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  1. How can I get the openrct2 installer on x86 or (LAUNCHER)

    okay i uninstalled avg anyway... thanks.

    My computer began to detect a "win32:malware-gen" virus after installing "avg free anti-virus". I was told at that the"win32:malware-gen" virus is harmless and nothing to worry about. I have since uninstalled avg and the game now opens. I suspect that the win32:malware-gen may be something like a "decoy" to actually prevent other virus's, but no one at github has told me exactly what it is. Anyway i don't seem to have any virus or problem with my computer now, so it probably is harmless, but i am still wondering what exactly is "win32:malware-gen", does anybody know?... well, thanks anyway...
  4. Am i the only one who has detected a virus in the launcher update, cause i'm pretty sure it's there...
  5. How to connect 2 ride types together?

    Merging multiple track types: When building a coaster made of multiple track types, first select a coaster type that most of the coaster will be made of. This will be the "mother" coaster, the coaster that you make your station, trains and most of the track pieces with. Build the first part of the coaster, or as much of it as you want, including the station. Now stop, or simply erase sections to create a void where you want the new type of track pieces to be (loops twists hills whatever). [To create "voids" in a coaster's track: First; "close the coaster for service" (red flag it), then right click your mouse on any part of the track you want to alter, this will open the construction window. Now use the left arrow, right arrow, and the bulldozer icons to delete the highlighted section(s).] Now select a new type of coaster from the rides menu that you want the "void" or "section" of track to be made of, and have it's "construction window" open. Now select the track piece or pieces you wish to use and start building at the spot where the last track piece ended. Physically merge the new-track-section to the previous track type by building the new-track pieces at the same angle, height, and position that the automatic track builder would for the next "mother" piece. If you've done this correctly, you should see the track piece ends "melt" together. When you finish building the section made of the secondary type of coaster, leave that "secondary coaster" 'closed for service', and close it's "building and options window". (you only need it's track pieces... the ride itself will always remain closed and will be a "dead ride" only serving as part of the mother coaster's track) [in most cases]. Now connect the "mother" coaster to the end of the "new-coaster-track-section" and continue the coaster all the way back to the station. (this would usually be done with the "mother" coaster but can be done with the new coaster as long as the tracks are merged and the coaster becomes a complete circuit). Be sure all of the track pieces are merged or the coaster won't function. Always remember; you can build forwards and backwards ! -Sometimes... to get a roller coaster made with multiple track types to work, you have to try setting the "mother" coaster, to a different operating mode... If you're getting a message; "coaster is not a 'complete circuit' ", and you're sure that all the track pieces are merged together, then try selecting a different operating mode. Sometimes only one, or another mode will work, especially when you're building a coaster with multiple track types. ;For example select: (powered launch without passing station, instead of powered launch passing station, or continuous circuit mode instead of continuous circuit block section mode etc...) Also try using only one train instead of two, or less trains instead of more if your coaster is not working. One thing i am not sure of: You may have to have certain cheats enabled in order to make a coaster of multiple track types, but i am not sure of this, and i am not sure which ones. Try enabling some cheats in the golden shovel, this may help. By the way, I have never built a coaster made of more than 2 track types, but i do think it's possible.
  6. Does anyone know... do spawn points have to be pointing away from the park entrance in order for the peeps to exit the park? Or do the peeps automatically exit through the gate even if the spawn point arrow is only pointing into the park? I have observed that peeps do not exit out of the park unless there is a spawn arrow pointing out, but i may be wrong.....
  7. Possibly unique tool suggestions for view layers

