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  2. I think there are no x64 download links for development version (from b8aeb56) because of build failure, when am I available x64 develop. again?
  3. @Gymnasiast Yeah, I really did not mean to hurt you or make you mad or anything by posting the thread. Also how do you do a pull request
  4. Yesterday
  5. Not really, unless you have a backup.
  6. I was playing on my server with a friend and he's new, so as a joke I showed him that you could drown guests. He thought it was hilarious and so I named a guest as his username. as soon a the guest with his username drowned he crashed. Is this intentional? Is this a glitch? Was it just a coincidence?
  7. Looks like this issue was reported and fixed already. Thanks! https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/8910
  8. It looks like we might have found the cause (a bug in a third-party library). There is no timescale for when it will be fixed yet.
  9. Please provide us with information like operating system and OpenRCT2 build version, so we actually stand a chance of helping you.
  10. Last week
  11. I have the same problem on an iMac 5K. The higher pixel density seems to be ignored, so I only see the left bottom corner of the screen (just like jr_grzy's and JaydenIrwin's screenshot). It got broken somewhere after 12-03-2019 (March 12). That's the last time I played it without this problem.
  12. My full screen resolution is super small. The resolution drop down won't work and neither will editing the ini file. So I am stuck using borderless.
  13. I'm all for a ban button, but like it's been proven, VPNs and dynamic IPs change all the time so it does defeat the purpose. Every game has its issues (hacks, trolls, etc) and there is no for sure way to get rid of it. For some of the newer people on this discussion, this battle has been fought before. Like @Gymnasiast has said, open a pull request or suggestion on Git. Im sure the dev's are always looking for more ways to improve the game. I've seen dozens of issues get fixed there. But by demanding, that's just inhumane, and doesnt get any progress done. Theres no guarantees, but like most of us, this is a side hobby and is not a full time job so everything cant get fixed when we want it. @Sheepsnoop he was referring to the entire thread. I'd feel attacked if someone came at me with that type of request that has already been talked about a number of times the past few years.
  14. Very nice looking park. Looking forward to seeing this finished.
  15. That is what the ‘convert save to scenario’ button is for. Create a scenario, play it for some time, then convert it to a new scenario. Or simply do all the work in-game, as you can access all scenario options there as well (but you’ll still have to convert it).
  16. I'm running the latest dev version and am playing multiplayer (local network, windows 64-bit) w/ one other person and am noticing that the patrol areas for handymen and mechanics get mixed up (sometimes the patrol area for a handyman gets incorrectly assigned to a mechanic and vice-versa). You can see this in real-time when both players have the handyman/mechanic window open with the patrol area (for all handymen/mechanics) selected. One players adds/removes a patrol area for a mechanic and you will incorrectly see that reflected on the other player's screen for handymen. The patrol areas get so mixed up at some point that the handymen and mechanics end up patrolling the wrong areas (or just get plain lost). Please fix! This makes multiplayer almost unplayable!
  17. Okay, what info can I provide that’d help out with this?
  18. heres a better screen shot of the overall park! Things im redoing: go karts flume ride bungee thing
  19. Wow its been over like a year since I have played. Guess I got caught up in life. Oh well, here's a lil coaster I've been working on for the past week. If anyone is interested in a collab I would love to. I feel like this park is just an idea dump, but it definitely has potential. Enjoy!
  20. I'm new to this, but as far as I know when making a scenario, you can't place rides. Tons of premade scenarios come with rides and even guests so it makes sense to me. (sorry in advance if this has been suggested before)
  21. You can make it yourself. Find a scenario of your choice, open the cheats window (assuming you have enabled it in the options), and click ‘scenario goal: have fun!’ in the correct tab. You can also greatly increase your money balance there. To disable money completely, open the scenario options window (enable debugging tools in the options, then find two cogs button in the top toolbar) and disable money there. You can also change the scenario goal to anything you’d like.
  22. I've seen Joel play this, and I want to know how to get to the sandbox park where you have infinite money and the goal is to have fun. I cannot find it. HALP PLES
  23. On 26th of May 2012, I started the RollerCoaster Tycoon let's play on my Youtube-Channel. Now, nearly seven years later, in the year of the 20th birthday of RCT, I reached episode #1000 during the "Icicle Worlds"-scenario. In numbers, i finished 59 of the 81 regular scenarios (= 73%, incl. both add-ons) and it is also my aim to finish the remaining 22 scenarios and then the bonus scenarios. Yes, it is in german, but here is the extra long 1 hour jubilee episode:
  24. Can someone please explain what part of Dsoul's post was so wrong? He didn't "boss you around" and he wasn't rude.
  25. Six minutes is 18 days in-game. And you can increase the time they're willing to wait by using queue TVs and entertainers.
  26. We have had more people report this. However, it's hard to investigate unless we know the exact develop build in which it broke.
  27. 1) TOR is free and easy to set up. 2) If it's so simple, why don't you implement it yourself and open a pull request? It's an open source project. Really, I don't know why you think you can boss us around so much. We put our spare time into this game and give it to you for free, and we expect nothing in return. But apparently you still think we owe you. That's fine. I don't mind disagreement or asking for a feature we decided against earlier. It's the entitled attitude of some people I can't stand (or comprehend).
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