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  1. Ride Music

    Ahh ok, well - it's not too much of a need and thanks for the explanation!
  2. Ride Music

    Hi, Is there any way to code or hack the game to add your own music it (playing at its full length - not the length of the RCT2 music files) just like it is in RCT3? Or even add in custom scenery of speakers as audio objects to have area audio? I'm playing OpenRCT2 on my Mac and I tried a music manager app but I wasn't sure on it's features etc, plus it is exe so I couldn't extract and use it on my Mac. Thanks!
  3. Custom Music ?

    Is there any updates? It's the one reason that makes me play RCT3 more than RCT2 - especially as you can play actual ride soundtracks for your recreations.