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  1. Finished micro park I changed the landscape color and stuff I know this isn't the best park figured id share anyways.
  2. AutismMan

    Horror Style RCT2 Theme

    Ill have to do that.
  3. AutismMan

    Horror Style RCT2 Theme

    Guys check this out its cool
  4. AutismMan

    Im back.

    Im back you guys and ive changed I promise im done trolling and Griefing MP Servers on openrct2 i also bought a copy of RCT2.
  5. AutismMan

    Anything new in openrct2

    Im back i wanted to now if theres been anything new added in game?
  6. AutismMan


    Today i bought a copy of rct2 on steam i bought all the games
  7. AutismMan

    Can we please not support thieves?

    Ani wasent supporting them i was asking if there was a way
  8. AutismMan


    Ok because i didnt do anything wrong i just did what they wanted
  9. AutismMan

    Can we please not support thieves?

    How can you tell if a key is stolen
  10. AutismMan


    Ok so i was playing on a server that said Dont place anything as it will be destroyed i was on mass destruction and they wanted people to erase everything Ok how is that fair i get ip banned when thats what they wanted
  11. AutismMan

    What happend?

    Thanks for answering my question
  12. AutismMan

    What happend?

    What happend to openrct2 mp i havent seen many people on i hope the games not dying i like this game and i dont want to see it die can anyone explain to me whats going on
  13. AutismMan


  14. AutismMan


    And for furtue a suggestion i have is to have people make an openrct2 account user and password so people cant use other peoples names how you do that is make something so it wont let you use the same username someone has already made on the site and make people complete a secuity question
  15. AutismMan


    And i trashed the server to prove a point I feel bad that anyone can go and ruin anything anbody makes