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  1. OK, some tips: Those go-karts are ugly and very unpopular with the guests. Normally i would just get rid of it, but for some reason you put a conservation order on it.. On the wooden roller coaster, if your cars don't make it over the first hill, make the hill lower (and don't put a chain lift on it). Also, you should get rid of the trees under the supports, it looks really weird. You give the player way too much cash for it to be an expert scenario
  2. Things i built today: Overview: Looks like i did it I did go outside the borders a bit but oh well. Raptor: A mini rollercoaster that first gently travels through an area inhabited by some giant reptilians, after which it climbs the lift hill, and falls down through some steep hills and twisting turns. Neon Blast: I had a little bit of space left, and I wanted at least one coaster to extend outside the middle area. I decided to do this with a reverse freefall rollercoaster I gave it some bright colors and I think it looks quite nice. Not the nicest station building but it'll do I also added some rides where i had some space left, like Ktumba's Karpet: Alright, i guess all there is left to do now is add some details and some extra plants and trees
  3. That landscape looks really cool!
  4. @RedScope53 I can understand your efforts to try and make the park prettier but I think you should also be a little bit careful with other people's creations Suddenly there's a random waterfall on my rollercoaster.. The exit path is now disconnected, making it impossible for the mechanic to find the rollercoaster. And of course that path is very unfinished. It is probably better to revert it if you cannot get it to work And last but not least, make sure handymen can water flowers if you place them or they will all rot..
  5. Things i built today: Overview: Progressing nicely.. Not much space left! PopocaPretzel: I didn't have a flying coaster yet, so i decided to try and build a nice one! After the first drop the coaster goes through sort of a pretzel loop, hence the name . After this there are several more inversions, of which one is a one-and a half twist through the station building. I am quite proud of the end result.
  6. Haha i actually read a bit about Intimidator 305 before i made my post. They reprofiled the first curve to reduce the g-forces, because people kept blacking out
  7. These designs are definitely an improvement. Some things i would avoid: - On Apollo, you now basically have a wall blocking the view of half of your coaster - On Jungle Taktix you put down a wall and some trees in a big area around the coaster, which would only allow it to be placed on a big flat piece of land. If i save a design with scenery I only place it very close to the rollercoaster. (Like you did in miney mo) - On Frozen waves, after the second drop there is a sharp 180° turn. Imagine dropping 40 meters and then taking a sharp turn at 100+ km/h If you want to look more like a realistic coaster you should probably make the turn wider or move it to a hilltop.
  8. You can delete the food court if you want, I don't particularly like it anyway
  9. You should open an issue in the issue tracker, then it may get solved.
  10. Just tried it.. Game crash confirmed Probably creates an infinite loop in the code somehow.
  11. Maybe it's fun to do a quick summary of what has been built every time the queue reaches saxman again. So, in a random order, what has been built in the first 10 years of the group park: An extensively decorated merry-go round. I think those flowers need some water though. A ferris wheel decorated with lots of greenery, and some small buildings behind it. In front of that is a 3D cinema with a food court that sells penguin food. At least that's what the signs say (I hope you like fish). A junior coaster, with cars synchronised to travel up the lift hill at the same time. Decorated with lots of trees and bushes, and a beautiful building. Behind that is an obviously pirate themed karrrrrrrrt track with a very woody building A radio tower, broadcasting the newest pop songs to peeps in a wide area. There are rumours it once had a giant satellite dish. To the left you can see a beautiful bridge which leads to one of the entrances of the park. A closer look at the entrance. A nice building with shops has been put here, together with the beginning of a monorail track. It's rumoured that completing the monorail will take at least another 20 years. A scrambler ride has been put close to the entrance surrounded by a nice building. A launched floorless coaster which travels through several inversions. Colors chosen by someone who lacks any form of taste. Oh wait it was me. A food court at the central plaza, which does not yet really deserve the name plaza All right, that's all for now! Time for an exciting second round! Will @SpiffyJack build something this time? Stay tuned to find out!
  12. Things i built today: Overview: (Getting close to finishing it!) Funland: A collection of gentle rides surrounded by castle walls Rocky Racer: A mine ride that makes 3 laps through a rocky landscape. Great for the people who are still scared to go on the bigger rides Ktumba: A steel stand-up coaster that first travels through two loops, then through 2 corkscrews, and then finishes with a helix. Nice and compact lay-out. Fun fact: Ktumba means Dishwasher in Polynafricesian. (I totally didn't just make up that language) I attached a save, for the people who want to see the new rides: The Great Circle 13.sv6
  13. Well I'm glad their names start with a "u" so they're usually at the bottom of the list. Most of them are pretty horrendous in my opinion EDIT: Deleted them from my rct1 deluxe folder
  14. Ok thanks! Mystery solved
  15. OK, for some reason I have all these u(xxxx) track designs, which cannot be deleted. They also cannot be found in my RCT2 tracks folder or my OpenRCT2 folder. They also do not have entrances or exits. Anyone know more about this?