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  1. You can also use the launcher (linked to on the downloads page) to easily update your OpenRCT2 game.
  2. I suppose we would have to make the sprites if we decide to add this feature, then.
  3. And even then, hackers can just not use their computers and instead use social engineering to get access to the non-connected machines. It's how Kevin Mitnick worked.
  4. The closest post I can find is here:
  5. Yes, but they're just stalls with scenery. In my idea, you could have tables for peeps to sit at, shelves for peeps to browse through, etc.
  6. This is what I want to see, along with custom restaurants and stores that spread over several squares and that you can design in game.
  7. There are two ways out of this: make our own similar open source sprites (like what OpenTTD did), or get Simon Foster to release his artwork as open source.
  8. The devs are planning to enable adding on more sellable items, but that will have to wait for a new file format.
  9. Welcome! Hopefully we'll see you on GitHub soon!
  10. It's obviously inside the mountain in your secret mad scientist lair, duh!
  11. Did you check the box to advertise the server? If you open another window of OpenRCT2, are you able to see the server on the multiplayer list yourself?
  12. Yep, the only tool for building scenery in space already occupied by scenery (as opposed to building scenery on top of already existing scenery and rides, which you use the shift key for) is that disable clearance checks cheat.
  13. There's no mod- it's a cheat in the game, assuming you want the ability to build scenery in the same already occupied by other scenery. Go to options, click on the gear menu, and enable the cheat menu. Click and hold on the cheat menu and select disable clearance checks. This will allow you to build scenery anywhere without having to worry about clearance. Make sure to turn it off after you're done, as leaving it on all the time can lead to weird effects. If you just want to build scenery hanging in the air that does NOT occupy the space that other scenery is in, just hold down the shift key, adjust the height up or down, and build.
  14. Drowning reduces ratings as well.
  15. They used the original RCT2, of course. Before OpenRCT2, there were (are still are) lots of trainers available to help people with RCT2.