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  1. Claimed: - Queue: @Broxzier, Wuis, Cascadia, giraty Missed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpire, SpiffyJack, Jochem, YoloSweggLord I don't have time, so moving myself to the missed turn list.
  2. Claimed: - Queue: @Broxzier, Wuis, Cascadia, giraty, YoloSweggLord Missed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD, Jochem, SpiffyJack I didn't have much time to work on it, but I changed the launch on Harbinger to booster track and started construction on a pre-launch building for the coaster. The coaster shouldn't have operating problems now, but I'm not entirely sure how booster tracks are/aren't affected by breakdowns, so I'll need to test that when I have some more time. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.40.sv6
  3. I have some time finally, so claiming! Claimed: YoloSweggLord Queue: Broxzier, SpiffyJack, Wuis, Cascadia, giraty Missed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD, Jochem
  4. The OpenRCT2 logo is saved in G2.DAT, so you could start by building the game, but replacing those sprites with this one. Before you do so, you'll want to make sure you convert the image to the rct2 color palette and resize it to a reasonable size. I'm sure there are a few other things you'd need to fiddle around with, but hopefully this gives you an idea of where to start.
  5. Revising my earlier request on Harbinger's launch: Now that my booster sprites are fully implemented, could we leave Harbinger closed until I get a chance to completely redo the launch? I'm planning on getting rid of the impulse track and suspended flying coaster track in place for booster track sprites. I'll try to change the chain launch to a booster launch, which will fix the rollback problem, unless boosters prove to be underpowered, in which case I'll just use an invisible chain launch with booster sprites on top, and a merged rollback return.
  6. I was going to mention the wiki, but I see Tune already has, and he made a good point about it. We could probably find a (hopefully free) wiki hosting site to use, or create a new website altogether, in which case we could use Github to collaborate on it.
  7. @Broxzier oops, sorry about that. Unfortunately I'm going through a big move at the moment, and I've been too busy for OpenRCT2 for a while. Could we just leave Harbinger closed for now? As soon as I get a chance, I'll jump in and fix it... in the meantime, if anyone else wants to try to fix it, go ahead-- though, keep in mind that the coaster is using some dummy track to keep it block brake compatible.
  8. Claimed: Queue: @Tune, Broxzier, Jochem, Wuis, UTMAN, SpiffyJack, giraty, RedScope53 Missed: jensj12, TCE, Cascadia, YoloSweggLord I'm busy for the next few days.
  9. It's impossible to do this until we switch to a new save file format. This has already been suggested countless times and it's always answered in the same way.
  10. First of all, it's an open source project. If anyone tried to sneak a virus into the game, it would definitely be noticed by the other devs. Second of all, the sheer number of people who use OpenRCT2 should be enough to convince people that it's not a virus. OpenRCT2 wouldn't be the popular game that it is if it were putting viruses on people's computers.
  11. @Foxy The guys at New Element already made an Intamin vertical-lift water coaster on their NCSO server. It's not perfect, but it's the best they could accomplish with RCT2's limitations. The map isn't on the server anymore, but I'll show you a pic as soon as I can.
  12. I fully support this nomenclature system and think it should be implemented right away.
  13. You can't see chat after you've been disconnected, though.
  14. OpenRCT2's Github Wiki maintains a list of the existing limits in OpenRCT2: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Found-bugs-and-limitations-in-RCT2#limitations The attraction limit, along with several other limits, are still in the game due to the use of the .sv6 file structure. These limits will be removed when OpenRCT2 switches to an independent save file format, at which point it will lose compatibility with vanilla RCT2.
  15. It's been over 24 hours since @TCE reached the front of the queue. Updating the queue: Claimed: - Queue: @Tune, Cascadia, Broxzier, Wuis, Foxy, SpiffyJack, giraty, RedScope53, YoloSweggLord Missed: jensj12, Philmon11, UTMAN, Jochem, TCE