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  1. The only thing I like about OpenRCT2 is... well... EVERYTHING! The cheats are just so fun to mess around with. The multiplayer feature BLEW MY MIND. I've been using since version 0.0.3! Good luck on making this alot better
  2. That is weird. OpenRCT2 doesn't usually crash your computer. What operating system are you using?
  3. um

    I know RCT2 was ported to mobile. But I only said that because: 1. I was tired. I wasn't thinking as much as I normally do. 2. It doesn't want to launch on my device (tablet). Not sure why, but It doesnt work. I know RCT2 was ported to mobile. I never heard about OpenRCT2 for Mobile Users. RCTC doesn't.
  4. um

    I clearly said that.
  5. um

    I don't see a point in that. I still can download and play the video on my tablet which is Android, but as for iOS I don't know if it works or not. I said before that if you were away from any computer, it would make a point. It would also make a point if your computer is broken or unable to use. If you have an iOS device, then I say that might be a problem. It doesn't really matter now, since the problem is resolved. Thank you.
  6. um

    I currently don't have a GitHub account but plan on making one soon. Until then, I will be reporting random bugs here. And if you are kind you can report it for me. When I said that, I mean you can do it if you want. You don't HAVE to report it for me, but as I said I don't have a GitHub account. Thank you for the help with this problem.
  7. um

    Why would you need to view it on a mobile device? Aside from being away from a computer, RCT2 (specifically OpenRCT2) can only be played on the computer at the moment. You can just download the file on your computer and it's not a hassle.
  8. um

    nevermind its fixed in newest update but thanks
  9. um

    i have no words... video is below help report this bug 2017-07-22-25-Recording.mp4
  10. update from 2 days ago: i found my flash drive its a matter of waiting good news i got tt now and installed it it works now. PROBLEM CLOSED
  11. good news i just bought time twister online now i need to find my flash drive i lost
  12. Use of an RCT2 Disc, A USB Flash Drive, My Computer, and an old laptop. Burning and ripping the disc on the old laptop occured Once the setup files were on the drive, I installed. Same with wacky worlds. I don't have time twister. -sorry for messy writing
  13. My computer specifically doesn't have a dvd/cd drive