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  1. Group Park 8

    I don't mind the building itself, it's just that it obstructs the view of the nearby attractions. And thus it discourages people to build around it or decorate their attractions and or buildings well. If it stays you should really fix the pathway supports sticking out of the top of the tower, it'll look neater then.
  2. Joshua Valley Park

    What is Joshua Valley Park? Joshua Valley Park is a park I started when I discovered OpenRCT in which I liked to discover the functions it offered. It sadly is located on the "Make your own Six Flags Park" map which many of you will despise, but as it's been the biggest park I've worked on through the years, I liked the idea of showing what I've been busy on. The park is a mess, I will confess. The reason for this mess is because this has been my template for all ideas I had through the years so when I liked a certain concept I would slap it right down. At a certain point, you will stumble upon an problem, that is the park becoming full. At that point I felt so connected with the park though, that I didn't want to leave it, so I started to an attempt to make it a decent looking park with set themed areas, how this will play out I will tell in future versions. Here is the save file so you can go look for yourself: Joshua Valley Park Start.sv6 I've added polls for the ones that go through the file and want to put specific interest to a certain ride, but I'm sure this will be used to make a meme out of the horse ride and vote the kiddie coasters to victory. PS. I do have to disappoint people that I have mainly kept saving on the same file so there's not many versions) PS 2. The go karts left of the entrance is not mine, nor are the decorations, this ride will be gone in future versions but as it was included in this first one I thought it should be in here. PS 3. Yes, most of these names are very bad, tells something about me, huh? ^^'
  3. Group Park 8

    Claimed: - Queue: Broxzier, UTMAN, Wuis Missed: Redscope53, giraty, Deurklink This is what it has become. GigaFactory FluxCar. The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.18.sv6 Ps. Added a toilet and several handymen.
  4. Group Park 8

  5. Group Park 8

    Fixed some things throughout the park, didn't want to rush this darkride. Completely unsure about it's theme. Will get to it next turn. Claimed: - Queue: Deurklink, Broxzier, UTMAN, Wuis Missed: Redscope53, giraty @Deurklink The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.12.sv6
  6. Group Park 8

    calimed Claimed!
  7. Group Park 8

    the restaurant has been officially called King Prawn Plant after the opening of the new Inverted Impulse Coaster by the same name! Claimed: - Queue: RedScope53, Deurklink, Broxzier, giraty, UTMAN, Wuis Missed: The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.08.sv6 @RedScope53 can take the driving seat!
  8. Group Park 8

    Wuis has claimed set foot in the park again! Claimed!
  9. Group Park 8

    Claimed: - Queue: giraty, Utman, RedScope53, Deurklink, Broxzier Missed: Wuis I'm going to refrain from taking a turn due to private reasons. I'll try to make an effort asap but it doesn't feel right putting things down now. @giraty's turn it is!
  10. Group Park 8

  11. CCC5: Competitive Coaster Contest

    i had to look up exactly what the "möbius" meant. (ugh how could I not know that ) Maybe explicitly state that it is a single rollercoaster that has two stations. Also, is it also allowed to just have block brakes like Twisted Colossus? And lastly, is it also allowed to make more than two trains duel?
  12. Group Park 8

    I'm sure interested in building mine/wild west or Asian areas if somebody else is interested in doing so too. Maybe a dinosaur themed area because the new Jurassic World Evolution game upcoming. (Like the petting zoo in the previous GP, but set up somewhat larger). We could, because there are only 6 of us (edit: make that 8), get a plot of land you have to give a theme and name to. Everyone is then allowed to build there as long as they keep with the theme. The rest of the land is then "neutral" or "random" themed. I don't mind getting somewhat more difficult terrain if so.
  13. Group Park 8

    Pool in the bottom looks weird, accident? Is the lake neer the mountains human made? if so, what's the purpose? The mountains flattening out in the back also looks weird. Further I think it's good to go, besides trees and terrain paint ofcourse.
  14. Group Park 7

    Does same for me, think it's the park size. If you remove guests it's fine for a while.
  15. Group Park 8

    @Wuis is in for this! Please make polders so I can make Poldergeist.