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  1. Player controlled peeps

    What do you mean by chat, Twitch chat or ingame chat? It sounds like you mean the ingame chat, which shouldn't be that big of a deal as a bot already exists as imlegos mentioned. The problem we were discussing before was deleting messages of Twitch chat, which seems to be possible only in a not very satisfactorily way. Twitch vs client I recently played Multiplayer with a friend of mine and noticed that you can set a client to spectator mode where he can not build. So some sort of user system is already implemented, my idea would be to add an access level where they only could control peeps (or only their personal peep respectively) and chat. Then again spectator access should be just fine for the job anyway, as spectators are allowed to chat, aren't they? So this only would be required if you implement some new gui feature (or an other non chat solution) for controlling the peep. With an client approach you could watch your peep move through the park opposed to the Twitch way. Also with the client approach you are able to manipulate chat the way you want it. But that way the engine would have to assign a peep to the client manually, different from Twitch were the user is limited by his user name. But one does not have to cancel out the other, once one way is implemented the other one shouldn't be to hard to implement either. I guess it would be wise to implement the easier one (Twitch I assume) first and see if the other one is really necessary. Groups Groups are an interesting idea! However considering the level of complexity it would probably be more viable to implement this feature by itself before introducing it to the player controlled peep system which in itself has to be actually implemented. One step at a time We are constructing a solid idea here. Gotta sum up all the ideas coming from you, maybe put it into the wiki and discuss with the developers what their standpoint on this is
  2. Player controlled peeps

    Yes it together with Twitch integration would make sense to be put into a plugin. However i haven't heared of a plugin system yet, is this a goal the developers declared themselves? Sounds promising The thing that I was worried about wasn't really people intentionally spamming but just a big streamer with a viewer counter reaching the thousands. But then again thousands of people create a mess in chat anyway so it probably wouldn't be something to worry about.
  3. Player controlled peeps

    Hm yes indeed it could be problematic configuring a client to be not allowed building, haven't looked into that. I'm amazed at how the developers hacked into the original binary, however it makes finding out how things work hard from time to time Broxziers idea could simplify things: I don't know if you meant it this way, but that's what I thought you did first time reading your comment: Using twitch chat to send the commands. That definitly wouldn't be requiring to rewrite code and extracting the commands from chat wouldn't be hard either, so that goes for it. But I don't know if it would be that satisfying only seeing your peep when the streamers highlights it by random. I couldn't find any info on PeepWatch, I'd like to know what it actually did. Sounds like they found a solution to that problem. But still this could make up for some fun when suddenly all peeps want to ride one particular rollercoaster The other thing that bothers me with this idea is that twitch chat would be spammed with all the commands. From taking a quick look at the Twitch API I didn't see any possibility to hide or delete those comments (what you can do is wipe all comments of one user. but that isn't really great either)
  4. I recently watched a twitch streamer (Vargskelethor) playing OpenRCT2. He tried playing with his viewers, but that has gone to shit pretty fast as you could imagine This streamer likes to fuck around with the peeps on the map. That's when an idea struck me: How about you open a server in which only the host can build and the clients get each one of the peeps assigned which he can tell to do things, like go to this position or ride on that track. They would have to manage their money and raise the fun level of their peep or it will leave the park, etc... you get the idea, there's a lot of potential. It would be funny if the client could control the thoughts of the peep Tell me what you think of it and maybe one of the devs could give us insight if this would be possibel to realise. If so, maybe I will dedicate some time looking into it... Cheers