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  1. Yesterday
  2. Mortimer

    Custom paths

    Is it still possible to download these, because it doesn't seem to be working 😰
  3. johnvosh

    Keeps asking for RCT2 path (Win 10)

    I ended up setting the launcher into compatibility mode for Windows 7. Now it seems to be working fine. Weird....
  4. Last week
  5. Can i load 2 differen "--user-data-path"'s on a single server? so that i can run 2 differen instances of openRCT2? (one as a private server for friends and another one for public) ? ---------------- Main problem right now: "Autosave" Every instance of openRCT2 saves the files at the same location and with the same syntax: "autosave_XXXX-XX-XX_XX-XX-XX" Autosave _Date_Time How can i seperate those on one server without mixing them up? Can i use a commandline parameter that seperates the save location?
  6. explosives233

    Giga Coaster Inversions

    please do
  7. Make sure OpenRCT2 has the rights to write the settings file. Does saving games work? This forum has some anti-spam features. You can not post again within 24 hours of your first post. After one day, the limit is removed.
  8. duh_stin84

    Game Speed

    My keys aren’t stuck or anything but the game for sure is stuck on Turbo speed. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but it does the same thing still. I have Windows 7 so I even went as far as running it as Vista and XP to see if that would change anything and it doesn’t. No matter what ORCT2 it’s stuck on Turbo speed and I have no idea why and it’s frustrating lol.
  9. I will not attempt to answer your main question as I am still new here as well, someone will help you soon. However, you are limited to one post in the first 24 hours of your first post on this forum, I am sure is to prevent spam.
  10. So I have been using OpenRCT2 on my Windows 7 PC with no major problems for a while now. I am having problems getting it to run correctly on my Windows 10 PC though. I bought the games of GOG.com even though I also own physical copies of the games. Bought both RCT1 & 2 with all expansion packs. The games installed fine, no problems. Installed OpenRCT2 with no problem. The problem is with loading the game. It seems to always ask me for the installation path for RCT2, which I select, and then it opens the game fine. But when I close the game and reopen it, it is asking me for the path again and it won't save any of my settings at all. Even when I try and get it to see the RCT1 path and it says to restart, it just asks me for everything again. My Windows 10 PC right now is an HP Compaq Pro 6000 with a Core 2 Duo E8400 (soon a Q9550), 12GB DDR3 ram, 256MB SSD, 2TB data HHD, integrated graphics/sound. This is just a temp system until I upgrade to Ryzen 3000 series later in the year. I am running the latest build of Win 10 with all security updates, Classic shell and O&O ShutUp10 When I open a RCT2 game it runs fine with no problems. Thanks everyone for the help! *****EDIT -> Why is it telling me " You have reached the maximum number of posts you can make per day. " I should be able to make more than 1 post per day... I can on every other forum I am a member of*******
  11. Escape @ Six Flags Magic Mountain Let me be perfectly clear. I did NOT create this RCT track and I am NOT taking credit for it in any way. What I did is reverse engineer it, so it is easier to place into your game complete with the scenery as it was originally designed. I also identified the scenery objects so that you can make sure they are in your scenario. All additional info is in the Read ME.txt Downlink below. Enjoy http://d1jl.com/Coasters/MM_Escape/MM-Escape.rar
  12. Finally a video you can link to whenever someone asks you how to set up a server in OpenRCT2
  13. explosives233

    Change name in OpenRTC2?

    If you look at the multiplayer window, there will be a box with your full name in it. Just type what you want your in-game name to be in it.
  14. Hi everyone, just bought RCT2 and immediately downloaded Open RCT2. However, I entered a multiplayer season and I typed a message. It showed my full name. How can I change this?
  15. X7123M3-256

    Scenario Editor Terrain Help

    Yes - you can't have a non square map, but you can hide parts of the map that you don't want. Because they place black scenery objects over it which have the same color as the background. This gives the appearance of having a non square map.
  16. mattingramdrums

    Scenario Editor Terrain Help

    I would like to know how to make more interesting terrain in the scenario editor like in videos like these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LydPVHIA-s The borders of the park are jagged and not just a square like it is normally. I do notice that the park fence is a few squares further out from the terrain though, and in a square. are they just raising the terrain into those shapes leaving the actual park border further below? and how is it that the land where the park fence is on is invisible/black? Thanks for any help
  17. Once again I needed a scenery object and could not find what I wanted. So, I modified one to work. It is labeled as a Ride Photo Stall but you can use it as any kind of souvenir stall. Download link below. http://d1jl.com/Coasters/RCT2-Objects/Photo_Stall/Photo_Stall.html
  18. jensj12


    Technically you don’t need to have RCT2 installed on your chromebook, copying the required files from a RCT2 installation on another machine works as well. The wiki on GitHub has all the details you need for this.
  19. joshmarsilio


    You could try installing the linux version of openrct2 here https://www.openrct2.org/downloads/master/latest. It may or may not work with your chromebook but according to wikipedia.org, chromebook uses a form of "linux" as its operating system. The only problem (at least i think) is that anyone who wants to play openrct2, must also have an official version of rct2 already installed on their computer for openrct2 to function. You will also need zipping/unzipping software to open the "openrct2 linux" file which is in a .gz file format. Unzipping software can be downloaded for free at https://www.winzip.com/gz-file.html or https://www.7-zip.org/. I use "7-zip".
  20. shane


    Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to play this game on a chromebook. Thanks
  21. Booster pieces for the water coaster have been added to the game. Thanks for reporting and have fun!
  22. Here is my interpretation of the Nu-Pike Cyclone Racer, once in Long Beach, Ca. This is not your typical Plug-n-Play ready built RCT coaster. It will only work with OpenRCT2, scenery objects and instruction included. It is a collaboration, all the info is in the Read Me file. Download link below. I hope it is enjoyed. http://d1jl.com/Coasters/Cyclone/Cyclone_Racer_WebPage.html
  23. Deurklink

    Tutorial series: Git gud at OpenRCT2!

    Time for another tutorial! In this tutorial I show you how to make curved walls using monorail track pieces!
  24. Gymnasiast

    Fuery Trojan detected

    This question has been asked dozens of times - the last time was two days before you did, so you must have seen it in the topic list. We're getting tired of answering it again and again.
  25. Gymnasiast

    Why did i get a trojan from openrct2?

    If you had taken 10 seconds to search for it, you'd have seen that dozens of people have asked the same question. To repeat the answer you were too lazy to look for: there is no Trojan, your AV is reporting a false positive. Upgrade your AV to one that doesn't come up with a false positive, or whitelist OpenRCT2 in your AV (that's what the whitelist is there for).
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