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  1. I mean I deliberately placed a track through the maze's exit. I just forgot to select the invinsible entrace/exit ones for the maze
  2. That exit... it was on purpose because I have no more room, forgot to switch exit to the "no exit". Dat cycling though, did someone mistakenly took Tour de France there ?
  3. Sorry it turned out to be a clusterf*ck, but I like to cram things. Also I can't do much about the tram station next to my area Claimed: Queue: @qbbq qbbq,TheMightyClem, Wuis, Jochem, Tune, Broxzier, giratyMissed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia, SpiffyJack, WobblyRails, imlegos The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.23.sv6
  4. Claimed: giratyQueue: qbbq,TheMightyClem, Wuis, Jochem, Tune, BroxzierMissed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia, SpiffyJack, WobblyRails, imlegos
  5. Yeah that's what I mean. I will do it. @Jochem ......... dang
  6. @Wuis Every of our zone?
  7. So I worked on it without claiming it... and I nearly can't stop. I just want to ask you for Wonderland themeing to be added though. Claimed: Queue: @qbbq , TheMightyClem, WobblyRails, Broxzier, Wuis , Jochem, Tune, imlegos, giraty Missed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia, SpiffyJack It keeps giving me message than Penguin Tram 2's entrace is not connected but all seems to be connected to me The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.15.sv6
  8. Seems I will replace ice themeing with something else in my area
  9. Wow... reminds me of Seaworld
  10. So, no for ice theme?
  11. Queue: @WobblyRails , Broxzier, RedScope53, Jochem, Wuis, Tune, SpiffyJack, imlegos, giratyMissed: jensj12, Cascadia, TheMightyClem I saw Snow and Ice selected so that's going to be my theme here Question: Can a ride from adjacent theme goes into the central tram line? Also I don't really like the way the tram line built, though I can't really propose a good alternative either but these are 2 screenshots from one of my park where I tried it. Edit: Last picture is Group Park's The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.06.sv6
  12. Claimed: giraty Queue: WobblyRails, Broxzier, RedScope53, Jochem, Wuis, Tune, SpiffyJack, imlegosMissed: jensj12, Cascadia, TheMightyClem
  13. Crossed my mind, who don't we have 4 entraces, one on each of the end of the road?
  14. That feels like 2 highways meets in the middle of desert. Love it
  15. I'm used to design very contrasting landscape such as snow in the middle of desert, forest in a outer planet surface, lava in snow.....