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  1. Installing expansion packs will only fix the problem if it's expansion objects that are missing. I imagine most people asking this question will not know where the objects are from (you can search this on NE though).
  2. Compact Coaster Contest

    There are no researchable track pieces in RCT2. The launched lift hill should be available from the special pieces menu whenever you build a twister coaster. You need to be building an upward slope to select it.
  3. Group Park 7

    Yeah, this doesn't sound like a bug - it's just impossible to judge depth in this projection. The scenery object can look like it's in the right place and not be. Sometimes I actually place markers on the ground level to mark out where specific support pieces are located, so that others can be positioned next to them. Frequently rotating the viewport when building tricky scenery is pretty much the only solution. And if building lots of pieces at the same height, always use CTRL and not shift. Once you constrain your building to a single plane, this problem disappears (as long as you get your first piece in the right place, of course).
  4. Group Park 7

    By "view to the left" do you mean rotating the view? As in, the object appears to be in the right place from one perspective? Since RCT2 is in an orthographic projection, it's impossible to judge depth from a single angle - so it's very easy to misplace scenery when you build from one viewpoint only, and only notice when you rotate the view. I find this happens a lot when building supports.
  5. Trying out the new track pieces

    I extracted the RCT1 sprites and put them into an RCT2 object file. The process is fairly straightforward, if tedious. The sprites are in the same format, but the RCT1 sprites are in a different order and must be manually reordered to match what RCT2 expects (you could probably automate this process, but it's not really worth it). @Gymnasiast sent me video of the actual RCT1 trains so I could adjust the spacing and friction to match. The awkward thing is that RCT2 expects 32 angles of the train, whereas RCT1 only provides 16. I worked around this problem by simply doubling up on the RCT1 sprites, but it does result in some minor visual issues on turns. I am hoping that if a new object format is implemented, it will fix this because I think @Gymnasiast mentioned better support for RCT1 sprites as a possibility. I also did the RCT1 ladybird trains but they weren't used on this ride.
  6. OpenRCT/RCT newbie questions

    The launcher is a separate program - the main advantage to using it is that it will keep the game updated automatically. If you don't use the launcher, you can set the game path in the config file. Not sure what's going on with your track files.
  7. Group Park 7

    If you don't want to pollute your object folder with those awful objects, but still want to view the park, you can use ParkDat to substitute the expansion object with something else. Since most coasters from the expansion packs are just shitty reskins of existing rides, there's usually a convenient substitute available. I'm not sure how well this works for scenery; it'll probably glitch but it should allow the park to open. In fact, since expansion objects won't export, it's entirely possible to edit the park without having the object. You'd need to swap the object to open it, but you can then swap it back afterward because the file doesn't have to contain the actual object (I don't think ParkDat will do this though, you'd have to do it manually).
  8. RCTC uses different file extensions and different save formats in many cases, so it's possible that the file is called something else and/or is located in a different directory (I don't have RCTC so I don't know if that's the case here). As I understand it, OpenRCT2 should be able to load assets from RCTC but not scenarios. It's the other way around, RCTC is an RCT2 port with some of the maps from RCT1. It doesn't contain RCT1 assets nor any RCT1 features except for the boosters (which are also implemented in OpenRCT2).
  9. Undeletable track designs

    I think those track designs are from RCT1. If you have RCT1 installed that might explain it.
  10. CCC 3

    The game considers the cars as one train so it sums up the forces on each car as if they were still connected. If you have half the train on a downward slope and half on an upward slope, the net acceleration is zero. It is of course stupidly unrealistic to use it in that way - normally, you only split off one car so that the effect on the physics is as small as possible, and you use that extra car to speed up and slow down the real one when you need to. It's useful if you want brakes/launches/station platforms on diagonal or sloped track, and you can get a triple launch this way as well (though I think you can do that much more easily with boosters now).
  11. Miniature Train Hack

    That, then, is why it works. Track pieces of different types cannot merge.
  12. Dueling Coasters

    If you want the trains to actually sync at the top of lift, that's going to be a bit awkward. You can't do this with two seperate tracks, you can only do it if you have one continuous track set up as a Mobius loop. You then need to have one train wait in the block at the top of the lift, with another block just at the rear so that both blocks are occupied by the one train. As soon as the first train moves off the top of the lift, it will clear the previous block and that allows the other train to move. You can get trains to sync at any point in the layout this way - the prebuilt "Great White Wail" has trains synchronized in the loops. But, to put a block midway down a lift is awkward - the only piece that counts as a block is the top piece, so you would have a bump in your lift. You could alternatively have a flat section with brakes at the top, which you may get away with on some layouts but otherwise looks awkward. What I do is sync the trains with brakes at the bottom of the lift - if the lift hill speeds are set the same (which they have to be if it's only one track), then they will still be synced at the top - but only if they don't have to wait there. If you want them to wait at the top and yet remain synced after, and don't want to put up with an awkwardly shaped lift, I can't think of any solution (other than a shoestring which is massive overkill for something like this).
  13. Group Park 6

    What @Broxzier said is correct, you can't make an unpowered vehicle powered. But I believe that @Spacek found that the mini helicopter trains contain an invisible powered car. You could add that powered car to your coaster train, and it wouldn't look any different because the additional car is invisible (you might have to make sure the powered car is at the front of the train for this to work - I have not tried it yet so YMMV)
  14. The RCT2 Object .DAT Database Website... AWOL...

    The RCT2 object database went offline sometime last year. Given the low traffic to the site and the large size of their collection I doubt anybody but the creator has a complete archive of the contents.
  15. Trying out the new track pieces

    The pieces have definitely not been removed - I just updated to the latest develop and I can still load this park. You do now need the arbitrary ride type cheat to build with them, whereas you didn't when I built this, but they're still there. I assume this was changed because the default trains don't have appropriate sprites.