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  1. @Wuis I like it! and those type of areas deserve more space as long as it works... I like it.
  2. @Gareth ... Cool that your using HeightMap and your paint idea is good. Although I personally would never use the paint option and here's why. I typically have multiple height ranges on a map and for the most part, the different heights represent different textures as well, so an all encompassing paint tool would literally have me painting over areas that I do not want to paint over. As far as using the option for general slam dunk maps, it would be quick and easy. But again the time it takes to paint areas (and at the same time, become more familiar with the map) is not worth the time to find out I painted areas I did not want too. I'll say again, good idea. On a lighter subject of HeightMaps, I am getting close to releasing the official grey scale spectrum (to the members of this forum only) that literally carves the maps perfectly. Each grey has a specific cut height and depending how the highs and lows are valued you get better than great representation. ATM it consists of a 64 grey pallet with each shade contouring a 2 step height value. I will also provide my opinion as to the editor that works the best with least amount of mumbo jumbo. First tip: Always edit in pixels Second tip: Keep it simple, the more shades you allow to shape, the less you map will represent. Third tip: Do all the map editing in the grey scale image, then import. If you need the further edit you map, try to edit the image first and re import. Remember, It takes minutes to edit your image and import compared to hours of shaping and then you realize it was a waist of time... Lots of trials and errors... that's all
  3. UPDATE: I will not be working in the Park. It's still available for a few hours.
  4. I just might @TheMightyClem check for a new file prior to starting... i will tag you prior to 11:00 eastern if I upload new file
  5. Topless Female Discount Coupons !
  6. Not sure what u mean by took it there... did you inspect for hidden track or do a track style change to see that area? Broxzier warned to be careful... like I said, I don't quite understand
  7. Understandable, you want a partner to work on your attraction? I may have a little time and I like your style from what I've seen.. a No will not hurt my feelings
  8. I decided to bring the mountain to life. Volcano 200x200 f.sc6
  9. GAWWWD... Will I ever break the habit of right clicking an image and expecting it to pan??... I even do it with the opening title sequences.. uggg probably not
  10. Thanks @Broxzier update:
  11. better?
  12. Thoughts? 200x200
  13. So regarding spamming ( ATM I am not a Twitch user ) But if each twitch user is linked to peep, does that keep track of the spammers? IDK
  14. Understandable. Now I'm forced to ask, then whats the point forcing a peep on a singular level? It seems you can just make them ignore intensities and they will typically populate all attractions depending if the queues are full or not. That being said, I like (or propose) the idea of being able to tag entire groups like a field trip groups or Grad night groups and family groups to travel in a pack and then maybe see how peeps populate areas as they travel through the park as a whole. Still an interesting idea though. EDIT: or is this more about if "I" wanted to walk through a park, "I" can guide myself?
  15. This sounds pretty cool. My question is this: If you were to send a peep to an attraction, what guarantees they'll get on the ride? EDIT: Also, if a peeps is hungry, thirsty, mad or needs to pee etc, would the peep bypass the foods, drinks or baths to just get to the attraction or would this be a general direction to send them and they get there when they get there kinda thing?