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  1. Can't open the app

    You have provided way too little information. What is your operating system? Is it 32 bit or 64 bit? What does the message say exactly (i.e. quote it, do not vaguely describe it. Screenshots help.)
  2. OpenRCT2 on Older Versions of Mac?

    0.0.7 is an ancient version though. You might have more luck running the Windows version via Wine.
  3. How Did YOU Find Out About OpenRCT2?

    I read about it a blog post by Jarno (yup, this site's maintainer) back in May 2014, IIRC. At that point, the project had only been public for a few months.
  4. Screenshot dump topic!

    Oh, this is really nice! (I think it would benefit if the Vertical Shuttle would be moved a little bit.)
  5. Ok, this is now fixed in our code. Thanks for reporting.
  6. Landscape removal isn't working anymore

    RCT2 and older versions of OpenRCT2 display the technical size of the map. But since the map is surrounded by a ring of invisible tiles, this means that the usable area is two blocks smaller. So what RCT2 calls 256 x 256, OpenRCT2 calls 254 x 254, because that's the visible and usable area.
  7. Broken spawn on Amity Airfield

    I just pushed a fix for Amity Airfield. The problem is as follows: the scenario has people enter from a corner. To adjust this, I had added 16 to the y coordinate. So far so good, but it did not only apply this when starting the scenario, but every time the save was loaded! I have now pushed a better fix.
  8. Cool roller coaster names

    /r/rct used to be swamped with images like this. Not being a young teen any more, they grow old quickly.
  9. They're on the Thrill Rides tab, as they're simply reskinned Twists.
  10. Could you upload the save?
  11. That's not why we disabled it, in any case. Rather, it is for technical reasons: we don't have a mechanism to send missing track designs to all players, so using one that not everybody already has will cause desyncs. This can be addressed, but we also have 1001 other things to do. Patches are, of course, always welcomed.
  12. Which rides are missing? That's quite basic info you really need to provide. Nevertheless, I do have an idea: OpenRCT2 will now group vehicles together. This means that what was previously displayed as "Stand-up Twister Coaster" will now be grouped together under "Twister Roller Coaster". You will also see that it lists available vehicles in New Ride window. To switch vehicles, you can use the second tab in the Ride window.
  13. Rct1 Color Picker

    I'm not sure why one would want this. It's quite an unwieldy widget, and I'm not sure what it would solve.
  14. As we already said on Github, it was caused by Discord integration. Janisozaur actually sent in a patch to allow for Vista support, which has been merged, but we need to update our dependencies. After that, the game should work on Vista again. But really, you shouldn't expect programs to support Windows Vista anymore. Microsoft stopped supporting it and it was never popular anyway.
  15. editor

    This has been solved in the meantime. Please update to the newest develop.