    There would be no way to display more than 4 angles of view during game play, unless every ride, track piece, and object ever created were re-drawn by hand from those new angles. And still, the game itself would have to be remade to display more than 4 angles of view. -It sounds like maybe you need to learn how to use the "cut away view". Select the cut-away view in the "eye"/view icon, then slide the slider left and right to see under, through, and inside things while you build. Also, use the tile inspector's x/y axis to move to new squares left,right, up, or down precisely and one by one by clicking the up or down arrows next to the x or y axis's. These techniques may help you get around blocked views etc...
  8. No problemo.
  9. To place spawn points: [note: Enabling sandbox mode and using the "golden shovel" is not necessary when placing spawn points in the scenario editor because the mini map in the scenario editor has full functionality by default.] First be sure you have cheats checked from the options tab in the upper right corner of the opening sequence screen (in the gears tab/toolbar; check cheats), this will give you the "golden shovel" tab at the top left while playing a game (the golden shovel will be a new tab, one tab to the right of the floppy disk tab). Now while you are in a game, select; "enable sandbox mode" from this golden shovel tab. Now, go to the "grid" icon to the right of the "eye icon" and select "show map". This will open the mini-map. Now in the mini-map click on the red-shirted peep. This red shirted peep icon is the "spawn-point" icon/tool. Now that you've clicked on this icon just place your spawn points by hovering the cursor over a tile of unowned land where you want the spawn point to be(a blue arrow should appear) (the spawn point needs to be on a path for peeps to enter a park, and also will not appear unless it is placed on an unowned tile). Move the cursor slightly to point the spawn point arrow northeast, southeast, southwest, or northwest. Now just click the left mouse button to set the spawn point on the tile. To own or unown land tiles: open the same "mini-map" (next to the "eye-icon"). Now click on the "blue-grid" icon. If "land owned" is checked, every tile you click on will become "owned". And Visa-Versa, if land owned is unchecked, every tile you click on will become "unowned". Now there are just a few more rules to follow: The spawn point must preceed a park entrance by at least one tile or be directly on a tile embodied by the park gate itself for peeps to flow from the spawn point and into your park. To place a park entrance, go in the same mini-map and click the park entrance icon. This will allow you to place a park entrance. You can only choose one style of park entrance per map. The entrance style you desire must be selected in the object selection menu, however, If you want to deselect the type of entrance that is currently in a park and select a new entrance you must first delete all of the entrances that exist in the park by right-clicking on them while the park entrance icon is depressed or "selected". Only after ALL of the park entrances have been deleted from a park, can you deselect the current type of entrance and choose a new one in the object selection menu. Now you should be all set to place your spawn points and entrance(s). Remember, you need your spawn point and the rest of the path leading into your park entrance to be "unowned" for the peeps to pass in or out of the park, but the path after the park entrance that continues into the park must be "owned" for the peeps to pass through the entrance and into the park. (the park entrance itself is usually "unowned" by default and cannot be changed). Oh and one more thing; the path containing your spawn point leading up to the park entrance and into the park must originate from (or be touching) the park map's outer edge (or outer border). [atleast i think this is true, but i could be wrong.] Follow these rules, and with some experimenting, you should be able to successfully build your park entrances and spawn points. Note: The blue spawn point arrows will become invisible after leaving the mini-map menu, you just have to trust that they are there.
  10. Group Park 5

    okay then... i will do. Thanks.
  11. Group Park 5

    ---- this is so confusing i think i may just wait till i can buy the triple thrill pack
  12. Group Park 5

    So which of these 3 folders do i extract to? i'm guessing it's #2?
  13. Group Park 5

    Now im extracting the .zip file from the address you gave me and im attempting to merge it with my folder C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, and it's asking if i want to replace all kinds of critical files with the newer ones. I don't know what to do because i don't want to completely destroy my current setup... Any way i'll try cautiously to figure it out on my own unless you have advice thanks.
  14. Group Park 5

    So, i downloaded the demo .exe file at the link you gave me. The file was around 500 mbs.. I extracted it to c:\program files\openRCT2. I got errors (could not copy files over and over...). I suspect i have to extract the file to a different folder, but the instructions are telling me to extract it to c:\programfiles\openrct2, which is what i did and it didn't install. By the way i have 3 rct2 folders 1 is C:\Program Files\OpenRCT2, 2 is C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (my vanilla/CompactDisc official game folder), and 3 is C:\Users\Josh\Documents\OpenRCT2 (where most of my save files go maybe because windows vista splits the openrct2 folder to place some files in the "documents" folder it does this to other games too. I don't know if everyone else's computer does this but mine often puts game files in both c:\programfiles\gamename and also in C:\Users\name\documents folder.
  15. Group Park 5

    I'm guessing it's because of my lack of expansion packs/triple thrill pack, but thanks for the help anyway.