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  4. Looks like @G_Force has joined the dark side, Welcome ... I've used that Technique for a while also but its not the cleanest look most the time
  5. Welcome... lots of builders out here to answer any questions you may have... Have fun
  6. Hello all, Just wanted to say i have been lurking for a while and following the progress of your last few group parks. I think it is finally time i join in one. Can't wait to get started
  7. @Broxzier Thanks for the file... the pic was deceiving prior to viewing the file up close...The cliffs are actually a great size, which was one the deceptions I was fighting with...... THIS IS BITCHEN MAN! Good Job! I vote to go official with this map. From this point on: My Suggestion: Anybody who wants to Terraform/add suggestions to the map prior to saving to SV6 format should still claim first. Lost work is best when avoided.
  8. I've attached the landscape file to this post for whoever wishes to make changes to it. There's no need for updating the version already, that'll happen when we start the actual scenario. Save the attacked file in your OpenRCT2/landscape folder. The results of the poll are in, and we're not making it easy here Half of the players want expansion content, and the other half doesn't. Assuming that not everyone who wants to allow costum content picked all three options, there are more players that want to use them than not. What kind of expansion content would be included in this park seems very balanced, though then we most likely run into a limit again. When you include new objects in the park, please think about how generic they are beforehand. Group Park 7.sc6
  9. I like it.
  10. Why don't we try that now ?
  11. for me Broxzier heightmap looks ready to start a group park
  12. Ooooooh, I like this one. Especially since I frequently forget to turn off zero clearance before path editing and things get disconnected.
  13. Hi Guys Just a couple of updates: Added a coaster and Ferris Wheel to the lake area Removed the "uniform" forest around the wooden coaster and replaced with a more random forest That's all I've had time to work on this weekend
  14. When you're using invisible footpaths or full-tile footpaths, you have to manually inspect all footpath connections with the tile inspector whenever something goes awry. It could be really handy if there was special view to highlight path connections somehow so that we could easily see if something was amiss with our paths.
  15. lol, I remember repeatably clicking that follow button when I was little.
  16. @zaxcav So it does look like this might be an original bug with moving the entrance in sandbox mode? That coordinate set sounds like where it was placed originally before I moved it.... Would you or @Broxzier be able to point me to somebody who might be able to help out with this? EDIT: Also reopened the original issue on Github to see if anybody can help me out there.
  17. Last week
  18. This only represents the ease of changing...
  19. @saxman1089 The pathing looks fine. The wide path flags calculated from the edges look normal. I turned on the path finding debugging to see if there's something weird happening there. The peeps leaving the park are using the following location for their destination: x: 2, y: 75, height: 14. The exit location is however at x:2, y: 94, height: 14. This explains why they aren't leaving. I added some debugging to print out the entrance location in the map data. There are 2 park entrance locations in the map data: Entrance 0: 2, 94, 14 Entrance 2: 2, 75, 14 At what ever location the currently stuck peeps were when they decided to leave, they were closer to the entrance 2 location. How you get rid of this obsolete entrance location data I do not know. Maybe someone else can help you out there.
  20. I'm Just gonna put some visuals out there to gain input... Only for thoughts. 250x250 size Just as @Broxzier has shown, If a height map is used (and it will be i'm guessing), it would be best to hit the initial import on the first shot.
  21. But in all seriousness, I'm liking it a lot! I say entrance on the lower right of the screen. We can put a nice ornamental bridge over the river to the square on the main path.
  22. With both @SpiffyJack's and @Przemek's suggestions in mind, I started to create a heightmap for the park. Thoughts?
  23. Are you an engineer by any chance? I love the "NOT TO SCALE" at the bottom. =)
  24. Needle ridge could be a reference for cliff and hilly terrain. I'd prefer map with land all around the edges, instead of island, but its only my preference. Needle Ridge.SC6
  25. Here's an island for you
  26. This is getting good... Lets see some sketches, easy peasy ... ALL cool ideas so far... photos work well for input...
  27. Sample of my and our idea.
  28. I support all these ideas. Maybe we can have the observation tower be at the center of the park square?
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