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  1. New save format

    Well, then—we all need to get to work on creating all-new .PNG replacements for all our .DAT files that we're currently using in-game.
  2. New save format

    Hello! Let's clear this issue up: The .OBJ format holds the actual visual object for an attraction (be it: a flat ride, tracked ride, arcade/midway game, game course, food stall, drink stall, souvenir stall, first aid station, or restroom), while its associated .JSON format file details the setup and operations data for that given .OBJ file. Both the .OBJs and their associated .JSONs will be featured in OopenRCT2 new saved game format.
  3. The Joker!

    AndrewTheWolf2018: What kind of coaster track did you use for your 4D coaster?! The 4D fly swatter coasters use trains having vertically-spinning cars where pairs of riders sit facing each other while being strapped into 'em with both over-the-shoulders safety seatbelts and over-the-shoulders yoke handlebar restraints. Someone should create these 4d fly swatter spinning-car trains.
  4. Special programming for already existing custom rides

    Hello! Amazing Earl's Tilted Whirler (=Tilt-A-Whirl) should also have a higher excitement rating. Ilmgk's 4 platform flat thrill rides should have more appropriate vehicles—somebody should soon look into that... Those caged Enterprise cars SHOULD NOT have gotten on the Flying Bobs (=Thunder Bolt/Music Festival/Matterhorn) ride, while sleigh-like ones should be on the Caterpillar (=Music Express/Himalaya/Polar Express) ride.
  5. New save format

    Hello! Thank Y'all for improving OpenRCT2 thus far; you've even included .JSON copies of (at least) the default .OBJ files from the original RCT and RCT2 games. About my ideas for the new data and save format(s), here's what I came up with: ASSET TYPE RCT1 RCT2 OpenRCT2 (Planned) SAVED GAME .SV4 .SV6 .SGM (Saved Game) SCENARIO .SC4 .SC6 .BNC (Work Bench) TRACK COURSE .TD4 .TD6 .TCR (Ride Track Course) INTERNAL DATA .DAT .DAT .DTX (Auxiliary Data) OBJECT DATA .DAT .DAT .OBJ (Game Asset Object) SCENERY GROUP .DAT .DAT .SCG (Scenery Asset Group) MUSIC SELECTION .DAT .DAT .AMS (Audio Music Selection) The .OBJ file format would include rides and midway/arcade games as well as the shops, stalls, facilities, scenery, and miscellaneous assets within the game. Thank You!
  6. Platinum RCT2 logo for the title screen

    How would I export object images from G2.DAT and CSG1.DAT?!?!
  7. An RMC hybrid coaster I made today

    Hello again, X7123M3-256! RMC style inversion track sections should get made, and admended onto G2.DAT. I'll take a look at my copy of the ORCT2 New Track Sections file to see what we'd need... Thank You!
  8. An RMC hybrid coaster I made today

    RMCs should be capable to have loops, corkscrews, overbanked turns, and barrelrolls. These elements are also on GCI models.
  9. I'm afraid it does... sometimes. What should be done?!?! I currently have V. 0.1.2-developbuild aba97e4 failure to reallocate 15a4a040 and 14a41040; returned a zero-size chunk Do any of you have this same problem?!?!
  10. Any RCT2 UCES creators around here at all?

