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  1. I doubt that they have been erased. OpenRCT2 looks in other directories than RCT2 does. It also doesn't try to move any file from RCT2's directories, it only copies them.
  2. Nice idea. I would especially love to see Blood Gulch.
  3. It is a limitation of the engine. It's on the wishlist to change it, but we have many other things to do as well.
  4. That is certainly looking more aligned with how RCT's tracks look! One question: is this still Intamin track? I don't recognise the track style, and searching on the internet only seems to return a track style that looks like RCT's Giga Coaster.
  5. @J. Taylor I have tried your save and can reproduce the problem. I will investigate further when I have the time.
  6. The bug with "The Zap!" has been solved. You should now be able to load your save again without it crashing.
  7. A fix has just been merged. Please update to the latest develop and your saves should no longer crash.
  8. This website has an error in its Ubuntu instructions. (The official openrct2.io website used to, too.) You need to replace "master" with "nightly". Then refresh APT and it should work.
  9. Thanks for uploading. I have tested your save and I can reproduce this error.
  10. Please upload the park, it's way easier to diagnose.
  11. This can happen when there are more images in the objects/vehicles in the save than there are slots available. For some reason, it looks like OpenRCT2 doesn't always properly clear the slots when loading another game, which means it keeps filling up until glitches like these happen. We are aware of the issue, but not sure where the cause lies.
  12. The Hyper-Twister is a B&M/Giovanola coaster, one that doesn't come with boosters. I have taken a look at S&S launch coasters, but to me, it looks like a different shape of track. Personally, I would use the LIM Launched Coaster if I wanted to recreate the track, though I have to admit it doesn't come with booster pieces (though these could be added if someone were kind enough to create the sprites).
  13. Please come to the OpenRCT2 Gitter channel. That is where we discuss development. It's also where all devs are, while there are only 2-3 of us in this forum. It's not an internal debug screen, but I have no clue what it is. I don't recognise the lettering either, that appears to be either your work or something Switch-related.
  14. Many servers have a Discord link to a room/channel dedicated to that server. By visiting that, you can introduce yourself, ask questions and things like that.
  15. Can you provide us with a screenshot of the directory where you installed the RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 files? It should contain the rct2.exe file and the ObjData folder, among other things.
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