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  1. Either those are some huge trucks or the staff rides are really tiny. I like the art gallery. Really creative. Is it a maze that you made invisible or something like that?
  2. My condolences @SpiffyJack. Hang in there, man.
  3. Ah! I found the burger stand that's named after me. Reason that I didn't find it earlier is that you can't really click on the stands in game, so I had to go through the list of attractions in order to find it.
  4. I'm away on a scouts camp for the coming weekend. So gonna have to pass. Claimed:Queue: @BlazingEmpireHD, SpiffyJack, Wuis, Cascadia, Broxzier, giratyMissed: jensj12, TCE, YoloSweggLord, Redscope53, Jochem, Tune Cool. I haven't found mine yet... I think? Usually I check the whole park every now and then to see if somethings changed.
  5. @Wuis You really like crashing my perfectly fine working Rollercoasters huh? I think it would have been better if you had just let me have a go at it. But seeing as you already put so much work in it, it would be a waste if you'd have to undo it all again. So I'll approve it.
  6. @Wuis I was planning to play around with it to try and fix it on my own turn yeah, but as you already improved it that's fine too. I assume the ride can now handle less customers/hour? But if it's killing less people now that's great! Does the train actually make that hill with enough speed? And why would it crash if it were a drop though? Oh. And I have no idea about the little pool. Maybe Broxzier peed in the woods again?
  7. @Wuis Hmm, I think I get it now. So the problem is that when a cut-out occurs and there are multiple cars on the same piece of track (between chain-lifts) they will collide. So the solution would be to make block breaks that only allow one car at a time on the downhill track? It looks like it's a cropped image from a bigger one. I'd love to see the original. Also: suddenly everyone is updating their avatars. Guess I gotta keep with the times.
  8. That's awesome. I really liked the clown one, it looked bad-ass. Do you have a blog or collection or something where there's more of your art? I made my avatar myself too, but it's a bit more... cartoony. @cascadia I think I get what you mean. I'll check out how you fixed it when I get home from work today.
  9. I like this idea a lot. There's various RCT guides on the internet. Either in text of video format. But it would be nice to have one official wiki or something like that on the website. I know there's already a wiki on the OpenRCT Github, but that's more about technical stuff, not about playing the game. Take the OpenTTD wiki for example. Or the official Factorio guide. It would be awesome if we'd make something like that.
  10. @cascadia Thanks for fixing the path! I'm not sure what was wrong, but you've probably made it better. @Wuis Thanks for the help. No need to apologische so much, I can differentiate between hate and feedback. I don't really get why the coaster is so dangerous though. When a ride breaks down the chain lift and station breaks only stop right? I don't understand why that would cause cars to get stuck, when tested they complete the track just fine. I'll check out the guide @jensj12 sent and try to make some more sense of it.
  11. I didn't have a lot of inspiration this time, so didn't do too much. I decorated one station for the Skyway. The one near the Beardy Axe and the Sweaty Saw. Also I added a Bobsled coaster next to the flying Panda. I'm not quite happy with the decorations of the bobsled yet, but I also couldn't figure out what to add to it. Maybe I'll work a bit more on it next time. If anyone has any good ideas they're also welcome to add to it. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.31.sv6 Claimed: Queue: @Jochem Wuis, Cascadia, Broxzier, TuneMissed: jensj12, TCE, YoloSweggLord, Redscope53, UTMAN, SpiffyJack, giraty
  12. Hmm. The game seems to crash every time I try to add a ride using the object selector. Anyone have an idea what could cause this? It's only happening in the Group Park save.
  13. Claimed: Me! TuneQueue: Jochem, Wuis, Cascadia, BroxzierMissed: jensj12, TCE, YoloSweggLord, Redscope53, UTMAN, SpiffyJack, giraty
  14. I'll claim it tomorrow around noon.
  15. Psh. There's always something to whine about for these officers. This time it's the railings, next time they'll want to remove the Orcs wielding battle-axes that jump the passengers during the ride.