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  1. Screenshot dump topic!

    Dude, every time you post something you jut get better and better. This is effing amazing.
  2. Alpunta, somewhere in Swiss

    Looking good!
  3. OpenRCT2 v0.1.2 released!

    Thanks to the devs for all their hard work!
  4. Cannot connect to any server

    Check the github issue tracker, and if its not there, file a report.
  5. Long-time player, first-time forumer!

    You're a jerk. =P
  6. Long-time player, first-time forumer!

    Welcome to the site! Here's a screenshot from my current solo park I'm working on. It's an RMC coaster themed to a WWII dogfight. As for accessing the title screen parks, I know you can do it, but I'm not sure how. Hey @Spacek, some help?
  7. Bethlehem Steelworks

    Start with taller stuff in the middle, make it smaller at the outsides. Think about making a Gaussian curve with the height of the foliage. In other news, Perkins is now open right outside the park entrance!
  8. CCC4! Combined Coaster Challenge!

    Vote vote vote! Otherwise you can't complain about the outcome! =)
  9. Group Park 7

    Periods in the file name often mess stuff up. Maybe for the next group park we should use a dash or something else.
  10. New Park (no name yet)

    This stuff is great! Keep it up!
  11. Trains... Lots of trains

    Here’s that tutorial:
  12. Trains... Lots of trains

    As for interiors, keep some, get rid of others. For the ones you keep, cutaway the roof and allow people to view it without cutaway view. That will save some objects. X7123M3-256 highlighted a lot of other good object saving techniques too. There's a good tutorial image about object saving by Liampie somewhere, but I can't find it right now. If i do, I'll post it here.
  13. RCT Classic vs OpenRCT2...

    Play Open. That's all. lol
  14. Screenshot dump topic!

    Close, it's supposed to be a Huss Condor ride. It doesn't move up and down, but it is peepable and the cars at the end of each arm do spin. Here's a close up: Your screen is awesome, nice job with the Joker. It looks pretty close to the real thing.
  15. CCC4! Combined Coaster Challenge!

    Deurklink - 0 Ling - 1 jensj12 - 1