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  1. You can skip in front of me if you want.
  2. -Finished the plane tour of the entire park -Built a bicycle rental shop -Built some station buildings for some of the lake water rides in the park -Built some more food and drink stalls and shops in the park The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.46.sv6 Claimed: -Queue: @giraty, Wuis, CascadiaMissed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD, SpiffyJack, Jochem, YoloSweggLord, Broxzier @jensj12 @TCE @RedScope53 @Tune @BlazingEmpireHD @SpiffyJack @Jochem @YoloSweggLord @Broxzier It's time for a missed list park builder to finally take a turn!
  3. Claimed: CascadiaQueue: giraty, WuisMissed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD, SpiffyJack, Jochem, YoloSweggLord, Broxzier
  4. Maybe just have a "Add guests" button that leads to a window with all the options?
  5. And on the topic of alternate history: There was mass murder of butterflies committed, of course.
  6. It's interesting. You also learn from the past by seeing how things could have gone differently, and when a similar situation comes up in the future, you can try something else.
  7. Take another look- it's a Wikipedia clipping from an alternate universe. It was made for a thread on, where we debate how history could have gone differently.
  8. Question for @SpiffyJack out of curiosity: If you and your friend were Navy SEALs, shouldn't he hold a Navy rank instead of being a Colonel?
  9. Claimed: -Queue: @Wuis, Cascadia, giratyMissed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD, SpiffyJack, Jochem, YoloSweggLord, Broxzier @jensj12 @TCE. @RedScope53. @Tune @BlazingEmpireHD @SpiffyJack @Jochem @YoloSweggLord @Broxzier
  10. Look up the old answer.
  11. @SpiffyJack Also, I discovered that a lot of peeps are mad after getting off Dry Gulch Splash because it takes over six minutes. You should speed up the ride by either shortening it or speeding it up (via using the chainlift and ride type switch cheats to chain lift the entire ride and set the chain lift speed to something like 10 or 20 miles per hour on the ride).
  12. Broxzier Lake Park Where Fun Goes To Have Fun! TO: All Staff FROM: Kaine Broxzier, CEO of Broxzier Lake Park ( ) DATE: April 20, 2017 SUBJECT: Weekly Park News Update Dear Fellow Staff Members, Hope you had a good week! We'll start off this week's update with thanks to Wuis Dino, who bravely saved guests from falling from a broken Skyway station floor down into a path below! The floor has now been repaired so guests can board the now operational again Skyway trains. Thanks for your patience while our construction workers fixed the issue and the trains were not operational- we know that many of you use them to get to places in the park quicker! Another way that we're committed to guest safety is the fence that we have just completed on the shortcut path near Snake Pit. This will keep little kids and other guests from attempting to climb the supports of that ride, which is of course a danger. A speed issue with Chinese Treehouse has also been fixed. Remember, you can always report safety issues and suggestions for improvement at the employee suggestion boxes throughout the park or on our Intranet site Workweb at ! What are all the guests excited about and rushing to see? The new mini-airship tour of the park! Broxzier Lake Seaplane Airport has recently completed Phase Two of it's planned expansion with Airship Park Tour, with mini-airships now docking at Terminal B and taking guests on a tour of the park from very high up! This and the helicopter rides from Phase One have significantly increased foot traffic to the airport- we are studying a project to widen the path to the airport, as we expect that Phases Three (seaplane rides) and Four (allowing private and charter traffic to land) will increase foot traffic even more. In the meantime, please be aware of the traffic and the possibility of delays if you're using that path. Less heralded but also new is the Lake Ferry. With three boats (two in service, one in storage), this new transportation route will help guests get around faster to the Mayan-themed area. Remember to practice water safety if you're on or about this ride- see Workweb's resources on water safety by searching for keyword "water safety". Due to popular guest demand and many, many inquires from interested guests, we have reopened the SpiffyJack Wash Basin rides so guests can see the construction that is going on there! All staff who work in this area- remember to review the safety guide we provided you with so that both you and guests don't get hurt! The new paths connecting the cruise ship docks with Cascadia Complex and Flying Spaghetti Monster are now completed! When ships dock, we expect a much larger boost in traffic now that guests do not have to go around to Parkview Gate to get into the park. A small welcome center and food and drink stall has been built there pending new development in the area. We are soliciting staff suggestions for new rides here- remember to apply online on Workweb and not only get a chance to win prizes, but large monetary and other bonuses if your suggestions are chosen! As part of our continuing efforts to build more partnerships with outside companies and organizations, please give a warm Broxzier Lake Park welcome to Jez and Theresa's! Jez and Theresa's is a small, local upscale Pacific Northwest cuisine restaurant chain based right here in the Puget Sound area- they also own the Labervative Burger chain! This is their sixth branch and it looks like they are already doing good business- stop by and try their grilled salmon! Also new to the park is the Lost City Restaurant, which is park-operated. Right on top of the Mayan Space Program building, the Lost City Restaurant serves causal authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex food with a great view of the park. All employees are reminded to not interact with the anti-giraffe hunting protesters outside the park unless there is an emergency. They can and will twist anything you do or say to them, so stay away! We stand by our stance that giraffe hunting is an important and vital part of ensuring enough interest in giraffe conservation, and will continue our donations and fundraising efforts for the North American Giraffe Foundation, which promotes both giraffe and other game conservation, and gets both rural and urban youth into giraffe hunting as a way to get them away from gangs. The employee ticket program has been expanded! As before, immediate family of employees as well as employees and former employees with more then ten years of service get free entry, but now, employees and former employees with more then ten years of service will also get the ability to buy guest tickets for friends and extended family at half price! To prevent any mass reselling, employees are limited to four of these tickets open for entry into the park at any time. In addition, the employee must provide the name and a photo of the guest who will be using that ticket. Upon entry to the park, their name and ID will be checked against our records. If they do not match, they will be denied entry. If you have a family over, we recommend that you purchase a family ticket (on which you can put multiple names). Last but not least, we remind curious employees to stop snooping around the old Admin office building to see what is going on on the second floor. The rental agreement we signed with International Electromatics states clearly that they need and require utmost privacy for their research needs, and the agreement is also a major source of income for the park which helps to even out low ticket sales periods. Please follow the Golden Rule and give others the privacy you would give yourself. We hope that this newsletter kept you updated and entertained for a bit. If you have any suggestions or questions about this newsletter, email Susan Cutter at . Have a great rest of the week and weekend! Attachments: Scanned by Norton Total Corporate Security Antivirus- Verified Safe The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.43.sv6 Claimed: -Queue: @giraty, YoloSweggLord, Broxzier, Wuis, CascadiaMissed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpire, SpiffyJack @jensj12 @TCE @RedScope53 @Tune @BlazingEmpireHD @SpiffyJack @giraty Keep the two trains on the ride. I tried experimenting around with it, and just having one train means extralong wait times.
  13. Apologies- I copied the list from @giraty .
  14. For scenario makers who want a certain amount of guests in the park, this would be a great feature.