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  1. While I think this is a cool idea, I doubt we'll see this as this sounds very hard to come to fruition. I mean that it'd be hard to implement, and a bunch would have to change. You should give the devs a break. I do not know how they can update a game multiple times a day....jeez.
  2. Thanks again! I'll try to get this all working again.
  3. I might be blind, but where do I get that at?
  4. I think so? I click the shortcut, and the game starts. lol, that's all I know.
  5. Thank you both! I'd try out these ideas, but OpenRCT2 won't run for me. I doubt it's a game glitch, but I've tried at least ten times to get past the first loading screen (white box in black box) and it just freezes and does not respond. It may or may not be my computer, so, I'm not going to worry about it.
  6. Question: If I find greyscale images to make a scenario out of it, where would I put the image? Or, is there something else I can do?
  7. For many of you probably know, I am a scenario creator for RCT2, and I've noticed that there is very little in the way of retro RCt1-styled scenario packs. The only person I can recall doing one is maian_sos. Other than that, there's been no luck. The past couple uploads of my scenarios, I tried to give a new fresh twist and make some RCT1 styled scenarios, and I fear I've done a great job. Now, I am thinking that I may or may not do a retro scenario pack of 15-30 scenarios and upload them all for you here, or possibly have them in-game when OpenRCT2 decides to replace the campaigns with user created versions. I was wondering if you think it would be a good idea to start a retro scenario pack. If I do end up doing this, I am very willing to take suggestions, and I may even do a format where only certain rides are available for the first X amount of scenarios, and then progressively add new things in. (Like RCT1 did, and RCT2 did not). Collaborations and ideas are always welcome if you should decide to participate with me. If I even make the choice to start a retro-pack, it could possibly ascend into more retro packs, say like RCT1 vanilla, then Wacky Worlds(?) and of course Corkscrew Follies. There are a lot of possibilities if you think I should give it a try. In fact, I am going to go ahead and do a poll. As always, give me your ideas, questions, comments or anything of that nature to me should you have something to be answered, and if you'd like to participate, PM me! Thanks, -BlazingEmpireHD
  8. I agree with this guy ^ Pointless post. Could just tell us on OpenRCT2 or some biz.
  9. Not his first screen with castle objects, @Broxzier. If he uses the objects from the latter screen, it should be no problemo for me to download.
  10. Scenario 76, 77, and 78 are now up for downloads! Come and get them! 76 - Sizzling Sands - Hard, 10 coasters with a length of 7,218ft and a rating of at least 7.0.77 - Izioxzic Worlds - Medium, 1,700 guests by the end of year 3. 78 - Rosatina Vinyards - Easy, 900 guests by the end of year 2.Enjoy!
  11. I believe those castle blocks are from the expansions, which I do not have, @SpiffyJack. Oh well, still, great work!
  12. From all the screens, I can certainly say this is good work. I unfortunately cannot download this park because of all the WW+TT objects. Anyways, I'd love to see more from you! I'm rather impressed as a scenario creator myself. Keep it up!
  13. What a beautiful idea! I am loving where this is going! It's only too bad it uses TT+WW packs. Keep it going, I am excited to see where this goes!
  14. That's my fault, @cascadia, I did not click the link There are a lot more parks that are open year round than I suspected. I assumed there was not too many, because all around where I live close at some point during the year. I also noticed that most of these queued in that list are in hot places, no? I still see no need for the extra months to be placed in game. At least, if it were, have the option for 8 months (for realism sake) or 12 months.
  15. That is the one park/chain I figured probably would be after I posted. Eh....but my point still stands!