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  1. Not true. It affects all saves. @beatsaway You need to update your OpenRCT2 version. The bug was fixes 22 days ago.
  2. Question: Object selection

    Ride types (Looping roller coaster, wooden roller coaster, twist) are always there, but the vehicles (including those from flat rides) are put into objects. There is no way you can have disabled a vehicle that was in use - even if the dialog would have allowed it, the game would have crashed. What you probably did is disable one of the other vehicles for a ride type. If you upload your save and tell me which ride you were talking about, I can tell what happened.
  3. Guests are too strict and cheap

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the price that guests are prepared to pay for a ride is cut in four if they had to pay an entrance fee. If you want to make real money from rides, you should not ask an entrance fee.
  4. On Windows, custom objects go in Documents\OpenRCT2\object (create the folder if it does not exist).
  5. RCT1 Directory

    @jensj12No, you should not select the rct1deluxe_install folder. You should select the folder above it. @willygatti If it still fails, please give a listing of the directory you select.
  6. Custom tracks should go in Documents/OpenRCT2/track (assuming you're on Windows). Under no circumstance put anything in the RCT2 source folders like ObjData, Scenarios, Saved Games, Tracks and Data.
  7. How do I move Open RCT2?

    There is a parameter: --user-data-path However, this only works if you have a shortcut that points to the actual EXE of OpenRCT2. Modifying the Launcher shortcut will not have an effect. If you just want to use the Launcher, the symbolic link is probably a better idea.
  8. New save format

    You can already create custom JSON objects, but they can't be embedded in the SV6. That problem will be solved when we have our own save format. Support for PNG images was added this last month. You can now load images from CSG1, G1, an object DAT and embedded PNG. The default objects will continue using DAT images.
  9. New save format

    That is not only what we planned, but also what we already use - checkout , which combines the JSON together with a PNG file for an extra preview.
  10. Has the location for custom rides changed?

    It's Documents\OpenRCT2\object.
  11. 255 Ride/Stall Limit is way too low.

    We have been getting the question since the dawn of time. The amount of code in the RCT2 is not the problem, nor is the hand-written assembly. The biggest problem is the SV6 file format, which enforces most of RCT2's limits. We have been working on decoupling OpenRCT2 from it, as well as creating a new save format.
  12. Custom Objects Not Showing (Answered)

    OpenRCT2 will not read custom objects from RCT2's ObjData folder, only original ones. Put your custom objects in C:\Users\username\Documents\OpenRCT2\object (create the "object" folder if it does not exist.)
  13. Nope, not the case. Only the Steel Wild Mouse has the spinning control toggle logic. The reason it doesn't work is that every ride type has a 'booster acceleration factor' that determines how fast the booster accelerates. On the wooden wild mouse, this factor is set to 0. Most of these values were directly taken from RCT2, even though it didn't have boosters as such, just launched lift hills, and then only on the Twister RC. Why RCT2 actually set proper acceleration values on many roller coaster types is not completely clear.
  14. Can't open the app

    You have provided way too little information. What is your operating system? Is it 32 bit or 64 bit? What does the message say exactly (i.e. quote it, do not vaguely describe it. Screenshots help.)
  15. OpenRCT2 on Older Versions of Mac?

    0.0.7 is an ancient version though. You might have more luck running the Windows version via Wine.