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  1. Gymnasiast

    Anyone willing to help with server problems?

    You need to make sure that the port OpenRCT2 uses is not blocked on your firewall. You also have to be on the same subnet. To check the latter, can you tell us what your IP address and his IP address are?
  2. Could you upload a saved game in which this happens?
  3. Gymnasiast

    Two bugs (saving rides)

    Mazes share very little with other rides, so it's not surprising it has bugs that other ride types don't.
  4. Could you upload that save?
  5. Hm, that's annoying. I'm afraid we can't do much, only a few of us do Windows programming and none of us have a Surface to test with.
  6. No, I mean without releasing your fingers - does that work?
  7. I have done a bit of searching on the Internet. It looks like you can simulate a right-click by holding your finger for a while. Can you try this: hold your finger on the screen for a second, then move it around while still holding the screen.
  8. It was implemented like that in RCT2 (despite asking for both not being possible, except through cheating). And it's not terribly realistic that peeps would pay full price for both. Not to mention it makes the game a lot easier than it should.
  9. If the guests have paid for entrance, then they'll only pay 25% as much for rides as they would if entry were free. It doesn't matter what the ride/entry pricing setting is set to _now_, what matters is if they paid when entering. Try getting guests in your park who haven't paid anything for entry and they _will_ pay £1 for a Twist (if it's new).
  10. There are three ways to move the view: Putting the mouse pointer at the edge of the screen Right-click-and-hold, then moving the mouse Using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Option 1 is not feasible on a touchscreen, and you don't like option 3. That leaves option 2. It requires your touchscreen to have an easy way of simulating right-click.
  11. Gymnasiast

    Can't install new track designs

    The Track Designs manager is the red-headed stepchild of OpenRCT2, getting no attention. You can also manage your track design by clicking the red toolbox in the title screen, selecting 'Open custom content folder' and navigating to the "track" folder. All your own designs should be there, and installing new ones from the internet is as simple as copying it to that folder.
  12. Gymnasiast

    Not everything is loading

    At least _some_ files of Time Twister have to be there - the animatronics still show up, and the OP mentions having the scenario. I'd completely remove the RCT2 installation and reinstall it. That should put all files back in the places they belong.
  13. Gymnasiast

    problem with loading a file

    You're also missing all the JSON objects, as evidenced by the last screenshot. As Jens recommended: try reinstalling.
  14. Gymnasiast

    can't find custom content in game

    You can just click the Red toolbox and choose 'Open custom content directory'. In the window that opens, navigate to "object" and put your stuff there. As X7 pointed out: OpenRCT2 will not load custom objects from RCT2's ObjData folder.
  15. Gymnasiast

    OpenRCT2 v0.1.2 released!

    Not only that, it will do that when loading a save - basically, you will just load be able to load your RCT1 or RCT2 save as you did before and hardly notice it uses a new save format (apart from the higher limits).