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  1. That's pretty neat! Good luck with the rest.
  2. ♪ Seventy-two custom scenarios on the wall, seventy-two custom scenarios! Download one, play it till I've won, seventy-one custom scenarios on the wall! ♪
  3. I love the EPCOT soundtrack, so here you go: You happy now, Zis?
  4. I believe this has been brought up before. I'm not 100% sure but I believe that the website is owned by JarnoVgr, so try asking him about it. I do agree with you though that it should be changed due to G2A's shady reputation. Ping @JarnoVgr
  5. If we're gonna start a new group park, shouldn't we do so in a new thread?
  6. @cascadia I would love to take my turn... problem is, I'm still not completely settled after my move to Texas. I'm still in a hotel, so I don't get much time on my laptop. The good news is we've already bought a house. We settle at the end of the month; after that I should be able to have a lot more free time to work on projects like this.
  7. What do you think we can do about the trolls/griefers? The devs have already added permissions and user-key identification systems, what else do you think needs to be added to deter trolls?
  8. Portals would be nice, but I also want to see rotating-lock sliding doors that you see before and after tests. They would be great for darkride-style themeing! EDIT: It's too early for me and I forgot about the doors in the previous screenshot. Do they actually function?
  9. Ah the wonders of antivirus
  10. And then there were 3...
  11. Oh, I remember you from Discord. Nice to see you changed your mind about OpenRCT2. As Blazing said, feel free to ask if you want help with any of the new features, there are many experienced players here that can lend you a hand.
  12. Just a correction: Harbinger isn't actually a merged ride. The coaster trains themselves only use one track, which was made invisible in some places and replaced with different track for realism purposes. This allowed me to run it in block brake mode more easily.
  13. Claimed: - Queue: @Broxzier, Wuis, Cascadia, giraty Missed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpire, SpiffyJack, Jochem, YoloSweggLord I don't have time, so moving myself to the missed turn list.
  14. Claimed: - Queue: @Broxzier, Wuis, Cascadia, giraty, YoloSweggLord Missed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD, Jochem, SpiffyJack I didn't have much time to work on it, but I changed the launch on Harbinger to booster track and started construction on a pre-launch building for the coaster. The coaster shouldn't have operating problems now, but I'm not entirely sure how booster tracks are/aren't affected by breakdowns, so I'll need to test that when I have some more time. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.40.sv6
  15. I have some time finally, so claiming! Claimed: YoloSweggLord Queue: Broxzier, SpiffyJack, Wuis, Cascadia, giraty Missed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD, Jochem