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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering, is it possible in RCT to create a folder of scenery consisting of self-selected scenery? Often I have the greatest intentions of creating a park wich I can be proud of, but it has to be perfect. Therefore, I often create the rides in different parks, wich I am playing at that specific moment. I do save the rides with the scenery used building the ride. Problem then is: when I want to put all these amazing rides together in one park there are always some rides including a couple of scenery items wich are not present in the park I have in mind. So then I have the options of building the whole scenery structure again or creating a new map. Not to mention that the problem only grows with using some cool custom scenery. I am aware of the current game limitations, but I hope someone knows a way of solution. Easiest for me would be if I could select my favourite items and put them all together in let's say 'folder X' Then, if I finish creating a wonderful new map, I would just select folder X and have my favourite items instantly, without the hassle of selecting every item every time I create a new map. thanks in advance!