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  1. LUL this thread didn't get much activity. I would've participated but I was quite busy during the holiday season.
  2. The guests are not going on Golden Balls because it is currently raining. This can be confirmed by looking at their thoughts: each peep that turns around at the entrance thinks "I'm not going on Golden Balls while it's raining." This is normal peep behavior. If you want to disable rain, you can set the current weather in the cheats menu and freeze it to that weather. I don't think there is yet a way to make peeps ignore the rain.
  3. I can't open the save file. Are you using custom objects? If you are, go into the options menu and in the wrench tab check the box labeled "export plug-in objects with saved games". Then, re-save the park and attach the new save to the post.
  4. DobieShep confirmed?
  5. Well said.
  6. niceme.me ... I see you used the RCT2 palette black for the last pic, like I suggested.
  7. I don't either.
  8. Aw, shit dude, they're onto us!
  9. On my new laptop:
  10. So, why bother merging it into develop if you have to re-compile the game anyway to use it?
  11. Where is the option to turn it on? I don't see it in the config file.
  12. I don't think we need to contact Chris Sawyer rather than Simon FOster. Gymnast contacted him in the past concerning file for modeling more sprites, and Foster said that he can't release them to Gymnast for some legal reason. Ask Gymnast about it if you want more information as to what he asked.
  13. That thought actually occurred to me right after I posted my post. I think the problem with that is that, in releasing the track/terrain object files to the public, we would be re-distributing Simon Foster's artwork for free. I think we're stuck with the current G1.DAT format for base-game sprites.
  14. I don't see a reason why this isn't possible. The current drawing code points booster track pieces to the brakes drawing code. All we need to do is point it instead is add the sprite to G2.DAT and point the drawing code to that specific sprite which I may be working on creating by editing straight track sprites I feel like this should be clarified as "new track types," as it could be confused with custom vehicles and flatrides, which are possible. things you should add: 7. New track pieces 8. Removing in-game limits, such as: map size, object selection limits, attraction/scenery map limits, number of stations per ride, etc.
  15. Ring Racer is probably one of the worst coasters out there. It was constructed next to the Nürburgring race course, with its launch parallel to the race course's straightaway. After that it would enter a turnaround element before making its way back to the station in the most boring way possible: a long, straight section of track, an s-bend, and some brakes. Its opening was delayed 4 years due to problems with the pneumatic launch system, and it had an operating lifespan of just 4 days. It is currently SBNO, and it has been announced that it will not open again as it isn't economically viable.