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  1. OpenRCT crashing when opening menu's/clicking rides.

    Happens to me too on win 10 running v.0.1.2-develop build 3ea6a3e
  2. Let's Calm

    I have a strong suspicion no one's going to listen to this song but lot's of people are gonna start posting songs here again
  3. Harsh Noise Music

    Probably the last one, I've got a new album out through Harsh Noise Movement. Feel free to check it out
  4. Harsh Noise Music

    A label picked up my demo!
  5. Harsh Noise Music

    Also now available on youtube
  6. Harsh Noise Music

    Shalom. So I've been making a lot of harsh noise lately and was hoping it'd be alright to promote it here if anyone is interested. I really appreciate feedback and every listen, even if you don't like it. Actually, I kinda expect most people to not like it, but it's there for those who do Bandcamp: SoundCloud: Spotify:
  7. Are diagonal brakes possible?

    what's shoestring
  8. Are diagonal brakes possible?

    Like diagonal pieces are so impractical it's ridiculous. So could diagonal brakes be done, not even changing the graphics, just have them slow down the trains
  9. If one entrance on a racing coaster is marginally better, guests flock to that one

    But they're adjacent
  10. In droves as seen here. Is there anything that can be done about it?
  11. Items stay waiting to be invented

    Version 0.0.7 current build b21378b For some reason, when i added objects to my game, a bunch of stuff got moved from the "Invented at the start of the game" to "Will be invented later" category. When I attempt to move them up, they appear in the the former category but then nothing happens, opening the invention list again shows that it is still in the latter category.
  12. Wuis' Micro Park 2.0

  13. Wuis' Micro Park 2.0

  14. Let's Calm

    So I made a few industrial noise songs and looking for feedback (geddit?), please not from the people who've already talked to me about it. Here they are in the order i recommend:
  15. RCT1 Wooden Banking

    In RCT, the standard wooden coasters had only 22.5 degree banking which in many people's opinions, looked much better for level banked curves. If there was someway to have an option to choose between 22.5 and 45 degree banking on wooden coasters (since 45 looks better on non-level banked curves) that would be stellar. I have zero clue how possible this is