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  1. You can reduce the autosave frequency or turn autosaving off altogether in the options window. Yes, use the object selection from the debug menu. Yes it was - ParkDat does this.
  2. Yes, this sounds like a bug. Those pieces definitely should not be available on this ride. Ordinarily, you can work around track piece restrictions using arbitrary ride type changes, but that does not seem to work here. I doubt the ride would actually complete a circuit without crashing if you did this. It is probably possible to put the pieces on the ride somehow but I don't think you'll make it work. If you want an elevator lift, use normal vertical track pieces with a chain lift. The rafts will tilt up as they climb them (though not at a vertical angle, because they don't have the sprites for that), but it's the closest you'll get if you want it to function.
  3. 5G is high but still reasonable. It can cause people to pass out (this happens occasionally), but it will not kill people. However, that ride is way too undersupported for it's size. Also, that's a few too many twists on the way down, I'd stick to one.
  4. This is a feature of vanilla and hence of OpenRCT2. It can be turned on and off via the "Landscape Smoothing" option in the paint tab of the options window.
  5. There's no need to rebuild the game, just g2.dat. OpenRCT2 can handle conversion to the appropriate palette so you just need to make sure the image is the correct size.
  6. If your park is compatible with vanilla RCT2, it should be compatible with RCTC. I don't know how launch pieces are handled - they will not work in vanilla RCT2, but RCTC has them and I think OpenRCT2 implements them the same way, so they might work (I can't confirm this though).
  7. That is the correct folder The directory you should select is "RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack" not "Data".
  8. Could you please quote the actual error message? Even though in this case I know you mean g1.dat, it isn't very helpful if you don't tell us what the error actually says. This error means the directory you selected was not the right one. The correct directory to select is the one that contains the rct2.exe executable, usually called "RollerCoaster Tycoon 2". Inside that directory there should be a subdirectory called "Data" and inside that should be g1.dat. A common mistake is trying to select the installer executable or the OpenRCT2 folder.
  9. Yes, it affects the ratings, because the ratings are calculated differently for different ride types, and you are changing the ride type (not just the track type, as it's not possible to set that separately). All that cheat does is set one byte in the ride structure (here's the implementation) If you're changing a tracked ride to a flat ride type, I wouldn't expect sane rating calculations - flat rides are really an awkward hack in RCT2, implemented as a special case of tracked rides with almost entirely hardcoded behaviour. Most flat rides have very little you can customize, so the rating calculation is very simple. As far as I can tell, the only thing that will affect the ratings of a crooked house is the vehicle type and (strangely enough) the air time. This is all in ride_ratings.c if you want the details.
  10. If the vehicle you're using doesn't already enable those pieces, yes (or check "select rides by track type" which disables all vehicle specific restrictions).
  11. It changes the ride type. That's literally all it does. Anything that is different for different rides will be changed, but the most prominent thing is the track style and that's what most people use this cheat for. Another use of it is as a workaround for the lack of a "disable track piece restrictions" cheat - for example, if you want to build inversions on the vertical drop coaster, you can change the ride type to twister, build the element, and then switch back to the vertical drop coaster. The reason crooked house makes the track invisible is because it's a flat ride and doesn't have any track sprites. In OpenRCT2, you can build any track piece on any ride but that doesn't mean there's sprites for all of them - any track pieces not included will be made invisible (in vanilla, it was a bit different, most uses of missing track pieces would crash the game and crooked house was an exception). Yes it is. With OpenRCT2 we can see exactly what these hacks do.
  12. Several people have already mentioned that you have to disable clearance checks to place the table on the path. But to make a table peeps can sit at, you also need to place benches on the path - and the benches don't show if the path is connected to other path. So to place a table in the middle of a larger area of path, you should go into the tile inspector and uncheck the connections on the edges, but not on the diagonals. This way, peeps can still access the tile but the benches will appear. Note that this confuses the hell out of the guests, and you may have to break additional links to prevent them endlessly walking in circles.
  13. As @imlegos said, you have to enable "Allow arbitrary ride type changes" in the cheat menu for that command to work. It wasn't that way before, and I don't know why it was changed.
  14. I would start by downloading the Xtreme97 workbench if you want a decent selection of scenery.
  15. There's over 12000 objects in NE's database, not all of which are used in any park on NE, and I know of some objects that aren't included in that. So yes, there's plenty of CS you're unlikely to get by downloading parks alone, but unfortunately, there really isn't an easy way of finding what you're looking for.