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  1. Cheat ideas.

    Ghost trains will crash if they go trough small turns at 15, or large turns at 20.
  2. Group Park 6

    @Wuis I'm pretty busy this week, so if you're done with your turn you can put me in the missed list. The coaster looks great though, keep it! 👍
  3. Group Park 6

    Alright. I made a medieval themed junior coaster named Excalibur. It's a coaster that goes up and down the hill and through a castle. Claimed: -Queue: @imlegos, giraty, qbbq,TheMightyClem, Wuis, Jochem, TuneMissed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia, SpiffyJack, Broxzier, WobblyRails The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.21.sv6
  4. Group Park 6

    @cascadia it seems this happened at 6.20. I don't know how, but seems you messed something up.
  5. Group Park 6

    Is there any particular reason why every natural wall in the park is now black wood and half of the Kalahari Run rock has been flattened?
  6. Group Park 6

    Time to get to work. Claimed.
  7. Group Park 6

    Confined the yellow flowers Fixed the mechanic not reaching the Karts Made an invisible track in the lake to keep the boats close Removed a hedge in the maze that accidentally closed off a quarter of it The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.13d.sv6
  8. Group Park 6

    @Broxzier yeah. Yellow flowers need more room. Everyone knows that.
  9. Group Park 6

    Is that wall really necessary? I mean, the lake isn't that big, right? Also I thought I fixed the path to the exit of the Race track using the tile editor, but I see now I put them the wrong way around.
  10. Group Park 6

    Alrighty. I made a nice little house near the lake with some rowing boats and a nice maze-garden to get lost in. Also I fixed the Kalahari Desert Railway so now it can operate without the trains going off the rails. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.13.sv6 Claimed: Queue: @SpiffyJack, imlegos, giraty, qbbq, TheMightyClem, WobblyRails, Broxzier, Wuis , Jochem, TuneMissed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia
  11. Group Park 6

    Claimeth! Claimed: TuneQueue: SpiffyJack, imlegos, giraty, qbbq, TheMightyClem, WobblyRails, Broxzier, Wuis , JochemMissed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia I'll probably work on it this evening, so if anyone wants to work on the file until then it's fine.
  12. Group Park 6

    The stations look awesome. Really detailed too. I made a quick fix to enable mechanics to actually enter and fix the Kalahari Desert Run and repair it, and made sure the Kalahari Railway never gets inspections. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.09b.sv6
  13. Group Park 6

    Seems like the staff walks in through the no-entry exit path of the Kart and then wander around the Kart track until they end up with Donkey Kong over there. It's only a small chance a staff member walks in there, but it seems the park already has been running for ten years so I guess it makes sense some guys get stuck there. (they must be rather peckish by now) Anyway. Disconnecting that path from the track should fix it.
  14. Group Park 6

    @WobblyRails: Like explained in the first post: You may put yourself in the front of the que now, so you'll get a turn once TheMightyClem finishes.
  15. Group Park 6

    Sweet. I think I can make this work.