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  1. YoloSweggLord

    Deurklink Multiplayer Server (Round 2)

    Username: YoloSweggLord Discord name: YoloSweggLord Cheats/Tile Explorer: Yes ah whoops, I guess I need to pay better attention.
  2. YoloSweggLord

    New Park (no name yet)

    This is excellent work for someone relatively new to the OpenRCT2 project. I assume you've had experience in the past with custom content and/or trainers?
  3. YoloSweggLord

    Deurklink Multiplayer Server (Round 2)

    I'd also like to claim a spot. I'll definitely want to work with cheats and tile explorer.
  4. YoloSweggLord

    What ride elements would you like to see in OpenRCT2?

    @X7123M3-256 don’t diagonal vertical pieces already exist, as used in the vertical 90° turns?
  5. YoloSweggLord

    Custom Music Loader in Options

    Trigger_Death made a program which does this a while ago. It’s available on his website under the name ‘music manager.’
  6. YoloSweggLord

    Adding scenery and paths to Track Designer

    The point of the Coaster Designer is to provide you with a clean environment to make .td6 track saves which you can then import into your parks. I can definitely see scenery being added to the Coaster Designer, but paths would be pointless as they can’t be saved in the .td6 track file.
  7. Neat, I never knew about the 'most dazzling ride colors' award.
  8. YoloSweggLord

    Space Base (On an unnamed planet)

    Wait wouldn't that just be water
  9. YoloSweggLord

    Space Base (On an unnamed planet)

    These building designs look great. I agree that the spaceship needs a bit of tweaking, though. Perhaps you could use trackitecture to give it a smoother profile?
  10. YoloSweggLord

    Let's Calm

    ^heh, I love the random art scenes in that music video I've been listening to a lot of Incubus lately so here you go:
  11. YoloSweggLord

    Post screenshots of your desktop

    Working at SeaWorld San Antonio, I got a shot of Great White that you don't see from the path
  12. YoloSweggLord

    LAN game not found

    It shouldn't be a port peoblem if they're on the same wifi and router as specified in the original post @Broxzier
  13. YoloSweggLord

    dedicated hosting issue/question

    Can you add a screenshot of what it is you're typing in a the command window?
  14. YoloSweggLord

    Creating a server for 3 friends.

    If all 3 of you are on the same wi-if network, all you need to do is add the host's IPv4 address using the 'add server' button at the bottom of the multiplayer window. You can usually find your IP address with a quick google search. If you're not on the same network, you can use a program called LogMeIn Hamachi. One player needs to create a group name and login in Hamachi, while the other players join the group with those login details. Then, you can join the server by manually adding it using the 'add server' button as mentioned above.
  15. YoloSweggLord

    imlegos' RCT3 Scenario Recreations

    That's pretty neat! Good luck with the rest.