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  1. The problem with this is that you'd have clipping issues if you tried to make an entire monorail station 1 piece. There's no way to make "holes" in the clearance checks of the building to allow for the monorail to fit inside it without sprite clipping issues.
  2. I actually wasn't talking about the robotic arms, I was talking about the wall textures/square divisions. They seem a bit too noisy using the marble texture, maybe you could create a smoother looking texture using more of the same color?
  3. Could floor and wall tiles be made to look like panels?
  4. If you're asking for legal restrictions, you should be free to use it on your final product.
  5. Sounds like a really bad software developer. If there are that many bugs with his software, he should be willing to accept feedback.
  6. I feel like there's a story behind that, and I want to hear it...
  7. The green palette that you used is the one for primary recolorable pixels, which doesn't work on park entrances.
  8. Claimed: - Queue: @TCE, Cascadia, jensj12, Philmon11, Broxzier, Foxy, UTMAN, SpiffyJack, giraty, RedScope53 Missed: Jochem, Wuis, Tune, YoloSweggLord I'm about to go on a Midwinter retreat in Daytona so I can't take my turn. I'll try to on Monday, though!
  9. It won't as long as there isn't 2 of the same track piece in the same position.
  10. Or, he could make the phony tracks in the opposite direction of the real tracks.
  11. Sounds like someone doesn't have "export plug-in objects with saved games" checked in their options menu Who saved it last?
  12. OpenRCT2 will switch to a new save file format at some point in the future. When this happens, OpenRCT2 will make it possible for RCT2 filetypes (.sv6, .sc6, .td6) to be converted to the new save file format. However, the new file format will not be compatible with vanilla RCT2.
  13. We can't add more vertical land textures until we switch to a new save file format.
  14. I figured we could work on it in a locked server, when it comes to the mine train. If that's fine with everyone else. Interesting, I'm going on a MidWinter retreat this weekend, in Daytona.
  15. You assumed correctly.