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  2. Looks like @G_Force has joined the dark side, Welcome ... I've used that Technique for a while also but its not the cleanest look most the time
  3. Welcome... lots of builders out here to answer any questions you may have... Have fun
  4. @Broxzier Thanks for the file... the pic was deceiving prior to viewing the file up close...The cliffs are actually a great size, which was one the deceptions I was fighting with...... THIS IS BITCHEN MAN! Good Job! I vote to go official with this map. From this point on: My Suggestion: Anybody who wants to Terraform/add suggestions to the map prior to saving to SV6 format should still claim first. Lost work is best when avoided.
  5. I like it.
  6. This only represents the ease of changing...
  7. I'm Just gonna put some visuals out there to gain input... Only for thoughts. 250x250 size Just as @Broxzier has shown, If a height map is used (and it will be i'm guessing), it would be best to hit the initial import on the first shot.
  8. Here's an island for you
  9. This is getting good... Lets see some sketches, easy peasy ... ALL cool ideas so far... photos work well for input...
  10. of what what, whaaat. Attach sketches, pictures or whatever you need so we all know whats up... There are no bad ideas. NOTED: FENCED BORDER WITH NO EASEMENT ---- SpiffyJack
  11. ...I'd like to help with the MAP... A rolling wish list for MAP options we could all follow would be cool for an initial terraform: To keep the ideas easy to find, Quote and list. Map Size: 230x230 with (5)tile border easement for a 220x220 Minimum. Map Height 90 Max. Map Depth 15 Max. Hills, Canyons, Lakes, Rivers, Flat, Cliffs, Slopes...etc How much of what what, whaaat. Attach sketches, pictures or whatever you need so we all know whats up... There are no bad ideas.
  12. Sounds like MAP TIME!
  13. I'll be damned... it works good. I'd like to try this with multiple stations cross crossing
  14. It's a good idea and some people may like it. (I'm going to guess that the background would rotate with the map? That would be mandatory.) I myself would never use it. Mostly because my park backgrounds have always been black (and yours should be too) not a dull grey, so it has simply never bothered me. Now, if this idea is stemming from wanting to have a cool screen shot of a full size view or even map edges, it will always be easier to modify the screen shot afterwards including completely masking the map edge VS. coding a background in my opinion.
  15. lol... i feel ya... tough crowd over at NE sometimes, although much of what get bitched at over there by some, gets great reviews by others... I call it the NE crapshoot