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  1. RCT2Tyler

    I'm back!! Finally started Midway's Hill Valley Park

    Yeah but what's the easiest way to upload without the internet. I do have internet on my phone of course. Maybe just wifi???
  2. I finally started my Park haha. The entrance plaza is always one of the hardest things for me. I should have a few more pics in a few days. I hope I can build a park as good as my last one, which was lost forever... 😂😂
  3. RCT2Tyler

    Saves and Custom

    Hey Guys noobie here again... I have almost zero knowledge of computers that is why I ask so many (stupid) questions. 1. Ok I saved a park I started. And I got it to save one time. Meaning one time I entered it in the correct folder, file or whatever it was. I know it was answered but I'm going to ask again. What is the correct way to save a game in OpenRCT??? 2. When I did look at the saves, there was a lot of auto saves and other things filling up the save file. Usually I only work on a few parks ( In RCT2 so there is only a few things in the save section) is there a way to get some of these autosaves and other things gone or deleted??? 3. Last thing. This was never possible in RCT2 but I could see it working on Open. Is it possible to begin a park and have a save file, then at a later time you can add scenery and rides?? Like add more custom stuff to the park I've already put hours in to??? Thanks guys that should be my last dumb question around here. Then I can share my stuff!!!
  4. RCT2Tyler

    Scenario Editor Save Issue

    Hey thanks for the help.. Last night I had trouble when I was creating a Batman recreation with B&M supports and I was trying to save it. ( I have an extra park where I build all of the stuff with supports, maybe sandbox or some other mode could help out ) I've been playing with the features and they are all amazing! Invisible huts What!!! But my biggest problem is the save window. Ok so I just asked this and I still get it wrong sometimes, sorry I know zilch about computers. If one person can answer these questions I will be grateful 1. Where to save game 2. How to delete saves, like a bunch of auto saves 3. Can you add on stuff after you've spent a lot of time on a scenario, park? The old game there was times when you would start over Thanks
  5. Thanks for posting this guys most of my questions have been answered but there is one more question I have. I've always downloaded custom stuff by just downloading the parks from NE. Now I'm sure that some of these links will also work real easy probably the but Going on to amazing earls and Imlegos looks like you will be doing the Zip drives. Now that's where I get scared because I've never really done zip files except being hand held. So how do I do this? ( I'll try to ask as simple as possible ) when I am on Amazing earls or Imlegos page do I simply hit the colored link for the ride. And if so I'm sure something will pop up. Then when something pops up that I won't be able to understand what is next? Do I hit Zip folder for RCT2 or is there another folder or anything I don't know. Thanks for all the help
  6. Thanks everyone for helping me. Looks like I have had a few issues in the past few days. Haha but the biggest one has been solved and I'm able to play the game. Ok but I've been trying to create my own custom scenario to start a Park. The saving options are a bit different then the old RCT where it just saves. Do I save in Default, Up, New Folder, New File or even Use system dialog Window?? Thanks guys I know this one should be simple have a nice day
  7. RCT2Tyler

    Disable Clearance Checks

    It worked and you guys are amazing!!! I have about 0 knowledge about computers and I could not have done it myself. Now I think I have everything on the table that I like to work with and I'm ready to start my park. My first park will be Midway's Hill valley park ( a nod to Back to the future ) or Midway's Three Pointes Park ( a local city near me in Tucson AZ ) With everything custom content. Thanks
  8. RCT2Tyler

    Disable Clearance Checks

    Oh thank you so much. I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure that's what will happen. Fingers crossed 😂😂. Thanks guys and I'll be glad to share with others the stuff that I do with RCT2 and custom content. Thank you all
  9. RCT2Tyler

    Disable Clearance Checks

    Hey guys. Thank you Jensj 12 you really helped me today. And also you helped me on this thread also. I opened up the game finally woot!! But I couldn't find any Hacks. Then I saw that you mentioned to allow cheats to pop up and that worked perfectly it brought in a new animation with the cheat section. I have one last question though. I didn't really see a zero clearance and After thinking about it I think that is the only one I didn't see. This is the one I use the most tho haha and it may be on there but I didn't see it. I did see invisible huts and that made me really excited to get started.. I guess my only issue is the 0 clearance but thanks for the help already
  10. RCT2Tyler

    Need help

    Oh man thank you so much!! I really didn't think I was going to find someone that could give me the answer. I don't know anyone personally that plays this game and I don't many people that have the time to come look at my computer for just a game. Thank you And that last bit of advice was it!!! Thanks now I can play the game and enjoy and be a part of this community. Thanks guys
  11. RCT2Tyler

    Need help

    Damn man I'm really having bad luck with this. The first time I tried to upload a picture it worked now I just tried it again and it said error -200. It doesn't even give me a way to fix it. Maybe add 200 to whatever that problem meant 😂😂😂😂 I digress. Well I know this is a pain in the ass for everyone that is trying to help me through this weird problem. Yes I was on the directories and I clicked the RCT2 Triple thrill pack, nope. Then I went into the x86 folder or whatever the hell that thing is 😂😂. I found RCT2 Triple thrill pack, again? Haha this time it opened up in categories like Data Landscapes ObjData Saved Games Scenarios and tracks. I hit data just like you instructed me, thank you, but nope nothing. It doesn't click and it doesn't open up any other folders. Well thanks for helping
  12. RCT2Tyler

    Need help

  13. RCT2Tyler

    Need help

    Thanks guys. I had to vent for a little bit after driving back home from my failed attempt. I'll keep trying and yes thank you for answering 1 of my qualms.. I do have 64 bit because my folders did have an x86 file or whatever. Well I saw 2 videos buy a guy his was like the first one of the top of the list that wasn't 30 minutes long. His name was TallestGuy and I did his step by step by that was after I downloaded so it maybe have been a different one. When I hit OpenRCT it says "OpenRct2 needs files from the original RCT2 in order to work. Please select directory where you installed RCT2." And then when I click the files or folders it says "Could not find blah blah blah.Dat at this path" I think the one I downloaded was OpenRct2 0.07 windows x64 EXE version I know there was a few other options on the download list but I only got to this one. Since I couldn't find the folder I don't know if this is actually the right one or the wrong one. Thanks
  14. RCT2Tyler

    Need help

    I'm sure that I'm the only one around here that has had trouble opening OpenRCT and or downloading it the correct way. This thought was only strengthened when I saw the help thread and noticed that all of the post are problems that you have INSIDE of the game, well I can't and probably won't even make it that far.. I have a windows 10 computer and I attempted to download 64 bit because I'm assuming that with these new computers I'm sure they are 64 not 32. So that didn't work it kept asking what folder I downloaded in and would always click the folder that I created just like the guy on YouTube. Funny thing is I noticed he had different pop ups than me and I instantly knew it probably wouldn't work for me. Well I tried to go back to the webpage but I was using McDonald's Wifi and and every time I wrote OpenRCT.org it would go to the McDonald's website, weird. Well unless someone has a way to help me it looks like I won't be trying to OpenRCT ever and might have to stick to my disk. Dang I was really looking forward to it but I guess I'll start my custom park on the standard RCT2 disk
  15. RCT2Tyler

    Download help!!

    So I've just got my windows 10 laptop that runs my RCT2 and I've downloaded the custom scenery I like and I'm ready to play. I'm trying to download open RCT and I think I changed the folder name because that's what one video on YouTube said to do ( I think) but I'm having a problem finding the directory to link RCT2 and OpenRCT. I can't find the file or folder I saved in. Thanks if anyone has a quick tip but I'll keep trying. Also if I ever actually do get it to work. Do I need to re download the custom stuff thanks