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  1. Group Park 7

    Are you sure that isn't a "7-STORY 360° LOOOOPING COASTER!"?
  2. Group Park 7

    @giraty There are already other items from WW/TT in the game, so it doesn't matter.
  3. Group Park 7

    I forgot to ask in the morning (UTC+1) how far @TCE was and if he wasn't done yet how many hours it will take to complete his turn, but I forgot. To TCE I would try whatever you have gotten done to be uploaded to the topic asap ninja'd, darn dogs. makes ya so aware why you went extinct.
  4. Group Park 7

    That log flume is mad(, as you would need quite the ramp in the corners after the drop). Could be a good dinghy slide though.
  5. Group Park 7

    @Deurklink No, some people have the wrong intentions with those and just try to harass others. @Leudimin If you want to make sure nobody has claimed beforehand of you while you were in the position of claiming, refresh the page before getting to work so you can see you were the first one to claim.
  6. Group Park 7

    I'm not done/happy with the coaster yet but this is what I've gotten done this turn. I wanted to actually write a story, but you must imagine that yourself now if you want to. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.29.sv6 Claimed: - Queue: Cascadia, Leudimin, Darthyoda714, 1081p, saxman1089, xbalogan, TCE, TheMightyClem, RedScope53, Broxzier, Deurklink, Wuis Missed: Philmon11, Jensj12, Przemek, Jochem, Spiffyjack, giraty @cascadia's turn it is! (well not yet, but smh, don't discuss it D:)
  7. Group Park 7

    @Przemek I'm currently planning to add a new attraction near the mountain where Mountaineer is located, is it okay for you if I adjust the mountain on which the coaster is located? Changes would include: colour schemes, ground textures, minor decoration and vegetation.
  8. Group Park 7

    Wuis has officially claimed the park!
  9. Group Park 7

    HEY YOU! : Who me? Ya, you! You think you can just hunt dinos, huh? Ya thought wrong! *Wuis uses time wasting* From now on, everyone entering and leaving the space world will be checked on their backgrounds and any sharp objects they might want to carry into the rest of the park. Unfortunately for Wuis, he build his cage for 99% of glass, the building collapsed when a duck tried to use it as a place to land. (though an easter egg has been constructed near Illuminati Confirmed) Now on to real changes, after having dealt with that meanie of a ******ink. I transformed the station for "Two Acorns & The Bear", it's already better. I didn't do anything else because both things were very time consuming, was planning to build a water ride, but I couldn't find a decent spot atm. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.18.sv6 Claimed: -Queue: Cascadia, Leudimin, Darthyoda714, 1081p, saxman1089, xbalogan, RedScope53, TCE, Broxzier, giraty, Deurklink, WuisMissed: Philmon11, Jensj12, Przemek, Jochem, Spiffyjack @cascadia
  10. Group Park 7

    CLAIMED BY @Wuis! @Deurklink We can also just leave the area around it untouched, then it's also space-themed. Sorry, I'll go now. *quickly hides behind computer*
  11. I've got some tips for the current scenario: Toilets aren't available at the start, this will make it hard to satisfy guests and the goal actually becomes quite difficult because of that as you will have to maximize funding for shops & stalls. The guests won't ride rides that aren't intense. I build both a coaster (high excitement, medium intensity), a top spin (medium excitement, high intensity) and a merry-go-round (low excitement and low intensity) at the start which have 0 visitors. Then I started messing around building a coaster which just does random inversions, which had very high excitement and intensity. This coaster they did ride. Maybe make some hints that the guests won't ride rides that aren't very intense and make ferris wheels and such unavailable. At last I would make it a pay per entrance fee park, there are plenty of easy shuttle rides that you can make quite intense, this would be easy money. I haven't yet finished the scenario because I was kinda proud of my first coaster and to see it alone was demotivating. You monster.
  12. Well, maybe you can experiment with making small stories. Like, for example brainstorm about what the map makes you think of, develop that in a story. Out of that story you can imagine what the requirements and such must be. You kinda have that going now, with the tourists flocking towards the area, but why would tourists come in such amounts to a place which barely even features pathing. At most there would come some people who are experienced travelers or hikers in the area. You can play the scenario yourself for a bit to add facilities and then reset the year and such with cheats, as you can make current park save files into scenarios too. To make the current park harder I would put a lot of land for sale instead of letting the player own it right away and only sell building rights for the mountains dividing the upper and lower beach from the mainland. I'll get to playing it somewhere this week PS. Sorry, if I'm a bit all over the place with my English, it's my second language and because I'm tired I just forget the entire language. ( I know it's not awful, just mentioning I'm tired )
  13. Welcome to the OpenRCT2 Forums! I'm glad to see someone taking the time to get a good scenario out. So far it all looks really interesting, however you have not included a link for the scenario, so aside from the beautiful look I can not judge the scenario. But it surely looks interesting.
  14. Group Park 7

    Here's a picture of TCE's turn for any mobile viewers. ( I didn't get an error) Personally I had rather seen you work with the terrain, it being cut out seems weird for a farm. I love it when there's something different from flat rides and rollercoasters though, as especially the last one dominates the group parks usually. I have many ideas for rides here, but I'll let you to it.
  15. Group Park 7

    @Przemek I want to alert you of the fact, that the introduction of the Anaconda coaster requires you to have the expansion pack ( or atleast the one those decorations and train type is in). If you want to keep taking part in the group park you have to purchase the expansion(s). Would you please notify of your decision at or before your turn is, I'm sorry for the circumstances.