    Hello! I've started a new project for us fans to expand our Downloads page (which currently has links to download our OpenRCT2 update software, along with the Launcher) to make it more effective. I'm calling for the restoration of the (Open)RCT2 Object Database, a newly-restored and updated version of the original website from some years ago (we currently need to go to either the New Element Designs website, or visit the OpenRCT2 Fun Fair page on Facebook [which requires a free membership subscription to access] in order to get our new object .DATs and packs). There'll also be pages for user-created track and park downloads, as well as useful tools and utilities. After all these new pages get constructed on our website (and opened for business), you'll see our Downloads option link get new sublinks: (A) OpenRCT2 Software—the update package program and its (optional) Launcher (B) OpenRCT2 Object Database—with downloads for all our custon-made object .DATs and scenery packs (C) OpenRCT2 Tracks Database—having downloads for all our user-made coasters/water rides and slides/car tracks/mini golf courses (D) OpenRCT2 Parks Database—where download links will be made available for our saved games and scenarios (E) OpenRCT2 Tools Database—our new place to get very useful tools and utilities to enhance our gameplay. Please consider contributing to make our website better. Thank You!
  11. Hello, y'all! Whatever happened to the original RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Object Database that was online some years ago?!?! Would anybody have archive copies of its contents (object .DAT files, tracked ride/attraction files, saved games, scenarios, utilities, ...) that were hosted on there?!?! We should recreate this on our website, under the Downloads section: (A) SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS (we have that page on here now)—downloads of the latest edition and development builds for OpenRCT2, with a downloads link for the related OpenRCT2 Launcher. (B) OPENRCT2 OBJECT DATABASE—our newly-updated version of the now-defunct website where we'd download all our custom-made object .DAT files and packs. (C) OPENRCT2 TRACKS DATABASE—a newly-created site where we'll download any tracked rides/attractions we'd need. (D) OPENRCT2 PARKS DATABASE—a brand-new site to get your user-created scenarios and saved games. (E) OPENRCT2 TOOLS DATABASE—a site of links for downloads of useful tools and utilities to enhance our enjoyment of OpenRCT2. Please contribute to this new project. Thank You!
  12. Created a Workbench

    Do you have any gentle rides in there?!?! Are the items used of the in-game defaults (those .DATs which are loaded upon initial installation of RCT2—the base game with both expansion packs Wacky Worlds and Time Twister)?!?! How many custom-made .DATs (if any) are in there?!?!
  13. Coloring individual vehicles on flat rides

    Hello! Currently, the repainting options on flat rides are only available for the entire ride as a whole, meaning that all the vehicles on a flat ride (exceptions being the Bumper Cars and Go Karts types) have the same color scheme. The feature to repaint individual vehicles on the flat rides should work the same way as on the Bumper Cars and Go Karts types; for an example: The Tilt-A-Whirl (AE's Tilted Whirler) currently has its 9 tipkarts use the same color scheme (for the vehicle body and the trim). What I'd like to see in such a case is a new subfeature (which already exists on Bumper Cars and Go Karts types) that'll permit you to reaping individual vehicles within a flat ride using differing color schemes (by having Car 1 be red with white trim, while Car 2 may be green with yellow trim, ...; the supporting structure may also be repainted with its own differing color scheme (which, in this example, making the perimeter walling have red/yellow striping, and the internal canopy having white/blue striping). This is precisely why I employ differing colors on individual vehicles when I build Bumper Cars and Go Karts type thrill rides (the flat and tracked ride types that currently allow individual vehicle repainting)—to make these flat rides more appealing to guests!!!! Thank You!
  14. Add more months to the game!

    Hello! There should be an option for the Operation Season: TIME RANGE PER YEAR: FROM [MONTH] TO [MONTH] OPERATION HOURS: FROM [TIME] TO [TIME] The TIME RANGE option would permit you to set up the months during when a park would be open. The OPERATION HOURS option would set the time range (from opening time to closing time) for each day. An option for TIME DISPLAY FORMAT would set the displyed time in either CUSTOMARY (12-hour halves, with AM/PM—12:00-12:59 MN; 1:00-11:59 AM; 12:00-12:59 HN; 1:00-11:59 PM) or INTERNATIONAL (24-hour consecutive notation, from 0:00 to 23:59) mode. The notation for year designation (as Year 1, Year 2, ...) would need to be retained. Example 1: A temperate zone park (like one that would be located in Maine, Ohio, Kansas, or Alaska) would be set to open during late March—late October; with hours being from 12:00 HN—8:00 PM Sunday—Thursday, and from 10:00 AM—10:00 PM Friday—Saturday. Example 2: A subtropical zone park (like one that would be located in Florida, Texas, California, or Hawaii) would be set to open from January to December; with hours being from 12:00 HN—9:00 PM Sunday—Thursday, and from 10:00 AM—12:00 MN Friday—Saturday.
  15. Hello! Recently, when I try to launch onto OpenRCT2, the game engine abruptly returns to the Windows 10 desktop, and gives this error message: OpenRCT2 V. 0.1.2-develop build 0fe1814 encountered a zero-size chunk! Failure to reallocate 4206040 (unsigned char) to have 0 bytes. What should I be doing?!?! I really need to get into OpenRCT2. Thank You!