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  1. game version wont update

    Download and install the files from latest build manually
  2. Group Park 8

    Corrected queue Claimed: jensj12 Queue: Broxzier Missed: Redscope53, Deurklink, Wuis, UTMAN, giraty
  3. Group Park 8

    Laptop's been dodgy now, so missed too
  4. Group Park 8

    Build some sort of Love Tunnel ride in castle enclosure. Figure eight removed. I'm planning to add more but that's it for now. Go go Wuis! Claimed: Queue: Wuis, Broxzier, UTMAN, giraty Missed: Redscope53, Deurklink @Wuis The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.21.sv6
  5. Alpunta, somewhere in Swiss

    Meant to do this 2 weeks ago..... the save file! Alpunta - Final.sv6
  6. Group Park 8

    Finally free! Claiming! Claimed: giraty Queue: Wuis, Broxzier, UTMAN Missed: Redscope53, Deurklink errr @UTMAN The newest save file, please
  7. Alpunta, somewhere in Swiss

    After 3 weeks dormant, I declared this park finished. It looks pretty enough for a small park. Can't upload save now.
  8. Group Park 8

    In the end I have no time at all. Sorry and now, @UTMAN
  9. Group Park 8

    Claimed then
  10. Group Park 8

    If anyone from missed turn list, go ahead, I give you time till my 24 hours border
  11. Group Park 8

    Noted. Why did I built it there? This is just personal preference since it looks alright to me. There's a plan to build tunnel under the monorail but I was waiting on park updates.
  12. Group Park 8

    Built a classic figure eight side friction coaster, and moved the carousel there too. @Broxzier I saw the handyman went off path through the ticketing booth that you built. I think the connection-through-tile-inspector causes that. Claimed: - Queue: Utman, RedScope53, Deurklink, Broxzier, giraty Missed: Wuis @UTMAN Go go! The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.06.sv6
  13. Group Park 8

  14. Group Park 8

    So yes!
  15. Group Park 8

    I must have missed reading WW-TT is allowed.... Thanks for the entrance makeover RedScope