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  1. Group Park 7

    @giraty yeah.. I think i have to install windows again or something...
  2. Group Park 7

    I'm having some trouble with my pc.... so i'll have to skip for now T.T (i don't have the time to fix it really.) Claimed: -Queue: @giraty, SpiffyJack, Deurklink, Wuis, Cascadia, Leudimin, Darthyoda714, 1081p, saxman1089, xbalogan, RedScope53, TCE, BroxzierMissed: Philmon11, Jensj12, Przemek, Jochem
  3. Group Park 7

    Yep, claiming!
  4. Group Park 7

    @Broxzier no i have time tomorrow and not today ;s
  5. Group Park 7

    I think ill have some time soon. ;D Claimed: Queue: @Broxzier, giraty, jochem, SpiffyJack, Deurklink, Wuis, Cascadia, Leudimin, Darthyoda714, 1081p, saxman1089, Przemek, xbalogan, RedScope53, TCEMissed: Philmon11, Jensj12,
  6. Group Park 7

    @Darthyoda714 if you're finished you can put me on the missed turns list because im gone for the week :c
  7. Group Park 7

    You can also put me at the back of the list. I'm not in a hurry ;D. Wanna see what the rest builds first.
  8. Group Park 7

    Cliffs and jungle i like it i can continue my pirate/mayan theme there. Why cant we do both the monorail and the chairlift? We dont have to stick to one.
  9. Group Park 7

    Just put me in the missed turn list. Dont know when i'll have time but i will join when i can
  10. Group Park 6

    @Wuis love it that you are expanding the town
  11. Group Park 6

    You can pretend those golfclubs are maps @jensj12 (no longer claiming the park. I have no inspiration)
  12. Group Park 6

    Can't help but notice there are a lot of dutch people here?
  13. Group Park 6

    Claimed: Queue: @Wuis, Broxzier, SpiffyJack, giraty, qbbq, jensj12, imlegosMissed: RedScope53, Cascadia, WobblyRails, Tune, TheMightyClem, jochem got a few busy days ahead. Can claim after saturday
  14. Group Park 6

    @jensj12 no problem man, i dont think i have time until sunday so go ahead
  15. Group Park 6

    Realised i didn't have a lot of time I made a little castle in the lake with some shops and an entrance for a ride if you want to build there. You are free to change or even demolish it . Queue: @Wuis, Broxzier, giraty, qbbq, JochemMissed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia, SpiffyJack, WobblyRails, imlegos, Tune, TheMightyClem The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.33