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  1. RCT1 Styled Scenario Super Pack

    Hey there, lads! It's been quite a long time since I have been on this site and have actively engaged in it. You'd know me for my vast collection of scenarios (112, at this current time). As of late, I've started what I am calling a "super pack" of RCT1 styled scenarios. 25? No. 50? Nope. How many, you ask? Maybe a bit of a lofty goal, but anywhere from 125-150 or possibly even more. I guess after which, I'd truly become the scenario master (creator with the most), but it is not my goal to be the best. All I do this for is so that those who are looking for more that RCT2 simply did not allocate for, or those who have completed the RCT1 scenarios and want more...well, you're in luck. On top of the 99 scenarios that I've made for pure fun with no real "style" or "rhyme," this RCT1 super-pack if it makes its goal will be a huge...DLC of sorts. Like with every scenario of mine, they are made by me. They are also free to use. They're to be played on, tinkered with, tampered with and just to help you get back into fun scenarios! Yes, I do not mind if you would like to record these scenarios (any of the ones I've made), but keep your edits to yourself. Please do not reupload them without at least contacting me first. Anyways, disregard all the ramblings. Here's the list of the thirteen RCT1 styled scenarios you'll find! *Fair note, this thread won't be updated like my past thread (the one that hosts the images to the first 99-non RCT1 styled scenarios) whereas each update is added, but also edited into the original post. Instead of just an overview, the screens shown will show two or more bits of the park (one usually being the slightly tampered 'add the name of the park in a funky font' screen). Each will show the objective/difficulty, a little bit about the backround, and of course, the caption. Scenario 01 - Frontier Forest Objective: 300 guests by the end of year one. Backround: Your typical, easy beginner scenario! Caption: "A place in a forest has been claimed by you. Now it is your job to build a theme park on it." Link: Scenario 02 - Dynamite Desert Objective: 700 guests by the end of year 2. Backround: Very similar to RCT1's Dynamite Dunes, however, from scratch and more rides. Caption: "This hot and dry desert has a small theme park situated on the vast dunes which lie here. You have inherited this theme park and must gather more tourists Link: Scenario 03 - Landry Lake Objective: 1,000 guests by the end of year 3. Backround: A lot like Leafy Lake, but also a lot like Chamber Lake, which was my very first released scenario. Caption: "This large lake surrounded by lush foliage is now yours to build a thriving theme park on." Link: Scenario 04 - Mammoth Inlet Objective: 800 guests by the end of year 2. Backround: In many ways like Trinity Islands, which ironically, was my favourite RCT1 scenario from the original game. However, this in particular is far more similar to that of Mammoth Shores, my fifth scenario, which in turn was inspired by another scenario. 'Mermaid Island' I believe it was called. Caption: "This quaint inlet amassed in the array of waves is now the beginnings of a theme park." Link: Scenario 05 - Jasper Heights Objective: 275,000 in park value by the end of year 3. Backround: The basis behind this is nearly a carbon copy of Diamond Heights. I always wondered what would happen if there were more in a supposed chain of parks similar to that of Diamond Heights. Amethyst Heights (one of the non-RCT1 style) is a part of this 'supposed' group. Jasper Heights is similar in a lot of ways, but different. Caption: "An already thriving theme park has plenty of room for expansion" Link: Scenario 06 - Evergreen Farms Objective: 1,000 guests by the end of year 4. Backround: Sharing the very same goal of yet another favourite of mine, Evergreen Farms is very beautiful of sorts like Evergreen Gardens is, but different and more farm-like. Maybe with a little bit of Fruit Farm thrown in. (The train) Caption: "This large farm is now the home of a small park that is looking for many tourists." Link: Scenario 07 - Piddly Ponds Objective: 800 guests by the end of year 2. Backround: Taking inspiration from Hydro Hills, this relatively small scenario is ideally the first-ish scenario not directly based off of another park. Caption: "This vast landscape is shrouded in small ponds. Your job is to situate a small theme park on limited space." Link: Scenario 08 - Funville Plains Objective: 1,100 guests by the end of year 3. Backround: Taking direct inspiration from Funtopia, this scenario is nothing really more than that, except re-imagined from scratch and easier. Caption: "Split between two large highways is a theme park which you've been given. Now it is yours to attract more tourists." Link: Scenario 09 - Sandy Springs Objective: 900 guests by the end of year 3. Backround: Not too much of an inspiration from any RCT1 scenario. Sandy Springs is a smaller park of the first several scenarios. The second all-sand scenario. Caption: "This select spot in sandy masses near a spring is the place for a new theme park." Link: Scenario 10 - Mystic Meadows Objective: 180,000 in park value by the end of year 2. Backround: Taking a good bit of inspiration from Skylander Katfish's 'Fantastic Forests,' Mystic Meadows shares a similar wooden roller coaster, but the goal and motive is entirely different. Props, Skylander! Caption: "This park with two fantastic roller coasters needs your help to garner a better park value." Link: Scenario 11 - Wintergreen Warren Objective: 500 guests at any time with the rating above 700 at all times Backround: This is an interesting one as unlike RCT1's original pack, the first, easiest tier never came with a snowy type scenario and it isn't until Loopy Landscapes do we find the 'no money - keep above 700' scenarios. Introduced far earlier, but far easier than Arid Heights. Caption: "This vast expanse of snowy plains as far as the eye can see is now yours to build a theme park on with money to no avail." Link: Scenario 12 - Katelyn's World Objective: 1,100 guests by the end of year 4. Backround: Exactly what it sounds like. Heavily inspired by Katie's World from RCT1 which was itself inspired by Lightwater Valley. Caption: "This growing theme park has been sold to you and has room for expansion." Link: Scenario 13 - Cottonmouth Gorge Objective: 800 guests at any time with the rating not dropping below 700. Backround: Aptly named similar to 'Cottonmouth Gultch,' one of the non-RCT1 styled scenarios I made is similar to said scenario, but quite different. This one doesn't start out with rides in the park, and this one has a much more hilly. Caption: "A large valley with a river running through it is now yours to start a theme park on with money of no option." Link: That is the first thirteen scenarios of this large and quickly growing super-pack of RCT1 styled scenarios! I hope you try each one out! Let me know what you think of any scenario, or any questions or critiques you have. Enjoy! May this potentially mark my return to OpenRCT's forums!
  2. Just a bypasser, hi.

