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  1. I heard that. That's another 3 months. Yes, rides/stalls is limited by the save format. The maximum is 255. Yes, we plan to address it.
  2. Gymnasiast

    Invisible Queue Line Signs

    No, it's not possible. They get automatically added if you modify the surrounding tiles. (I tried this out in a test branch.) It could be addressed in the new file format, by simply adding a flag.
  3. Gymnasiast

    Cannot load Saved Games

    Odd. Could you upload one of the saved games that won't load?
  4. Which distro and version? Ubuntu 16.04 won't work, you need 18.04.
  5. Gymnasiast

    Game keeps crashing when using scenery.

    This morning, we fixed another crash. Please update again.
  6. Gymnasiast

    Cannot load Saved Games

    Looks like a load failure that doesn't show a proper error message on-screen. Could you try running OpenRCT2 from the command line? It might print out some messages. Open Terminal Type `open /Applications/OpenRCT2.app` (without the quotes) and press Enter. Try loading the save Copy and paste the output here
  7. Gymnasiast

    RCT1 paths

    Every time someone asks, it will be postponed three months.
  8. Gymnasiast

    IRL English Ride Names

    It's a traditional ride, a bit like the Wooden Roller Coaster. I think the Spiral Slide in RCT2 is a generic design and does not mirror a specific design of Gravitron.
  9. Gymnasiast

    IRL English Ride Names

    Helter Skelter is the real life name for the Spiral Slide, yes, but why the 'Gravitron' in front of it?
  10. Gymnasiast

    RCT1 paths

    It does indeed require a new save format. Many people prefer RCT1's pathing system, so you can be sure it will be available once the new save format is ready.
  11. Was your problem solved in non-dev ? Broxzier is right about the location. You can access it by opening the Finder, clicking the 'Ga' menu and holding ALT/Option. 'Bibliotheek' will appear. Then go to Application Support and then to OpenRCT2. If you're running a recent develop build, the "object" folder should be there. If it isn't, create it.
  12. How do you know the game is running at 0.25 FPS?
  13. Gymnasiast

    Searching Error

    Stuff like that is usually there to avoid bots flooding the server. Searching can be quite an expensive operation.
  14. Gymnasiast

    Installation Problems - Windows 10

    @Hopfski Right, it's not needed or recommended to install OpenRCT2 in the same directory as RCT2. I'm getting an idea what might be the issue - could you give me a listing of the "data" subdirectory?
  15. @imlegos The fault happens way earlier in the process. @PendennisCastleIt looks like the filesystem rights are incorrect. Can you try going to C:\Program Files\ and deleting the OpenRCT2 folder? Another option: try using the Launcher.