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  1. Alpunta, somewhere in Swiss

    Oops Of course the park needs an Alpine Bob so here it is in the Italian zone! Added a what supposed to be hybrid wild mouse coaster (wooden track with steel support). Uses wooden coaster cars because it has more capacity and fits nicely IMO
  2. Alpunta, somewhere in Swiss

    Background: I'm a bit bored with building flat parks, then I decided to find a heightmap to build a park from. Finally found it and it has become a nice little park, built to the landscape. Located somewhere in the low Alps of Swiss, hence Alpunta, from "Alpine" and "Punta", the park incorporates Swiss' major languages. The park have it's own zone of French, German, and Italian language plus a monorail that goes around the park named in Romansh. Kiosk and stalls also named accordingly to where they are. Below are the progression of the park when I'm still thinking a good name for it. Save included below. The park is nearly completion due to it's small size and forbidden building zones (like the snows). Enjoy! Early part A very tall Gyro Tower and early form of the wooden coaster. Cottages for people to live in and stay at night! German part monorail station WIP The trail section of Italian part.... The current condition of the park. A lake high in the mountains surrounded by amusement park but still have the thrill of nature What do you think about this park? Alpunta.sv6
  3. Group Park 7

    oof only 2 people in queue. Going to check the park to see if there's still room.....
  4. Share your height maps!

    Yeah I cut another 14 pixels from it and the gap between "Low" and "High" in settings is more than 110.
  5. Share your height maps!

    Simple one, it might look like a round mountain but it's more of a highland lake. Credit to someone who post it in internet. I'm currently working on this height map, this is the early stages of the park.
  6. Brent Sigma

    Holy my Deurk, that's another unique idea went well
  7. Group Park 7

    Claimed: - Queue: Jochem, Deurklink, Leudimin, Broxzier, Spiffyjack, Wuis Missed: xbalogan, jensj12, Przemek, TheMightyClem, 1081p, cascadia, RedScope53, RaunchyRussel, Darthyoda714, TCE, saxman1089 Should have done this earlier, removed myself from the missed list. @Jochem
  8. CCC4! Combined Coaster Challenge!

    If you are fine with that then you can take care of this ;(. So I should edit the topic title again?
  9. CCC4! Combined Coaster Challenge!

    Before jens12 work on this.... I decided to cancel this. The passion is gone (to judge the coasters).
  10. Deurklink Multiplayer server (Round 4)

    That was a blast!
  11. Deurklink Multiplayer Server (Round 3)

    Username: giraty Discord name: giraty Cheats/Tile Inspector: Yes
  12. Deurklink Multiplayer Server (Round 2)

    Username: giraty Discord name: giraty Cheats/Tile Explorer: No
  13. Postapocalyptia

    Another nice idea park from Doorknob Next time he'll build a suspended park....
  14. Group Park 7

    Looks like you like it so here it is! Claimed: -- Queue: @Broxzier, Darthyoda714, Wuis, TCE, saxman1089, Jochem, Deurklink Missed: xbalogan, jensj12, Przemek, Spiffyjack, TheMightyClem, 1081p, cascadia, RedScope53, giraty WIth that, I've finished my participation in this group park. Thank you! The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.78.sv6
  15. Group Park 7

    Before I post my update.... do you think this looks good? If not I'll just skip myself I built a race control tower for the bike oval, and added a boat tour near pirate village and also goes inward a bit near seaplane tours