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  1. Also, download and open parks. Not only does it teach you about building rides and parks, it also is a great way to get lots of custom objects and scenery.
  2. Is it that shark?
  3. Perhaps you should give a clue or two, or just tell us what it is.
  4. There's also @birthdaybrian 's server, along with Man Of Teal and Mozar that have more then twenty members.
  5. Adding myself back to the queue since I'll be back here tomorrow. Claimed: @SpiffyJackQueue: @UTMAN, Cascadia, giraty, Tune, Jochem, WuisMissed: jensj12, TCE, YoloSweggLord, Redscope53, Broxzier
  6. A UNSC Spartan from Halo.
  7. The mods here can help you get access to your old account: @Krutonium @Broxzier
  8. What if they sue you?
  9. Clearly this is the ghosts' way of telling you to pay the tribe their royalties.
  10. I like your use of the leftover space on that hill, @giraty !
  11. While we wait for SpiffyJack to finish his turn, have some giant screenshots of the entire previous Group Parks:
  12. Nope, OpenRCT2: @Tune
  13. You should check out the New Element site, then.
  14. -Started work on the air terminal for the seaplane ride -Added a helicopter park tour and airship park tour, both to be finished and with invisible track later -Added more benches and bins to solve the park's littering and vomit problem -Expanded the path by Foxy's German area to fix overcrowding -Built a building and sheltered rest area for the food court there -Expanded the ride capability of Sif to handle more people, as well as adding queue line TVs to keep guests entertained while they wait Ideas for the air terminal design would be very nice. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.22.sv6 Claimed: -Queue: @SpiffyJack , giraty, RedScope53, YoloSweggLord, Tune, Broxzier, Jochem, UTMANMissed: jensj12, TCE, Cascadia
  15. Claimed: CascadiaQueue: SpiffyJack, giraty, RedScope53, YoloSweggLord, Tune, Broxzier, Jochem, UTMANMissed: jensj12, TCE Claiming to fix a few garbage issues, and also because this is my last chance to build for a while.