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  1. A-ok

    Nice. 👌
  2. Weird Texture on Ride Overall View

    It turns white here too... I'll have to take a screenshot of the original picture so that you can see the black.
  3. Hello! I've been noticing a weird texture in the overall view windows of rides. The first time I noticed this, I thought maybe it's just certain graphics not loading properly possibly because of lag since my current PC isn't strong at the moment, but, this hasn't happened before. I have also thought maybe something happened with a saved game so I tried a new park and I'm still noticing it. What's even weirder is when I try to load the screenshot into an editor to crop it, the black texture turns white. v0.1.2 / build 67ebf40 (Windows 10 x64)
  4. Boredom + Cheats = Craziness

    Well, I did replace the trains with trams, and the intensity rates weren't crazy different, however, I couldn't figure out how to get the track type changed.
  5. Well, when you get bored and start playing around with the unlimited speed feature...
  6. Custom Tracks v2

    Good lord... I just watched a POV of it and I can see why that is happening. Some people said it goes as far as 5 G's.
  7. Custom Tracks v2

    (Apollo) I was attempting to make it look buried, to where the peeps could only look forward during the chain lift then they would see everything when they were at the top of the tracks. I originally attempted to just bury the chain lift so it would be dark until ride was at the top (kind of similar to the Disaster Transport at Cedar Point, with the difference being that only the chain lift is covered but that didn't work too well.) (Jungle Taktix) I figured if I spread out the scenery, the ride and scenery would fit in a jungle-themed scenario, but, I can move the scenery a little closer to the track. (Frozen Waves) It would be a good idea to throw another hilltop there.
  8. Custom Tracks v2

    Hey everyone. This is the second bunch o' tracks. Hopefully, they make more sense than the last ones, which were crazy. Lesson learned, though. My favourites are Frozen Waves and Jungle Tactix. Also, Apollo is Inverted Curse from the last time, but, I threw some extras too it. Tracks v2.sv6
  9. 90 Custom Scenarios of mine!

    Nice one. I will.
  10. 90 Custom Scenarios of mine!

    Even though I did see a few, I still know what you mean, even though I'm kind of surprised. But, everyone has their favourites.
  11. 90 Custom Scenarios of mine!

    Very nice! Some of my favourites are the deserts and the "lunar" style scenarios. But, of course, I'm not going to limit myself to just those certain ones.
  12. Custom Tracks

    Right, everyone plays however they want, but, still, and I get your point. Expecting peeps to ride at such excess G's is "ultra-extreme". I would've lowered the hills, but, I wanted to try and stick with the concept, and with adding all the chain lifts, and thinking from the perspective of a peep, I would've gotten slightly bored with it since the train would've kept slowing. Why didn't I realise this stuff sooner? I'll never know.
  13. Custom Tracks

    Well, if I was a peep and I looked at my rides, it really does depend. #1 - I would only ride it if I have gone beyond completely insane and I didn't rethink about it. I'll admit it, I only thought crazy and not in the mind of a peep (bad idea! ) Also, it does kind of look like something just thrown down. #2 - Some extra touches could be useful, I agree. #3 - Besides just look, I thought I would try something different, but, that didn't seem to fully work in this case, but, I have other ideas (obviously not as crazy as this one). #4 - The hills were a bit of struggle, the trains would stop at the hills and go back, so, that's why I placed the chain lifts down. #5 - I may redo the part with the helix. Ideas are popping up for that part. Obviously, I thought more crazy and insane than in a mind of a peep overall. That's something I have to take into consideration. Still, thanks for the review and criticism. I have some calmer ones as well, but, instead, I went with these insanity's instead.
  14. Custom Tracks

    Hi, everyone! I've seen some very interesting track designs from various members in the forums and I figured I would throw in 5 of my favourites that I built. NOTE: You will need to turn on the "disable support limit" cheat for them. In the .zip file are the actual track designs and screenshots of them. Sadly, most of them don't have scenery because I'm not too clever when it comes to scenery. No DLC tracks, only the basic ones. Pack
  15. What's weird is when I first built the ride, I didn't have clearance checks disabled, it was only after saving it to file and re-building it when this started happening. But, disabling it did fix it. Thank you for the help!