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  1. New forum registrations were denied due to server software updates. This is resolved now.
  2. can you change your username

    As @jensj12 says: you can send a PM to me with thenew nickname you would like to have.
  3. I've updated the forum software to the latest version. No major changes are included. However, the theme has been updated as well. The theme still needs some tweaking to make it look like before the update.
  4. Can we please not support thieves?

    The referral link came from the time when these forums weren't official, and I needed to pay for the Windows code signing certificate in order to sign the (unofficial) Windows builds. I never profited from it. However, I fully agree that it should've been removed earlier.
  5. Can we please not support thieves?

    This has been requested before: https://github.com/JarnoVgr/OpenRCT2.org/pull/18 I'll make work of it. Edit: Removed
  6. As @janisozaur stated on reddit: Now that we are done with core of the game, we will try releasing it a little more frequently, until now it's taken us roughly half a year to do a release. Due to that, there will be fewer new features each time, but they will reach broader audience quicker. We also hope to improve our release process, as it is not very sustainable. Highlights this time include: Greatly improved RCT1 import (huge thanks to /u/gymnasiast90) Cut-away view (thanks /u/zaxcav) Remember the LightFX stuff? It's been made available in builds we provide, but it is still a bit broken. (/u/QuiteSomeBiscuit we would appreciate your help with getting it back to shape). There are many things improved, for a changelog of this version please see linked release page or check the full document: changelog.txt. We would like to thank all contributors, testers and players of OpenRCT2 and wish you a happy time playing it. Download: https://openrct2.org/downloads/master/latest
  7. We've decided to welcome @Broxzier to the moderator team. He's a mature player and very helpful towards the community, thus we're sure he's a great addition.
  8. BUG money bar czech language

    Hurec updated his opening post with build 233a304
  9. Anti-spam measures

    The spam is getting worse again. I'm currently on holidays. When I get back later this week I'll improve the anti-spam measures.
  10. These forums aren't the place for server and group e-drama. People should find out themselves who they like to play with, and who not.
  11. PSA: Skylander Katfish is the fake nicman (proof inside)

    This forum is not for server and player e-drama.
  12. Anti-spam measures

    If we would ban such characters, they will most likely switch to something else, which is harder to detect.
  13. YouTube Gaming

    Welcome! You can file a feature request here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues
  14. Anti-spam measures

    I'm not sure what went wrong with the anti-spam settings. I've hardened the anti-spam measures again, but it also means new players/people can't see their post immediately, which is a bad thing in my opinion.