rides. Make some artificial mountains between them, vary the land texture a bit, place some water. I think it will look a lot better than just using sand with some scenery objects here and there. For example, you could let the orange coaster race through a pirate town on its lowest level, or you could let the wooden coaster go through some caves or waterfalls. Also, you should avoid using water spouts (the tornadoes), those just look silly when placed above water level
  3. Group Park 8

    I don't really think that huge metal & glass tower fits in with the Asian themed stuff next to it.. EDIT: I just looked in game, and it's further away from the asian area than i thought.. Still, it's another monstrosity, that will block out the view of parts of the park from every angle.
  4. Group Park 8

    Ok guys, here's my contribution: I have started work on an Asian-themed area next to the mechanical themed area. I made a Japanese style building which acts as the station for a wooden roller coaster, named Ryujin. In the middle of the area I made a Mini golf course. (i have hidden peeps in the screenshot because they all started rushing towards the new rollercoaster ) To do: Add more foliage, add shops, maybe add some more water, add gentle ride(s) (cano hire?) @Broxzier, you're up! Or any of the people in the missed turns list: @RedScope53 @Wuis @UTMAN @giraty @jensj12 Queue: Broxzier, Deurklink Missed: Redscope53, Wuis, UTMAN, giraty The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.23.sv6
  5. Group Park 8

    I'm claiming it!
  6. Guests suddenly decreasing

    Really there should just be as few junctions between any 2 points of the park as possible. When trying to find their destinations, peeps will only look ahead a certain amount of junctions (more if they have a park map). I see you use a lot of double stairs, which are notorious because they have junctions at the top and at the bottom, since they're treated as 2 single paths next to one another. It's may not really be an issue yet but it will become a lot worse when you expand. (By the way, good job on calculating that suggested guest maximum, I just checked it in a debugger and you got the value exactly correct)
  7. Guests suddenly decreasing

    This guide explains what the conditions for guest spawning are: If you read this you will know everything you need to know in order for your number of guests to start increasing again.
  8. Hey everyone, I made this tutorial which shows 2 methods of doing track merging in OpenRCT2. Could be useful for someone.
  9. I wish OpenRCT2 would implement more chests. The range of chests that are available to us now is very small
  10. Is one of them named Felicity Anderson? (or a staff member)
  11. In RCT2, you can change the water colour when you make a scenario. What you actually do when you change the water colour is that you load a new selection of colours that the game will use for that map. A person by the name of ja227 created an application that will allow you to change the palette of a map with colours of your choice. This has been used in some maps to change the colours of peeps, for example. The colours of the user interface are also taken from the palette. Some parks with a different palette: - Peeps are turned green - Peeps are turned a ghostly white - Every colour has been made a bit more bright How to make a palette First off, here is the zipped application (by ja227): Now, when you have unzipped the folder somewhere, you find the following contents: When you open one of the BMP files, you will see an RCT2 palette: Each pixel represents a colour the game will use. If you colour something on the map red for example, the game will use the pixels around the red colour to colour the item depending on the viewing angle. Some of the colours are used to colour peeps. If you change those the peeps will get a different colour. If you change the brightness of this image, you can make all colours in the map look brighter. The easiest way to edit the palette is by taking some photo editor software, select the part you want to change and then change the hue, contrast or brightness to your liking. Now as an example, I will make a palette that inverts the colours of the map. This may not be very useful in a map, but i think it gives a good example of what is possible with palettes. Now, first make a copy of WTRCYAN.bmp, and edit it to your liking. I selected the entire palette and inverted the colours in microsoft paint: I called the resulting image WTRINV.bmp. Make sure you save it as a 24-bit BMP! Also, make sure the name you give it is not used by any other objects in your object folder. Now, you will see a .bat file named RCTPALMAKER.bat. Make a copy of this and call it RCTPALMAKER2.bat. Edit this file in notepad. In the batch file, purple water is used as an example. You should change the names to fit your palette. Here's how I changed mine: When you are done editing the batch file, save it and close notepad. Now you can run the file by double-clicking it (if windows allows you to run batch files). If successful, you should see the following in your screen: You should now have a file called WTRINV.DAT in your folder: This object should then be moved to your objects folder. For OpenRCT2 this is usually Documents/OpenRCT2/Object Now when you make a scenario and you go to Object selection, the palette should be available to you in the water color selection: Now, this inverted palette is probably not very useful, but it sure gives a dramatic effect Anyway, good luck and have fun creating new palettes! Thanks to Liampie for providing me with the program! Credits to ja227 for creating it!
  12. Group Park 8

    As far as i know, the ride duration counter is stopped when a car is stopped by the block brakes. I just tested it with 2 trains (of 5 cars) and they no longer had to stop and wait all the time. Of course this would require a small track change to allow the trains to make it through all inversions. For clarity, this would only be for aesthetic reasons. I didn't look at the effect on queue times.
  13. Group Park 8

    Here's a tip: It's usually better to use less trains than the block sections allow. In this case, I would use 2 trains. There's now often 1 train waiting at the station, and 1 train at the top of the lift hill. If I were to ride this coaster, that would annoy me a lot Also, I would make the trains a bit shorter (probably 5 cars). This will make it look a lot better, especially since the coaster is quite low to the ground.
  14. Group Park 8

    I'll fix the spacing when i take my next turn