    Welcome to the site, @GutsAndGlory! If you have questions, we'll be sure to ask! Enjoy the site!
  3. Hiring Entertainers

    Yeah, I'd take this to Github. Probably the best option. Good luck!
  4. Hiring Entertainers

    That's odd. I have no issues here with hiring staff. How many staff do you have in game, if at all? You could possibly have breached the limit, thus making a hire impossible. Whatever the case, Github can help you out a lot more than I can.
  5. Im back.

    Welcome back!
  6. A-ok

    It might be a tad helpful to also add a couple screens so we can take a preliminary prognosis before we download. It'll help everyone out.
  7. Screenshot Location? /New Member

    I have the same folder setup as Deurk. I abuse the CTRL+S keys a lot nowadays, and a lot of the time, I have missclicks and the game does not register that I have taken a screen. It only pops up the staff menu (I guess because the staff menu is keybinded to S). That could be one factor. Hmmm. Maybe your keybinding is not working? I hope you get this fixed. Because we all know keybinding everything saves just a couple milliseconds.
  8. CCC 3

    Wow. This is a cleverly confusing thread! This is the type of thing I would always expect to see, but never actually see it happen, so when it does, it is quite unexpected. I am surely going to sit back and glance on this every once in awhile. Pretty great idea, if ya ask me!
  9. RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic

    Er.. @MelvinGotze, if I am hearing correctly, RCTC on non-tablet/smartphone is not worth it. I have it on my iPad and it is worth every single penny, but if it is the same exact game for other devices, it is not. Simply because whatever RCTC does, OpenRCT2 does better. Stick with OpenRCT2. That's what I am doing, haha. (I won't complain about smartphone/tablet devices because, like I said, it is worth every penny).
  10. 90 Custom Scenarios of mine!

