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  1. Absurd rides

    The trains are mixed. Each train has a hypercoaster row, followed by a twister row, then a floorless row, then a stand up row, and finally a vertical drop coaster row.
  2. Absurd rides

    @X7123M3-256 Is that box coaster available for download anywhere? I have a legitimate use for it in my current solo park I'm making. Or maybe you'd be able to make me something similar involving roof tiles on a track like that?
  3. Custom Music Loader in Options

    I posted this on the Discord, but thought I would say it here as well. What would people think of a custom music loader built-in to the options somewhere? Basically this is how I imagine it would work: On title screen, click on the custom music loader. Brings you to a window where you can select files to be used for custom 1 and custom 2 music tracks. After clicking proceed (or enter or whatever), the loader makes a copy of the selected file(s), renames it "custom1.wav" or (and) "custom2.wav" and places it (them) in the proper directory, loading it (them) into the game. Currently, I rarely use custom music even when someone tells me I should, because I hate having to navigate into the proper folder to place the file there. I think such a tool would make the use of custom music easier while still remaining compatible with the current save format. It would also provide a stepping stone to a more robust tool once the new save format is implemented.
  4. Rct1 Color Picker

    You realize you're speaking to one of the developers of the game right? You'll need to convince the developers that this tool is worth implementing, and saying "Well I would like it and I don't care if someone else does" is really not the right way to go about it.
  5. Adding scenery and paths to Track Designer

    I'm not sure there's much use for this. You can just easily make a sandbox mode workbench to design rides on. The point of the track designer is to design track only. Once you add anything else, it basically becomes a sandbox mode workbench, which is very easily made in the game, or downloaded off the web from somewhere.
  6. Fox Studios Resort China

    Where's the park!? It was supposed to open a few weeks ago! =P
  7. Space Base (On an unnamed planet)

    Haha that mural on the side of the wood coaster looks like a space invader. Nice job!
  8. This is a great guide for those scenario players out there, read it if you play for ratings!
  9. Man, if you keep up this pace, we're gonna have a guide for everything in the game pretty soon! =P Have you thought about contributing to OpenRCT2? You obviously aren't afraid to look at and decipher code!
  10. Knoebels Amusement Resort in RCT2

    As promised, here are some more screens, from the areas of the park I haven't shown before. Enjoy!
  11. Group Park 7

    Didn't have much time to work on it this week, but I started a rapids ride called "Frontier River". It's obviously still a WIP, and I've reserved the purple regions for buildings near the ride. Claimed: - Queue: @giraty, Darthyoda714, RedScope53, Broxzier, Deurklink, Leudimin, saxman1089 Missed: xbalogan, jensj12, Przemek, Jochem, SpiffyJack, TheMightyClem, 1081p, cascadia, Wuis, TCE The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.47.sv6
  12. Group Park 7

    Claiming! Sorry giraty.... Claimed: saxman1089 Queue: giraty, Darthyoda714, RedScope53, Broxzier, Deurklink, Leudimin Missed: xbalogan, jensj12, Przemek, Jochem, SpiffyJack, TheMightyClem, 1081p, cascadia, Wuis, TCE
  13. OpenRCT2 Forum Discord Server?

    Yes, this would be for more informal discussion of course. Anything official should still be on the forums! Like Group Park screens and updates, contests, park updates, etc.
  14. Group Park 7

    At work for the next 8 hours.... We'll see if its still unclaimed when I get home. =)
  15. Hey all, I've recently been chatting with more and more RCT players on Discord. What do you all think of a Discord server to run parallel to this forum? Has it ever been discussed before? It might be a fun way to get more real-time interaction with each other, and more real-time feedback on RCT work that's ongoing. Comment below with thoughts!