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  1. @jensj12 The gyazo link is just a screenshot. @Smp017 OpenRCT2 defaults to scenario unlocking, where the first five are unlocked and you can unlock more by finishing scenarios. If you just want all of them to be available at once, you can do that by going to Options -> Miscellaneous tab (6th, with a slide icon) and unchecking 'Enable progressive unlocking'.
  2. You're welcome! By the way, this should now have been fixed. If you like, you can now put the game back on software rendering mode (OpenGL mostly works fine, it sometimes has minor bugs and it cannot yet draw previews of track designs, but that's about it).
  3. I'm not the boss of these forums, nor a moderator. You fork the project on Github, do your changes, then a button will be visible in the Github web interface. But of course, you'll have to know how to code to do so. Anyway, there was once talk about a central authentication server. When word of that came out, someone came to our chat channel and started a not very pleasant conversation about how we shouldn't (let's say he started becoming angrier and angrier and used unparliamentary language). After that, nothing happened, as we had a load of other stuff to do. I cannot promise anything, but we _might_ revisit this once we finished doing work to reduce the number of desyncs. A lot of work has gone into it already, which has hopefully made a noticeable difference already, but more is to come.
  4. Setting the game to use OPENGL rendering is a workaround. Go to Library -> Application Support -> OpenRCT2, edit config.ini and set drawing_engine to OPENGL
  5. Not really, unless you have a backup.
  6. It looks like we might have found the cause (a bug in a third-party library). There is no timescale for when it will be fixed yet.
  7. Please provide us with information like operating system and OpenRCT2 build version, so we actually stand a chance of helping you.
  8. Six minutes is 18 days in-game. And you can increase the time they're willing to wait by using queue TVs and entertainers.
  9. We have had more people report this. However, it's hard to investigate unless we know the exact develop build in which it broke.
  10. 1) TOR is free and easy to set up. 2) If it's so simple, why don't you implement it yourself and open a pull request? It's an open source project. Really, I don't know why you think you can boss us around so much. We put our spare time into this game and give it to you for free, and we expect nothing in return. But apparently you still think we owe you. That's fine. I don't mind disagreement or asking for a feature we decided against earlier. It's the entitled attitude of some people I can't stand (or comprehend).
  11. Back when we introduced it, the idea of the multiplayer security model was that people would be put into a spectator group on login and granted permissions by their public key (which prevents people from simply logging in using someone else's username). Doing this means that troll/hackers might still be able to login, but can't do anything more than watch (unless you put a password on the server as well). IP banning was discussed, but decided against because it's not difficult to circumvent, and because IPv4 addresses nowadays are increasingly shared with multiple people (because of address depletion).
  12. All of these are fair requests. 3 is the hardest to implement; 1 should be the easiest. I haven't yet taken a look why go karts cannot take a 2x2 or 3x3 turn side-by-side; I suspect it needs special programming for every single track piece.
  13. That's not what I asked. Update the game and see if you still have this error.
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