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  1. Like all his saves and stuff. (Unless I'm wrong)
  2. um

    I left the computer on at the menu for a while and this just started happening.
  3. This actually happened to me with footpath before. I tried to place a staircase but it was a ghost footpath and guests wouldn't walk on it. Trying to replace it did nothing. I downloaded a newer version and this was fixed (Windows7SP1)
  4. Ok. I edited about everything that was here (exept for most older replies).
  5. That's the point, having it in normal gameplay is the key of my idea.
  6. This reply was deleted by Ultimater.
  7. ---------- Look. I already solved this problem and it has been solved since July 21. If you have a problem, please open it on GitHub or in Problems, Bugs, and Feedback. (GitHub is mainly used for unintentional glitches and bugs). ----------
  8. Besides, I did buy time twister with real money, off of amazon.
  9. I understand that, using paid material, modifying it, and giving it off for free is not allowed. But needing to buy the game first makes it legal I belive.
  10. Hi, I came up with this a little bit ago. I thought it would be cool to add. -- I know you can look through the window, but this is sort of an "upgrade". Video below. 2017-07-26-31-Recording.mp4
  11. You can buy these online at places like Amazon, Walmart, aand more.
  12. You need to install the 2 expansion packs: Wacky Worlds and Time Twister.
  13. The only thing I like about OpenRCT2 is... well... EVERYTHING! The cheats are just so fun to mess around with. The multiplayer feature BLEW MY MIND. I've been using since version 0.0.3! Good luck on making this alot better
  14. That is weird. OpenRCT2 doesn't usually crash your computer. What operating system are you using?
  15. um

    I know RCT2 was ported to mobile. But I only said that because: 1. I was tired. I wasn't thinking as much as I normally do. 2. It doesn't want to launch on my device (tablet). Not sure why, but It doesnt work. I know RCT2 was ported to mobile. I never heard about OpenRCT2 for Mobile Users. RCTC doesn't.