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  1. I've recently seen the player count above 70. It honestly depends of the time of day you're on. I'd say, > 50-70 would be around 4:30pm-10:00pm. Other times, it'll be lower. You really don't need to worry.
  2. Scenarios 67, 68 & 69 are out! Get them here: 67 - Tepiko Tundra (Redone) - Hard, 3,100 guests by the end of year 4.68 - Otega Park - Easy, 1,100 guests by the end of year 3.69 - Vampire Woods - Medium, 1,700 guests by year 3. Enjoy!
  3.'s called being busy? People can't be on OpenRCT2 24/7 ya know. Or at least I hope. Never fear, the community is alive and well!
  4. Jesus almighty lord...let's calm down a bit guys! Though, I kinda have to agree with these two above...
  5. That'll be a neat topic. I miss the one of the old options in rct1 that allowed you to pick the length, rating and that business on your goal. Say, 'have x coaster length with a rating of 8.0' I could be wrong, as I've not played rct1 in years, but that would be a nice feature. As well as other custom objectives yet to be seen.
  6. I can only bid you good luck. So....good luck! ;)
  7. At first glance, this is really well made. Probably even better than what I've produced. I like the buildings and the boat particularly, they're pretty well done. The bridge is awesome. Though I haven't taken a close look inside the game, I already can tell you have a good talent at making scenarios. Why not make more?
  8. Hello, and welcome to the site! To answer your question, you can simply do this by going into the editor for creating scenarios. Once you've selected all land/tiles and done what is needed to get to the fifth stage, the scenario 'saver' if you will, you can change the goal depending on what you've selected. If you are curious, the chain goes like this, or at least by how i recognize and use it each day. Stage 1: Object Selection - All objects you want in the scenario Stage 2: Land Editing and Scenery - Editing land and adding scenery for the scenario Stage 3: Inventory Options - Where objects selected, roller coasters, thrill, food, etc comes inventorized later in the game. Stage 4: Scenario Options - Changing what each guest can come in with, as well as many more options to make your scenario easier or harder. Stage 5: Scenario Saver - Naming the scenario, picking a goal, and saving the scenario. You'll have to use both stage 4 and 5 I believe to change the scenario's goal (You must have OpenRCT2, which I assume you do). It's really simple to do so.I believe you can also change the goal in game. I'm glad you're enjoying the game, and I'd love to see you begin giving us quality work! I hope I've helped!
  9. I have yet to try these out. As you know, I'm a scenario maker, so this will be helpful. Also, did I mention this is so freaking cool!? If I can figure out how to use it correctly, I'ma bout to produce some awesome stuff. Is there any place where I'd place a greyscale(?) image? Also, @Broxzier that last image kind of looks like your avatar. Oh wait....
  10. Hello mate and welcome to the site! If ya have questions, do let us know! Enjoy the site.
  11. Good lord. That's a lot more than I thought! That sounds mundo promising! Good luck, I'll be there to help!
  12. Oh my, you FINALLY joined! Welcome to the site mate! I'd critique your work, but you already know how I feel. I am mundo excited to see what you can produce with a little less limitation; because this, my friend, is far from average. Once again, welcome! Happy to see ya here! If you have questions, do ask us! Enjoy.
  13. Yeah, I guess. It may be messy, but it'd be helpful!
  14. I'd personally love this feature. I wish there was a way to get the exact amount of guests you want. Say, some kind of feature like 400 guests + add 37 = 437. Or, I want 2,313 guests, click a button, boom! 2,313 guests. As well as a feature to add a big group, say 700, versus a tiny group of 50. Small Group - Medium Group - Big Group - Very Big Group 50-100 150-250 300-500 700-1000. I have a feeling some sort of feature like this will be added, so I am hopeful.
  15. That's a neat little logo I've never seen before! Huh.