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  1. Actually I'll fix it now. Got some time anyway. Edit: fixed The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.02b.sv6
  2. Ah. I though we were just limited to no custom objects. Well if it's really a problem I can change it to the default kart track. Shouldn't be too hard. Donkey Kong is a free man Gorilla. He can't be bound down to paths.
  3. Alright. Here it is: The Kalahari Desert Run. It's a kart track where the guests can race around and over a naturally formed rock in the desert. To make it more exciting there's the Kalahari Desert Express going around running over inattentive racers. I couldn't actually get the train to run properly. At the junctions the train would go off the rails and follow along with the kart track. Which looked pretty awesome, but was rather impractical. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.02.sv6 Queue: @SpiffyJack, imlegos, TheMightyClem, giraty, WobblyRails, Broxzier, RedScope53, Jochem, Wuis, Cascadia, TuneMissed: jensj12
  4. Update. I'm making a kart track in this area which I've appropriately named Kalimari Desert. Only I'm still a bit confused about what scenery we're allowed to use. I noticed there's not much scenery selected yet, but we also did the strawpoll to figure out which sets were the most populair. Am I only allowed to pick scenery that ended up high in that list? Either way, I'm gonna need some pieces from the mining theme probably.
  5. Well that was fast. Claimed: Tune Queue: SpiffyJack, imlegos, TheMightyClem, giraty, WobblyRails, Broxzier, RedScope53, Jochem, Wuis, Cascadia Missed: jensj12
  6. Good job Putting Cascadia near the front of the list.
  7. Yea, I'll join again.
  8. Alternatively. If that doesn't help, you could always just get rid of that crappy antivirus software and just have a Russian cleric bless your computer with holy water.
  9. I got the warning too. When you get the warning just click "show details" and then choose "I trust this file". When I did that a few days later I got a notice that they analysed the file and agreed that it's harmless.
  10. He probably used this technique that was posted on the /rct subreddit a few weeks ago. It pretty much blew everyone's mind when the same user posted this ride without explanation one day before the guide.
  11. I don't think flipping any of the sprites would work because of the perspective. Take this cube for example: It kinda matches the RCT perspective, but if we would flip/turn it... It doesn't make sense anymore, cause now it's not a top down view anymore. (also if you look at the upside down cube long enough it will look like a room in stead of a cube)
  12. I get that I should make doors out of them, that's why I said: At least now I know how doors are made (vertical split) so I can try that out later.
  13. All I want is for ghost rides and tiny rollercoasters to be able to go through the portals without clipping issues. I don't really care about animating them. I should really get back on this project again. Would be fun to see what people could create with this set.
  14. Now I get that we want people to enjoy the pretend you're a cowboy ride, but this is a bit much. @giraty, you mind fixing it? Also I've been a bit busy the last week or so. Finally opened up the park file again. The park is really making a lot of headway, looks great!
  15. Either those are some huge trucks or the staff rides are really tiny. I like the art gallery. Really creative. Is it a maze that you made invisible or something like that?