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  1. Kinda like "CornyCopia"
  2. The OpenRCT2 Forum Group Park 6.02.e The OpenRCT2 Forum Group Park 6.02.e.sv6
  3. THIS IS NOT A CLAIMED MAP, these are just here if you want any The OpenRCT2 Forum Group Park 6.02.a I'm Just messing around Any file can be used OR none of the files .... by anyone until someone else claims I guess. I'm just gonna keep adding or whatever The OpenRCT2 Forum Group Park 6.02.a.sv6 The OpenRCT2 Forum Group Park 6.02.b The OpenRCT2 Forum Group Park 6.02.b.sv6 The OpenRCT2 Forum Group Park 6.02.c The OpenRCT2 Forum Group Park 6.02.c.sv6 The OpenRCT2 Forum Group Park 6.02.d The OpenRCT2 Forum Group Park 6.02.d.sv6
  4. Here's the current File. The park is still very preliminary, so anyone can do anything they want. Who's Next EDIT: File name: Technically this would be 6.02 The OpenRCT2 Forum Group Park 6.02.sv6
  5. Claiming Map 6.1 !
  6. Just added some paths to link areas The OpenRCT2 Group Park5.60.sv6 Claimed: - Queue: - Missed: jensj12, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD, Jochem, YoloSweggLord, giraty, Wuis, SpiffyJack, Broxzier, TCE, Cascadia, SpiffyJack @jensj12 @RedScope53 @Tune @BlazingEmpireHD @Jochem @YoloSweggLord @giraty @Wuis @Broxzier @TCE @cascadia
  7. Initial stab at map. The OpenRCT2 Forum Group Park 6.1.sv6
  8. CLAIMED Park 6 map
  9. Just throwing this out there to get the juices flowing
  10. @cascadia you have any thoughts how to shape 4 quadrants? each different? make one a water world? one desert? trees? etc... I'm thinking not so rugged this time (seems like it did more harm than good in #5 ) but more smooth rolling terrain. idk.. I suggest some sketches for the vibe prior to forming
  11. Thanks, I like that idea too.
  12. I'm all for dedicating themed areas. I probably would have had a tighter train of thought in Park 5 is it was done that way also. I know I did a lot of wafting as far as deciding which way to design. @imlegos What is NCSO? some kind of server or something...
  13. I like it. Nice use of content and cool architecture too. Looking forward to see more progress
  14. @Broxzier. I understand that..when I had the issue, I could start the updated downloaded version or ORCT2 (hardcopy) with no issues. Yet using the launcher to update and than start the game, I would get the message that Avast is running a quick check because the file mentioned above could be unsafe.. mean while it restricts the network and their abort option doesn't quite abort as fast as it should, thus typically followed by a message that the file has been submitted for approval and theyll send the status report. But if you bypass the anti virus at prior to executing the exe. File it works good.. just sharing my experience with Avast.