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  1. It probably would be, yes. I had chosen the Corkscrew without putting much thought into it, and then it just became habit and because it meant I could have all my designs in the same place. I'll probably use the car ride in the future though (most likely when I know I'll be able to save large amounts of scenery as I have been able to in the past)
  2. OH! Just realized I had taken it out. Some additional information I figure I might add, I have been using the Corkscrew roller coaster and building a simple circular track design and saving the design with scenery as a way to quickly "copy and paste" or clone structures I had made, especially if they took a lot of work and I needed to relocate it or wanted to incorporate it into a different scenario. Let me know if there is anything else useful I should add. Here is the updated save file, which includes the aforementioned Corkscrew coaster, "exhibit 2" which shows none of the scenery I had attempted to save with it: ye.sv6
  3. I was using build ebf479d Here is the save file: ye.sv6
  4. First time poster! I looked through this part of the forums and also the issue tracker to make sure this issue hasn't already been brought up or already resolved, and I can't seem to find anything that exactly matches my problem. 1) I have a lot of missing scenery. For example, in the Scenario Editor, I selected some log cabin wall pieces, but they won't show up when I go to place some. I've checked every tab, I can't find them. Is it possible that, despite not having the maximum number of any particular type of scenery selected, I still have "too many" selected and it won't show some of it? Or is this something else? I've been able to select log cabin wall pieces before, and I still can when I go to create a new scenario, but not in this previous scenario that I'm working on. 2) I saved a track design with a lot of scenery, before the last update, and it saved successfully. However, when I go to place the ride in a different saved game, none of the scenery shows up. All of the roller coasters say "Design includes scenery which is unavailable" and show no scenery at all when placed, including the design I had saved with scenery that I definitely had available. For some reason I can only place this roller coaster with the scenery in the scenario that I created it in. 3) After updating, I now cannot save any rides with scenery. Anyone else having the same issues?