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  1. I for sure wouldn't have participated if it had cso, cause I am not common with the objects. Also, I know other forums can announce things largely on their main page?(even on every page) Is that not possible with the forum design that is used here? Further I agree with Broxzier. I have one micro park and that was so much fun, to some extent not the full joy you would have at the end of a big park but it's a fun experience all the way through.
  2. I reccomend making contests be announced on a bigger scale, I think this is my first time seeing it.
  3. Stahp it I'm dying
  4. It's like 50% images, so I doubt it. I think Broxzier's update a few turns back might've even been bigger.
  5. Also have experienced your first issue, even when the items were already build in the park. But the items have suddenly appeared again, so I'm a happy Gulpee.
  6. We want to put attention to that the presentation of the new coaster is starting in five minutes, please attend yourself at the chair that is named on the ticket. Thanks in advance. ... ... Please, attend your seats, in a few moments the presentation will start. (Man in dog suit comes running down the hallway with the last kebabs hidden in a popcorn bucket which has been slightly demolished) (Screen turns on) (Barbie Girl by Aqua starts playing) (Man in seat 12 is very amused) Announcer: "We are experiencing technical problems, we will have an act perform inbetween to compensate for the disturbance we have caused, our apologies." (unrest breaks out) (Worlds biggest orchestra enters the stage) (Orchestra starts playing "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands") (Somehow the technical problems are fixed very shortly after the orchestra begins playing and they are forced to leave the stage) (Man in dinosaur suit walks on stage) Hello and welcome to the first (and probably last) annual OpenRCT Group Park 4 conference meeting, we have been surprised and gracious what reactions this park has gotten, like: "I've already got a park map", "I want to get off Natalie's Putting Green", "I want to go home" and many others. The fact that we obviously are a family with our guests, is very important to us. and totally not free because we want to brainwash everyone and control the world! So to treat our guests and especially the thrillseekers, we've made a thrilling coaster that will suit the park in having a more diverse ride selection. Here we present: ASSELSEE! Great ride featuring many inversions and reaching high speeds, straight out of Walibi Holland making this the "first ever first ever build slc replaced" . Now you might think, a SLC, does this park even have the money to acclaim this, answer is: No. So what did we do you might think?! We photoshopped it in a spot in the park that shockingly hasn't been used before. Don't be sad though, we will introduce a new coaster! We have plans to open a brand new Zierer track, it's called "Tedious Tree Coaster". And our good photoshopping skills show again, beautiful coaster perfect for raiders to steal your child's precious teddy bear acclaimed on the other side of the park on Philmon Plaza. Okay, I see seat 11 empty and a women leaving? Oh, you want to know why I did all this, for a Zierer figure eight track. Well, not exactly true, during the start of the construction of the kiddie coaster, workers were attacked. So we kept hiring Indian and Chinese people to keep staff wage low, but apparently they can't communicate and one would keep coming back saying they all ran away. So we only hired Indian workers, this went well until we discovered a mythical creature was protecting the land that has not been build upon. First we thought it was some badass chicken who was offended by the chicken factory, but one was soon to realise there has never been any chicken at the chicken factory. We kept trying and trying, but that wouldn't pay off, workers would keep disappearing. At a tuesday evening though, hundreds of screams were to be heard, but the screams didn't seem out of fear, what could it be? We quickly discovered that a worker had installed several speakers along the building sites and that he forgot he was still screaming, well...eh..things to relax. SO you might think this is going to stray off, and it really is. In short, mythical bird, bird builds coaster, people use coaster, yay. Ride Iron Bird, to experience the wildest ride of your life...wildest coaster ride of your life...wildest inverted coaster ride of your life...wildest inverted coaster ride in OpenRCT2 Group Park 4 of your life! Also, a lot of people died for this, you really should ride it, just in honor, please, u mean. (Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind & Fire starts to begin playing on loop until last guest has left for 10 minutes) (Boogie Wonderland has looped for 45 times as the last guest leaves) Claimed: Queue: @Broxzier Cascadia, jensj12Missed: YoloSweggLord, TCE, imlegos, RedScope53, SensualEthiopianPolice , Jochem, Philmon11 The OpenRCT2 Group Park 4.62.sv6 Disclaimer: No dogs, chickens nor birds were harmed during this presentation. Sorry if I have offended you or anyone else, this was not the purpose of this. If you feel I have to change something about this post you can send me a private message.
  7. How is that even 75x75
  8. @cascadia Shush!
  9. I don't know either where the conference centre would be lol
  10. I guess we can call it work in progress, can anybody help me with the high intensity rating though, is it the track too long or what?
  11. I don't think anyone in the queue minds the holdup, but I'm not sure if I will claim my turn. I have school exams starting Wednesday but I've been able to spread studying quite a bit due to the 2 week holiday. Will look if I can claim, when I get home Claimed: WuisQueue: Broxzier, Cascadia, jensj12Missed: YoloSweggLord, TCE, imlegos, RedScope53, SensualEthiopianPolice , Jochem, Philmon11
  12. Thank you Broxzier, I actually expected others to be harder to find, but it's cool to see different people having difficulty with different things. I've worked quite a lot with clearance checks after placing paths, so I might've hovered over something and deleted it. (Even after fixing it for like a thousand times, I'm horrible with clearance checks) Made path towards cannibal/excavateur two tiles Added a haunted house, bumper cars and the dumbest attraction ever. x) Claimed: -Queue: @Broxzier, Jochem, Philmon11, jensj12, WuisMissed: YoloSweggLord, TCE, imlegos, RedScope53, SensualEthiopianPolice, Cascadia The OpenRCT2 Group Park 4.58.sv6
  13. Heya! It all looks really neat, and as Broxzier said, that red coaster is epic! As tip I could say that you might want to try some more odd shapes, instead of rectangular boxes try making a part sticking out, make a balcony or put roofs on different levels. You should look for "Flux Park" on YouTube, it features many buildings that are all the same style yet really different.
  14. That is a hella awesome coaster Jens! (Though no offense, but the station seems a bit rushed) All the above are locations of the candy cane, you can still open Jens' save file and see them but I am now going to claim the park and remove them. (As I think nobody wants a random candy cane near their buildings) Claimed: WuisQueue: Broxzier, Jochem, Philmon11, jensj12Missed: YoloSweggLord, TCE, imlegos, RedScope53, SensualEthiopianPolice, Cascadia Also, if someone from the missed list claims after me, the queue will for once be bigger than the missed list.
  15. Claimed: Queue: Wuis, BroxzierMissed: YoloSweggLord, Philmon11, TCE, imlegos, RedScope53, SensualEthiopianPolice, jensj12, Cascadia, Jochem