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  2. Are you still experiencing this issue with the newest builds?
  3. You can also use the launcher (linked to on the downloads page) to easily update your OpenRCT2 game.
  4. Here are my handpicked favorites, 27 of them. Some of these were lost due to crashes or trolls. Luckily, I was able to capture them before they were gone. (Also posted on Reddit at /r/rct.)
  5. I for sure wouldn't have participated if it had cso, cause I am not common with the objects. Also, I know other forums can announce things largely on their main page?(even on every page) Is that not possible with the forum design that is used here? Further I agree with Broxzier. I have one micro park and that was so much fun, to some extent not the full joy you would have at the end of a big park but it's a fun experience all the way through.
  6. I might have considered entering if it wasn't NCSO, but my idea would have required custom objects.
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  8. It's a shame not many others participated. I do think we should do more micro park challenges, they don't take long to make and are a lot of fun.
  9. Where do you suggest announcing it? I surely have some idea's for more crazy coaster contests.
  10. I reccomend making contests be announced on a bigger scale, I think this is my first time seeing it.
  11. LUL this thread didn't get much activity. I would've participated but I was quite busy during the holiday season.
  12. Forgot about it for a while, but we have a winner! I proudly present to you that @Broxzier has made the best holiday themed park/coaster! Best wishes for 2017 and happy coaster building! Next contest will start somewhere between now and a few years. (@broxzier if you want to run it, send me a PM)
  13. @-xrf-Download the latest version of the games development branch at: On the download page can you see which is the newest
  14. How can I connect to servers? This dialogue comes up when I try to join. "Unable to join server. Incorrect software version. (Server is using 0.0.6-28)
  15. Wow that's pretty stellar considering the limited space! Nice work!
  16. That scenario pack was made for vanilla RCT2 and doesn't use any custom objects. The object selection is part of the scenario so custom objects do not appear in scenarios automatically (and if they did, which ones? You can't have every object loaded at once). If you want you can download recreated paths, add them to the scenario and then save it again so you'll have them in future. If you're talking about the ability to change path and support types independently, this isn't possible in RCT2 and will have to wait until OpenRCT2 has its own save format.
  17. There is a pack for the original RCT1 scenarios recreated in RCT2 files and assets. My disappointment is that you can't use the original paths. The paths in RCT2 are super ugly and I loved the path creation system from RCT1. I with the developers hadn't 'updated' it for the second installment. Even if you download a file for the original paths, they won't work with the scenarios unless you manually add them. It's a real downer. Do we know if there are any plans to add the original paths styles at some point? Edit 1/15/17: I'd have to go through and add the paths to every scenario I want them in instead of having them there in all. It would be nice to be able to set custom items to show in current scenarios without having to manually add it every time. OpenRCT2 is amazing and the work that's been done already makes the game so much more playable and enjoyable. Note: The path pack file is a scenario that, when opened, adds the paths to RCT2 as custom paths. path pack.SC6
  18. I built this small Intamin coaster to try out the new launch pieces, but I found them rather ineffective - the train would not clear the hill even at the maximum setting, so they had to be augmented with a fast chain lift. Apparently, this is RCT1 behaviour, but I hope the option to increase acceleration can be added when there's a new save format. Also thanks to @YoloSweggLord for the improved LSM sprites - they look much better than the reused brake sprites previously used for launch pieces, and they don't glitch like scenery does. There's lots of incorrect drawing in some of these screenshots - some of which was inevitable (like the loading gates), and some of it was because of an irritating bug that turns some of the lights off whenever the game is paused, so I was not able to inspect for glitches before taking the screenshot like I normally would.
  19. Last week
  20. I suppose we would have to make the sprites if we decide to add this feature, then.
  21. Change the window scale factor (in the options) to something bigger than one.
  22. My gui is way to small i am running developer build 6 point something and running Windows ten if you would like. I could send a picture. I loved the vanilla rct2 and would love to play the open version. Thanks!
  23. Even with a new file format, the existing coaster trains do not have sprites for this.
  24. In RCT, the standard wooden coasters had only 22.5 degree banking which in many people's opinions, looked much better for level banked curves. If there was someway to have an option to choose between 22.5 and 45 degree banking on wooden coasters (since 45 looks better on non-level banked curves) that would be stellar. I have zero clue how possible this is
  25. "Deselect unused" would probably be better, since the object selection is being used more in-game than in the editor nowadays.
  26. It sounds like you're getting that error when you set the name, but that is odd. When do you see that error exactly?
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