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  1. Group Park 7

    Indeed very great update @RedScope53! The fences around my coaster, I want to build a building there so it's somewhat a mark but no problem with it
  2. Group Park 7

    Do anyone still have WW/TT objects issue? I found an alternative satelitte dish in "Matrix" themeing, it's just 1 tile wide, animated, and colourable. We can replace TT dish with this one
  3. CCC 3

    Chaotic confusion: 0 Space! Into Space! Into: 1
  4. Quiesent Reef - Island Park

    FINALLY UPDATE The biggest changes are second transport system with monorails and goes clockwise around the island, compared to railway that goes counter-clockwise. I don't know will I keep the 3 racing coasters, I'm not satisified with it. In the center is a group park inspired zone, with room to expand with. The new coasters of Steel Horse and Flesh Horse near the abandoned town. I forgot already why did I put the purple base on the monorail station though lol. These houses are inspired by traditional Indonesian houses, though it looks way different from them.
  5. Space Base (On an unnamed planet)

    LOOOOLLL Nice start there. What is your plan with coasters? Surely there's only few trains that are enclosed, or before riding they wear plane emergency style breath helper ?
  6. Space Base (On an unnamed planet)

    So nipple-in-nipple-licious?
  7. Group Park 7

    I have the object for some reason so here you go... @1081p MWB-CW25.DAT
  8. Group Park 7

    Welp turned out to be quick Claimed: Queue: @Darthyoda714, 1081p, saxman1089, xbalogan, TCE, TheMightyClem, RedScope53, Broxzier, Deurklink, Wuis, Leudimin, giraty Missed: Philmon11, Jensj12, Przemek, Jochem, Spiffyjack, Cascadia Added an observation tower (no, it's not 118 units tall, only 61) and a junior coaster named as Hero Academy, specialised in training young and inexperience the first step in riding coasters. Themeing/building not complete yet. I give you permission to try something with it as long the coaster shape is unaltered. Added small lake in the coaster, and adding some fencing to path near the coaster up to Deurklink's coaster. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.31.sv6
  9. Group Park 7

    Claimed: giraty Queue: Darthyoda71, 1081p, saxman1089, xbalogan, TCE, TheMightyClem, RedScope53, Broxzier, Deurklink, Wuis, Leudimin Missed: Philmon11, Jensj12, Przemek, Jochem, Spiffyjack, Cascadia Let get this work..... Don't angry at me Darthyoda71....
  10. Group Park 7

    Unfortunately I'm sick now so Claimed: - Queue: @Deurklink, Wuis, Cascadia, Leudimin, Darthyoda714, 1081p, saxman1089, xbalogan, TCE, TheMightyClem, RedScope53, Broxzier Missed: Philmon11, Jensj12, Przemek, Jochem, Spiffyjack, giraty
  11. Hiring Entertainers

    Which is basically how entertainer works in RCT1
  12. Quiesent Reef - Island Park

    I got the park updated but due to bad internet, I can't upload pictures now. I'm thinking of a racing-style coaster that becomes the transport around the island, but then the realistic part will be gone because duelling coasters above sea water around an island is not very viable solution in real life. How then I give 5600 guest rides to ride?
  13. having problems with .td6 files from RCTgo

    TR6? RCT2 use TD6 extension. What have you download?
  14. The great circle (For lack of a better name)

    Nice park in a strange location! I somehow missed Rush Hour ride until now. I like it so much thanks to the building themeing! Also I told you I'm itchy with the jungle "ditch" so...
  15. Quiesent Reef - Island Park

    Next batch of updates! Park nearing 5000 guest already. On the Far End Beach, one thing is necessarry: Pirate themeing. A pirate's house/tavern ride is now built along the coast and next to the spiral coaster. The mansion ride is named as Pirate Bay. Yeah, what a pun. The two racing steel coasters have been named Hedemora and Hannan, and themeing has been added in the zone, though still not finished yet. Next to the waterfall pyramid, I can't help to build one of my state-of-art coaster, a hyper-twister roller coaster packed into 14x14 square, resulting into a engineering behemoth. This could win CCC1 had the limit is larger lmao. Guests are amazed by this odd and majestic ride, so they're queuing like crazy. Now in a connecting path from Far End Beach and castle, there's something curious houses there...