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  1. Great work, love the first pic. That was my sole purpose of adding the wide paths, makes stairs look a lot cleaner
  2. That seems like an awful lot of work when $10 could fix it, and gain you a lot of new content.
  3. Yes, you may, Leudimin. @Deurklink Whoops, must have miss clicked the waterfall The path, as I think its fitting, I left it for someone to fix. As for the disconnected path at the exit, idk how that happened, as I didn't change anything up on that part of the path.
  4. Whoops
  5. I'm not very good at making coasters, despite having played the hell out of RCT2 as a kid, but I actually made one that looks alright, and the stats are alright too Its still a WIP, and I haven't named it yet, but I present to you, a prehistoric ride. I know I went a tad large on my ride, but I figured the little peninsula wouldn't house much but a ride or two anyways, so I just filled it in. I've also done quite a bit of prettying the park up, and finished a layout for the monorail. This, of course, can be changed, but I tried to think of themeparks and how monorails flows through the park/ride areas etc, and tried to get the same view. I also added a dozen or so (maybe a few more than a dozen) of custom content objects. I didn't use a large portion of them, I just have quite a large folder of CC, and thought maybe I had things others didn't know existed, and 'offered' them to everyone. These of course, can be turned off if no-one wants to use them. If I went a little overboard on things, I'm sorry, just revert what you don't like Cleaned up the entrance a little bit, and also, forgive me if everyone dislikes it and gets mad at me, changed the entrance to a more realistic one(from the Disneyland bench.) Again, just revert what you think is bad. Added a bridge down the river. Fenced the crap out of the park. Added a lot of entertainers. I tried to make a diagonal path, but something went wrong and everyone got stuck... soooooo.. if anyone who knows how to make it work, feel free! The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.13.sv6 Claimed: Queue: @TCE, @Broxzier, giraty, SpiffyJack, Deurklink, Wuis, Cascadia, Leudimin, Darthyoda714, 1081p, saxman1089, Przemek, xbalogan, RedScope53Missed: Philmon11, Jensj12, jochem, (Tagged Broxzier for his judgement)
  6. Little update. Been doing some detailing, like fences, foliage, lamps etc. This fence is one of my fave, and of course you can colour/replace it to match your build.
  7. I really like that building, good job Claimed: RedScope53Queue: TCE, Broxzier, giraty, SpiffyJack, Deurklink, Wuis, Cascadia, Leudimin, Darthyoda714, 1081p, saxman1089, Przemek, xbaloganMissed: Philmon11, Jensj12, jochem,
  8. They're confused because of the corners in this path. Sadly, this game has some pretty stupid AI, thus, we must make sacrifices, efficiency > aesthetics.
  9. Sorry to be brash, but we shouldn't cut out content because some people don't have something thats been around for over a decade and is cheap. Life isn't always fair. Sorry for being rude, but thats my opinion. I agree with this, though, I seeing as people voted for it, I'm sure people will use it.
  10. Dude, the games been out since 2002, you can pick up the DLC on Steam for $10 and GOG for $10. SURELY by now you can afford it.
  11. LOL. You had me going and I was thinking WT... LOL...
  12. Love that. I much prefer the monorail going around the main park, but not thrown into the entrance areas (since the game doesn't detect the monorail as transport anyways) I've got a couple ideas to tweak it a bit (as most of you know I love doing 'transport' rides.) p.s. My internet has been out since 9/11 due to Irma, so I'm glad to be back Maybe I'll actually work on this group park (I didn't like the way GP6 was heading so I just watched from the sidelines) Claimed: BroxzierQueue: giraty, SpiffyJack, Deurklink, jensj12, cascadia, Leudimin, Darthyoda714, Jochem, xbalogan, saxman1089, Przemek, RedScope53Missed: Philmon11, Wuis
  13. No, all good. Theres some things I miss about Oldtube. However, I use Enhancer for Youtube, so mine is completely customized anyways.
  14. As I know a couple of you, maybe more, are also from Florida, I just wanted to say stay safe. We're in for a helluva time, no matter where she hits. I'm right down on the SW tip, so I'll be getting it bad even if she only hits the east coast directly. Prepare, stay safe, stay smart, and good luck everyone.
  15. Sounds to me like a major software issue. I'd launch into safemode and dig around, do a restore (not a reset!) and trouble shoot more on larger platforms, such as Tomshardware. Reddit is a good place too.