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  2. Found this page and the download works: https://openrct2.io/
  3. When I click on the link this comes up: Die Website ist nicht erreichbar cdn.limetric.com hat die Verbindung abgelehnt. Versuchen Sie Folgendes: Verbindung prüfen Proxy und Firewall prüfen ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED It says the request was denied, that the website doesn't respond.
  4. I think the download website is down - it refuses to connect when you click the link.
  5. Try the launcher, it will automatically download the game for you and keep it up to date. In case you still get errors, please specify the error message.
  6. Hi. I am new to OpenRCT and am trying to download the most recent version for Windows. I already have RCT 2 through GOG games. However, I keep getting error messages when I try to download OpenRCT 2. None of the versions will download. Is anyone else having this issue and is there something I can do to get OpenRCT2? Megan T.
  7. This is my first take on a large themepark, it has more than 70 rides and more than 30 rollercoasters. I tried to keep it as realistic as possible. Hope you like it, I'd love to read some opinions and comments about it Funtopia Rollercoaster Capitol.sv6
  8. Well, since maps appear smaller in RCT, it might be hard to see the ground with the cliffs in the way.
  9. Im trying to play with multiplayer with my brother and online it says to just enter their ip address but it doesnt work its always a red bubble next to their server. Ive tried using Hamachi and going on the github but nothings worked. Was hoping I could get some answers here.
  10. I doubt that they have been erased. OpenRCT2 looks in other directories than RCT2 does. It also doesn't try to move any file from RCT2's directories, it only copies them.
  11. Nice idea. I would especially love to see Blood Gulch.
  12. The day/night cycle works by modifying the game palette so colors become darker/lighter. This affects everything drawn on the screen, including UI.
  13. It is a limitation of the engine. It's on the wishlist to change it, but we have many other things to do as well.
  14. While the addition of the Night Day Cycle and the weather effects are really cool, I'm having an issue with the UI getting darker and brighter with each passing day. Is this a bug or something I can adjust? I know about turning off weather effects but I'm hoping this is a graphical bug, because the weather effects are quite nice.
  15. Earlier
  16. So, just for complete nostalgia, and the fact that no one has done it yet, I've decided to whip up something you Halo fans out there will enjoy. Introducing, Halo RCT2. So, first off, I started this special build by creating a custom Title Screen Sequence. I'll dive more into that in a moment. So, I'll start out of the Title Screen music. The game has two themes, RCT2's normal theme "css17.dat" and the original RCT1 theme "css50.dat". Now the RCT1 music can be achieved in two ways. First, in the options, you can select the original RCT1 installation directory, OR you could just copy css.50.dat to the Data folder of RCT2. But, what if there was a way to change the music? Well, it's totally possible. I used Audacity, and I set to 22050 hertz, and then I clicked Export and saved the file as "Other media folders" or whatever to css50.dat. In reality, these .dat files are .wav files, and Audacity will save it like this. Anyways, I saved this in the Data folder and bam, custom music. Of course, the custom music was the original Halo theme from Halo CE. Next step. What about scenarios? Well, pretty simple. Halo 4 and 5 are just the worst art styles, mainly due to Bungie selling Halo to Microsoft. So I recreated 6 maps which are big in Halo sure, but in RCT2, you don't have much room, so get ready for quite a challenge. Here's the following maps: Halo Reach Installation 04 from Halo Anniversary: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/halo-reach-installation-04.18960 Halo Reach Spire: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/halo-reach-spire.18558 Halo 3 Valhalla: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/halo-3-valhalla.18419 Halo 3 Last Resort: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/halo-3-last-resort.18420 Halo 3 Snowbound: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/halo-3-snowbound.18416 Halo 3 Sandtrap: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/halo-3-sandtrap.18418 Now, these 6 scenarios make up the titlescreen sequence I created. Not much, I know, but it's a start. I'll probably make more recreations to post here, as well as an updated titlescreen sequence. For now, these are it. Titlescreen Sequence and music: https://nsmbhd.net/file/va3N44eF1LWC7poj/Titlescreen Music and Sequence.zip Have fun! I mean, good luck Spartan.
  17. You can simply try the right mouse button in-game to see what it does. Make sure you move the mouse while holding the RMB. For the keyboard shortcuts, you can find and customize them in-game through the options menu.
  18. Is there an overview of the controls of OpenRCT2 somewhere? I am wondering about simple things like what is the right mouse button used for, what are the keyboard shortcuts, what is the use of middle mouse button, etc.
  19. No, that's the command you have to run from the terminal to start the Steam GUI with the console enabled. Once you've done that, there should be a tab in Steam called "CONSOLE" and in that you run: download_depot 285330 285331 to download the game (this is quoted straight off the help page, I haven't actually tried this). If you're struggling with this you can try installing OpenRCT2 using the demo version instead of the one from Steam (but this means you won't be able to play vanilla). You can download the Mac version of Wine from here (you probably want the stable build). You can use Wine to run the Windows version of the Steam client, which should allow you to download the game without having to use the console. You will also need Wine if you want to play the vanilla game (and not just OpenRCT2) on Mac.
  20. Is there a useful link to Wine? Every time I try and go to the contents page of steam there is no "steam_osx -console"
  21. Hi Terry! This page should help you get OpenRCT2 working on MacOS: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Installation-on-Linux-and-macOS It assumes that you're familiar with MacOS, and uses Wine or have access to a Windows computer to copy over the required files.
  22. Hello all, I'm new to the rollercoaster world and am running into some issues early. I have already downloaded steam before, and I stupidly bought RCT2 off their store not knowing it only runs on Windows. I've been trying to figure out a way to run the game through steam, but can't seem to get there. Is there any advice to help me? Tried enabling the console, but I think I'm messing that up too. At this point, any help would be great.
  23. First time using tile inspector, disabled clearance checks and all that jazz. Main Inspiration for this one was those Ghibli movies, let me know what you think.
  24. Broxzier

    Group Park 6

    Yeah, but it wasn't finished. I did put them all together by the end of 2017, but my laptop died at the time. I should dig up the files to finish the video.
  25. Ah don't worry! There''s many other people that might know what's going on
  26. I have been an RCT fan for years but I am new here. I am looking forward to trying OpenRCT2. I am a geek from DMV. I look forward to also being a part of this community.
  27. i'm not an expert with technical things or most anything else here, but i tried. If my ideas didn't help you i don't know of anything else to say. Maybe someone else will help you... Good luck.
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