    I am glad you like the lunar style scenarios, at least! They are really out of this world! I'll see myself out. I am not sorry. Anyways, more scenarios coming out real soon! Stay tuned!
  11. 90 Custom Scenarios of mine!

    @jensj12, you would actually be surprised. Most of that scenario's landscape was auto generated, but I did do a lot of work to it. Thank you, I will keep that in mind. @Nightshade, thanks! You might be one of the only ones who likes the 'lunar' style scenarios because downloads on RCTgo show otherwise.
  12. 90 Custom Scenarios of mine!

    It has not been too long, has it? Not that I can tell! Three more scenarios are free for the taking! Here is a link: 87 - Hydro Hummock - Medium, 9,000 in ride tickets at any time.88 - Crumbly Creek - Hard, repay loan and achieve a park value of 333,000 (edited).90 - Hushberry Harbour - Medium, 1,400 guests by the end of year 4(?). Another quick update, haha! 9 scenarios until something special! Stay tuned!
  13. 90 Custom Scenarios of mine!

    It has been far too long since I posted anything. Hey, why not make up for it with five new scenarios?! Only twelve to 100! Click this link to find my RCTgo page, where you can find all 88 scenarios (and more that are coming) as well as other neat trinkets I have made: Here goes! 83- Meadowvale - Medium, 700 guests by the end of year three, with no tree removal.84 - Sinclaire Coteau - Easy, 1,300 guests by the end of year 4.85 - Hathaway Hollow - Medium, 1,200 guests by the end of year four with limited space.86 - Oxbrow Lake Park - Medium, 360,000 park value by the end of year 3.87 - Velderaven Cascades - Hard, finish building 5 coasters with an excitement rating of at least 7.50. Did you know: November 1st, 2015 was my first scenario posted? Who knew! That is my post for now! Fear not, as I am trying to maintain some activity! Plus, more scenarios are quickly making their way out! As ever, I hope you enjoy these scenarios as much as I love sending them out to you all! I am always open to suggestions, comments, critiques, and other things of that nature. Thanks for the likes and downloads! Stay tuned!
  14. 90 Custom Scenarios of mine!

    @chespy, no, thank you! @CharlieP, he is absolutely right! I do not mind what changes you make to these scenarios, as long as you do not brand them as your own. Enjoy them! Speaking of scenarios.....since I am going to camp for two weeks, let's update this thread with four new scenarios! With a new format too! Here is a link to the download page where you can get these four scenarios, as well as the many more available: 79 - Mephitic Marsh - Medium, 1,500 guests by the end of year 3. 80 - Galapagos Isle - Medium, 350k park value by the end of year 3.81 - Fahrenheit Frolics - Hard, 3,400 guests at any time with the rating above 700.82 - Snakehead Shores - Medium, 10 different coasters with excitement rating of at least 6.0 If you have questions, comments, suggestions, etc, do not be afraid to ask me! As always, I do hope you enjoy these cunningly crafted scenarios! More to come soon!
  15. OpenRCT2 0.1.0 title sequence is up for download

    It's been quite a few weeks since my last post - family issues. So, I'll bridge the gap with my thoughts. I've actually enjoyed this title screen (I've not seen the entire thing yet; so, I'll likely edit this later). It's nice to see some change every once in a while for title screens. I'm not sure if you could retake title sequences (as I have never tinkered with them) and make the change from slide to slide faster. I personally prefer a quicker paced title sequence whereas it shows a particular instance 1-whatever times for like three seconds, as if to see a fast coaster enter the screen and leave, and then switch to a different image. Likewise goes for slower rides, by winding slowly for a very short period of time. It's just a little nitpick of my own account. Other than that, I quite like the your work! That gives me an idea. It would be a sweet feature to be able to save/have available the title sequences from the past. So, for those who sometimes get sick at looking at the same thing over and over, be able to switch out the sequences or make their own. Just a mini feature to make the whole game more appealing to the OCD-ic type.