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  1. Deurklink

    The Multiplayer Rant

    Our requirement is that people are active on our discord and contribute to discussions for a few days or weeks. Never had issues with people destroying stuff since we had this rule.
  2. Deurklink

    The Multiplayer Rant

    It's not that bad, really. On my server we only allow known people from our discord to play. People who spam or misbehave will be kicked or muted. If necessary because someone keeps coming back with different names we temporarily only allow known players to join. I only had to do this a few times in all the time my server was online. Besides these minor incidents it has been a fun experience for me at least.
  3. Deurklink

    I Hate This Game

    Did you follow the rules of the server? On some servers i know they delete coasters when people make one so big that it uses up all the money.. On other servers you're not allowed to make extreme stuff.
  4. Deurklink

    Guests are too strict and cheap

    The amount of money a guest will pay for a ride does not depend on how much other rides cost, but only on the value of the ride itself. As a ride ages, it's value will slowly drop. There will be a 25% reduction in ride value if there is a ride of the same type elsewhere in the park, however. I recommend you to read the guide i linked to earlier in this thread, it covers all the code used to calculate the value of a ride.
  5. Deurklink

    Paths for a big park

    Just try to limit the amount of junctions and your guests should be fine
  6. Deurklink

    Guests are too strict and cheap

    I recommend you to read this guide:
  7. Spent way too much time on this
  8. Deurklink

    Vincent's Community Park of Realism

    Thanks for the offer, but I already have enough projects to work on.. (and my own server to manage lol)
  9. Deurklink

    Vincent's Community Park of Realism

    Cool, did you get started on the server yet? Would be nice if you could share some screens when you have something nice! I think it may also convince people to join your server and discord.
  10. Deurklink

    New Language

    Ok cool, i didn't know!
  11. Deurklink

    Football stadium

    Damn, this must have taken a while to build.. Looks great!
  12. Deurklink

    Group Park 8

    I'll probably recolor them in that part later.
  13. Deurklink

    Group Park 8

    We could still go like this: Maybe if we remove that tower...
  14. Deurklink

    Group Park 8

    @1081p I think you can put yourself in front of the queue (and put me in the missed turns list)
  15. Deurklink

    Searle Bridge

    Great start! Can't wait to see what it looks like when you've filled it all up.