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  1. You may always skip in front of everybody in the queue after you came back of being on the missed turn list for a while. Thus you may also skip ahead of me.
  2. Claimed: -Queue: @cascadia, giraty, WuisMissed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD, SpiffyJack, Jochem, YoloSweggLord, Broxzier The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.45.sv6 The old story I threw in the litterbin. Now you go on a coaster which reveals the mystery of this overgrown hill, named Undergrowth. Originally the coaster featured like 10 inversions, but due to intensity issues relating to length and the amount of inversions, I had to rip down the interlocking corkscrew!
  3. Update: You know, I was like: "Hmmmmmm, that station seems kind of mistreated". So I went on giving it a new look while keeping it's old style and not going really into details. Then I thought: "Hmmm, the area can use some refreshments aswell" - so I got around and placed some new plants. Then this happened: I placed a slightly large coaster in front of it. :DDDD So uhm, I'm going to think about this one for a bit, get some good inspiration for a station building. I've already kind of got a story for it. A hint for that would be: "Lux, as in the unit which measures the luminous flux per unit area."
  4. Claimed: WuisQueue: Cascadia, giratyMissed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD, SpiffyJack, Jochem, YoloSweggLord, Broxzier
  5. Heheh, I just started up my PC, so nothing on that clipboard.
  6. Wuis Dino, is he still hanging around here? Didn't know that. @SpiffyJack If you plan to add chainlifts to the ride, make sure those won't end up causing any crashes, I honestly doubt it but you never know. Seeing the amount of lifts you already have, maybe you can split up the station and put it in block sectioned mode, though I have no idea in that case how many boats it will lead to having and the capacity.
  7. on BBC Three there was a documentary called "Brainwashing Stacey" which featured an episode where she (Stacey) went to people who hunt and tried to look why they did that and if they had a fair point. It's also been on the NPO (Dutch National Broadcast) I think, so if you're Dutch you can see it on Programma Gemist.
  8. SORRY D: I JUST WANTED TO TRY SOMETHING NEW askdlaslk DON"T HIT ME... PLS NOo..... NUUU *Hits himself* Claimed: -Queue: @cascadia, giraty, YoloSweggLord, Broxzier, WuisMissed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpire Well, with Broxzier adding Go Karts, I had to make it more of a flat ride as it'd be silly to have 3 large go kart tracks. But I really did want to build one, so I have forced a cooperation between WWF, Calm Weather Windmills and the Group Park to create a paid* go kart track to raise awareness for Giraffes. All revenue of the track, shops and facilities go towards improving the circumstances of giraffes and of course the karts are powered by electricity. Thus Giraffe Karts was erected. Now my major attraction for this turn is Bēbī ḍā'inōsara rasātala. It is an attraction about an encounter with hatchlings of a dinosaur, while signs of a mother aren't found, the eggs still seem to contain something what seems to be alive. As they are born with scientists surrounding them, they don't seem to get hostile towards humans and are actually quite the party animals with quite the dance moves. Dance with the dinosaurs, now in the group park! (Though just for making sure, bring your giraffe meat so you don't encounter a starving dinosaur) *Citizens of Groupparkland pay towards this through their taxes, whether they want to or not, it's unclear how this is calculated. Tourists pay by buying umbrellas at the shady guy which they do because they think it's fair prized and although you could say so with the amount of time it rains, it's probably not. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.42.sv6
  9. This is what I could make of it with boosters, stats are: Excitement 9.25 Intensity 6.08 Nausea 3.37 EDIT: @giraty I know you meant the coaster not to be realistic, but it should be safe in game terms and as it doesn't provide this guarantee I changed it. As Broxzier has stated in the above quoted message, we already have said that chain lift launches can't be used as the lift can breakdown making the train get stuck as it can't reach it's target speed anymore. And as you didn't provide an track that would prevent so in case it fails, I think it's fair that I change your coaster, as I think it'd be nice to atleast keep it running. You can of course change it to whatever you want in your own turn, though the safety is so essential that it's something you need to see more important than the looks or the insanity. I really think it's a good thing that you have a much wilder style of coaster built and that it's way brighter than all our coasters, but this was unfortunately a mishit. EDIT2: I'm in bed now reading this again, and oh darn, my grammar. EDIT3: LOOOOOOOOL Floating packaged river rapids:
  10. Crashed. Dead trains, like poor dead trains. Those speeds Currently have a flat ride done and put some stalls in the park. Might work on something else now, depends if I think of something.
  11. Claimed: Wuis Queue: Cascadia, giraty, YoloSweggLord, Broxzier Missed: jensj12, TCE, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpire As rats pass near your feet at a trot, you hear several wolves howling in the distance. Your greatest fear though is that something or someone seems to be wailing... A flash... It was the thunderstorm you failed to notice, as you are petrified by what lies upon you.
  12. Giraty, did you plan to make a death coaster or do you just not realise the 5G would let most people pass out or cause fatalities? I don't mind the coaster tbh, just the fact it's in front of the entrance. Maybe make it merge into the areas more? Also that queue could be a decent size without the mess it is now. Also, had the launch really be that long? I'm curious. Quite love the 'sillyness' of it though.
  13. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.38a.sv6 Quick update on Chase Metsuri and Baahrn Meehdness to improve throughput with current amount of customers.
  14. Woah, the cars have gone wild! Experience Chase Metsuri now with spinning cars! (Yeah, we are going down that route) If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's what happened to Chase Metsuri's trains (which really weren't shorter, shhh ) The trains have been given a new layer of paint and they were good to go. And good to go for quite something as we introduce Baahrn Meehdness,, a thrilling coaster for all ages! Also if Cascadia looks around a bit, there might be short and swift jump of euphoria. (I NEED TO BUILD A FLAT RIDE SOMETIME BUT DON"T KNOW WHAT AAAAAAAAAAAAH) Claimed: -Queue: @cascadia, Broxzier, giraty, Jochem, SpiffyJack, WuisMissed: jensj12, TCE, YoloSweggLord, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD And here I provide to you, the glamorous park in it's current state: The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.37.sv6
  15. Claimed: WuisQueue: Cascadia, Broxzier, giraty, Jochem, SpiffyJackMissed: jensj12, TCE, YoloSweggLord, Redscope53, Tune, BlazingEmpireHD oh, I'm sorry @SpiffyJack. My condolences go out to the Col.John 'Cutter" (That's his name you mentioned, I think) I bet he made the most out of his life, he shall always be a hero.