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  1. Updates: Nemesis(GDL).td6 Indusctror(GDL).td6
  2. Update: Dynamite(GDL).td6 (Requires Couger's Glass Pack for the scenery) Recomended using "Disable Vehicle Limits" Cheat (11 cars per train,3 trains)
  3. Oh,thanks for the idea
  4. Excalibur(GDL).td6 Golden Boy(GDL).td6 Cobalt(GDL).td6 Sparkler(GDL).td6 Aquarius(GDL).td6 Mandriva(GDL).td6 Golden Angel(GDL).td6 Acid Drop(GDL).td6 Frosty Sliders(GDL).td6
  5. Oh,sorry I don't know the idea how to put "Click-to-reveal" yet.If you know how to do that,you can answer.
  6. You should click on the td6 file.It worked to me.
  7. There is my pack of my custom rides from OpenRCT2: Lobster(GDL).td6 Leaper(GDL).td6 Minty(GDL).td6 Orange Split(GDL).td6 Aquadut.td6 The Green Goblin.td6 Black Mamba.td6 Apollo 121.td6 Hijack.td6 Grapeful.td6 Night Looper(GDL).td6 Steamroller.td6 Whipper.td6 Red Rabbit.td6 Octopus.td6 Shredder.td6 (Requires "Show All Operating Modes" Cheat) Revolteiser.td6 (Requires "Show All Operating Modes" Cheat) Centurion(GDL).td6 (Requires "Allow Chain Lift To All Track Pieces" Cheat) Handaxe(GDL).td6