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  1. Gymnasiast

    Fuery Trojan detected

    This question has been asked dozens of times - the last time was two days before you did, so you must have seen it in the topic list. We're getting tired of answering it again and again.
  2. Gymnasiast

    Why did i get a trojan from openrct2?

    If you had taken 10 seconds to search for it, you'd have seen that dozens of people have asked the same question. To repeat the answer you were too lazy to look for: there is no Trojan, your AV is reporting a false positive. Upgrade your AV to one that doesn't come up with a false positive, or whitelist OpenRCT2 in your AV (that's what the whitelist is there for).
  3. Gymnasiast

    Rotating Entrance/Exit Huts

    Well, I think you managed all right. I did modify the title to be more descriptive, and I crossed out the request/question, since every Issue should only handle one thing. Though your question was already answered by ocalhoun when I checked.
  4. Gymnasiast

    Are Android builds still a thing?

    @skjfhniasubcoivu Not for all builds, though. Anyway, here is a link to the most recent development build that has an Android build as well: https://openrct2.org/downloads/develop/7e769ed
  5. Gymnasiast

    Rotating Entrance/Exit Huts

    I finally get to say this: "It's not a bug, it's a feature!" That is, the rotating of entrance and exit buildings is most certainly intended to be possible. It has been used by the NewElement crowd for years, and we eventually plan to make a proper feature. The track design bit is a bug, though. Could you create an issue on Github for it?
  6. Gymnasiast

    Rename Fat Bhudda

    I will not have you order us around.
  7. Gymnasiast

    Rename Fat Bhudda

    Can you provide us with a reliable source?
  8. Gymnasiast

    Custom content in multiplayer

    We fixed a problem like that recently... do you still have this problem?
  9. Gymnasiast

    Error with RCT2Open with macOS

    I can't magically smell what's wrong with that save, so you'll have to upload it so that I can investigate.
  10. Gymnasiast

    main screen won't leave

    It has been fixed now. Please install the latest update.
  11. Gymnasiast

    bin dir not created

    You need to be WAY more specific. Do you use the launcher? Which directory did you select? Can you show a screenshot?
  12. Gymnasiast

    Broken Object Selector

    This has been fixed now. Please upgrade to the newest develop.
  13. Gymnasiast

    Custom Objects with macOS

    If you cannot find that button, you're on an old build or you use release. Please upgrade to the latest develop version. Nevertheless, the folder can be accessed manually as follows: Open your home folder Click the 'Go' menu. Hold ALT/Option Click Library Go to the Application Support folder Go to the OpenRCT2 folder
  14. Gymnasiast

    main screen won't leave

    Do you all use the PPA? There is a bug in that, which I'm currently trying to address. If not, please tell me how you obtained OpenRCT2 (separate download/launcher/self-compiled/repository/...).