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  1. Can't build any rides

    How many coasters are in the park? What commit are you using? Which server is it?
  2. Weird Texture on Ride Overall View

    The DEV's are aware of this on GitHub, it's a bug
  3. Entrance/exit placement bug

    There was a bug with entrances/exits in a older build, try upgrading to the newest
  4. Terrain Texture Glitch

    If youre using OpenGL, its in "beta stage" and still have bugs in it
  5. Some parks cannot win

    Have never had it happen to myself, have had problems that I cant write in a name tho. Never heard ticks not showing up xox
  6. Make sure the numberpad isnt off Check the shortcut keys if something has changed Not sure if the update has anything todo with it, try the stable version to make sure it doesnt
  7. Weird color scheme glitch

    Thats a common bug in multiplayer The alternative colors are only for the client side and doesnt show for the server A issue is created on GitHub - it has not been resolved yet
  8. editor

    @kevindh Seems to be a bug which is reported to the DEVs
  9. OpenRCT2 Won't launch

    @B-Spec @Jexl Can you start the vanilla game? if able to create a dumpfile, can you upload it here? (note that you need to say the commit number you used with the game, e.g jd3l62)
  10. editor

    @kevindh Does it crash the game? does the game freeze? if so, could you provide the dumpfile (if it creates one) or make ur own in the taskmanager? What commit are you on? Edit: Related issue have been reported on Github, try downgrading the game to another version and save it
  11. @shadowxoxo Please provide steps, savefile, dumpfile and commit-number if possible
  12. OpenRCT2 Won't launch

    Do you have the base-game installed and does that work? Try to move out the object folder (Documents\OpenRCT2\object) from the game and see if that works Can you open up the task-manager, rightclick on OpenRct2.exe & "create dumpfile"?
  13. Can't join any server

    @Asriel Do you get any kind of error message? Can you join any server? You could try to see if someone knows at
  14. @Culbrelai C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\OpenRCT2\object
  15. Backgrounds

    It's been discussed about changing the color of the background to something else on Github - never that it should be replaced with a image (like the background you've as an example), however to my knowledge (take it with a grain of salt) , it's not possible as the game is color and sprite based