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  1. Dark Side Best Side
  2. Just a note, if you have RCT1 Installed, you can tell OpenRCT2 where it is, and it will import the scenarios directly from the first game.
  3. I went to use this screenshot for the Readme on GitHub, when someone pointed out an error. See top of Lift Hill.
  4. I have a Contact at Avast!, I'll see if I can pull some strings.
  5. Fix should be live very shortly.
  6. We're looking into this right now. Please sit tight. Edit: It appears some code was misplaced, Fix incoming.
  7. (All you had to do was install and use innoextract.)
  8. Hey Guys, if you don't cool it, I will lock this thread. @Wuis OpenRCT2 has Co-Op gameplay.
  9. Neither the developers nor the runners of this website have the ability to do anything about this.
  10. Mr report king, I approve.

  11. I forget what it is called, but it basically changed some stuff like adding new terrain and stuff.
  12. iirc SV7 was taken by a different RCT2 mod. Perhaps .OpenSV6?
  13. If someone does manage to trigger an Error Trapper, that would be interesting to say the least
  14. I'm going to lock this Topic. There is no Virus in the Download provided by this Website, and OP has clearly disappeared, never to be seen again. If anyone has any issue with this, please PM me.
  15. I was replying to the first bit, should have been more clear I suppose.