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  1. um

    That's because nobody uses it. It exists, but it's just the desktop version compiled for Android - it still has the same UI which is very hard to use without a mouse. I'm not aware of anyone actually playing it - all I've seen of it is from the developers who ported it. Also, why do you split your replies into three consecutive posts?
  2. OpenRCT2 sometimes crashes my computer too, but even after several occurrences I have no idea why, nor can I reliably reproduce it. Usually it happens if the game has been left idling on another tab for a while.
  3. um

    Because he might be away from his desktop? Not really true - OpenRCT2 does work on mobile, it's just that nobody plays it on mobile because it's very hard to use without a mouse. The mobile port of vanilla RCT2 (RCTC) is very popular though (it has a redesigned interface that's better for touchscreens). Why not just make one now? It only takes 5 minutes. Having all the bug reports in one place makes them easier to keep track of.
  4. OP should export the park - that way the user doesn't have to manually install the objects.
  5. How would that be any better than the existing cut away view?
  6. Well, I just tested it, and I do see them (this is on the latest develop binary build, not my fork with all the extra track pieces). It was merged some time ago so it should be in stable as well - is your game up to date? To be clear, I am referring to track sprites - the cars still lack appropriate sprites for inversions, and probably will do until such time as we have replacement graphics. That's why they're not shown in the ride construction window. But it doesn't make sense not to add them in at all for that reason, since people will merge them in anyway, and people who don't hack will never see the extra pieces.
  7. As far as I'm aware, you can't. OpenRCT2 doesn't save cheats when you exit, so you'll need to enable them each time you start the game.
  8. In the top right corner of the object selection there's a button marked "filter". If you click it, you'll get a dropdown menu - ensure that "Custom" is checked. If it isn't, custom objects won't appear in the object selection window. If the object is showing as selected in the object selection but still doesn't appear in the scenery window, check the inventions list. If you already have a lot of custom items selected and they're all in the miscellaneous tab, it may be that you've hit the limit on how many objects can be displayed in one tab (I'm not sure what that is, but I'm pretty sure there is one).
  9. In OpenRCT2 it does. So there's no need for a track merge here - just change the ride type to twister, build the corkscrew, then change it back. (It'd be nice if we had a "show all track pieces" cheat to avoid the need to do this, but we don't). This is quicker, doesn't consume an extra ride slot, and doesn't interfere with the block system. But, if you want to know how to do a track merge anyway (as it is often necessary), you first build the two tracks you want to join. Then, you select the piece behind the joint, and build forward with the same track piece as the next section of track, so that the two track pieces overlap. I have a video of this process here. You will need to do something a bit different if you want block sections - see here for details.
  10. I don't think this could ever work (it is certainly not possible unless we get a new object format). The developers want to keep the ability to use vanilla assets, so even if we introduced replacement sprites I doubt they would want to add extra view angles, as the vanilla graphics don't have the sprites for them. I'm not sure what this means. It sounds similar to the cut away view?
  11. I decided to muck around with my track renderer a bit: It's a bit of a mess, because I just took the RMC track and swapped the model without adjusting any of the other parameters. I have not yet found out where you can adjust the elevation of the track above the station platform, which would be needed to do this properly. Nonetheless, it's an interesting experiment.
  12. This cannot be done without a new save format. Loading saved tracks is not supported in multiplayer, so there's not much point having a moderation setting for it.
  13. That's not quite how it works - a park is either paid admission or paid rides. If it's paid admission, you can't charge for rides, even if the entrance price is set to "free". If you want to make the park into a pay-per-ride park, type "set pay_for_rides 1" into the console. If you want to charge for both admission and rides, you can use the "Unlock all prices" cheat from park tab of the cheat window. It's not a bug, it's expected behaviour. The status of cheats is not saved in the save file, because the SV6 format has no support for saving cheats because vanilla doesn't have any cheats. The cause of this confusion seems to be that OpenRCT2 enables "unlock all prices" automatically upon loading an SV4 file, so people don't realize the cheat is turned on and/or that it isn't part of the save file. But if you save that park as SV6 and reload it, the game has no way to tell that it was originally an RCT1 park, so you must enable the cheat manually if it isn't already on. If you do not intend to charge an entrance fee, it would be better to switch the park to a pay-per-ride park because then you don't need to have the cheat turned on.
  14. Uh... what's the point of this post? Are you asking how to use it or just telling everyone that it exists?
  15. Good catch, I never noticed that.