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  2. Gymnasiast

    Easy-to-Add Coaster Type

    The Spiral Roller Coaster already serves that purpose, and is directly based on Schwarzkopf's rides. (So is the Mini Roller Coaster, by the way.)
  3. Gymnasiast

    Scenery requirements

    You're not the only one who thinks this would be useful. It has also been reported here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/5860 I can't give you a timescale for this, but you can follow any progress by visiting the link I provided.
  4. I'm sure that if you search for this question, you'll find it has been asked 10000 times. We're working on it. And it will be this year, yes. I aim for the first half of this year, but keep in mind we all have busy schedules and have to do it in our spare time, so we can't always work as much on OpenRCT2 and you and we would like.
  5. On macOS, you don't put shortcuts to applications on the desktop. You put them in the Dock (the bar full of icons on the bottom of your screen). To get it there, just drag the OpenRCT2 app into the Dock.
  6. Gymnasiast

    corrupted save or broken game?

    You're using the "release" version. Please set your launcher to use "develop". Then try again. (We release irregularly, and a lot of bugs in the last release (0.2.1) have already been solved in the "develop" branch. In general, we recommend always using develop unless you have a good reason not to.)
  7. Yesterday
  8. I have the most current build the launcher has and this happened. earlier this month i would try to load the park and it would just exit the load menu. Please help me. i just want to play the game.
  9. Broxzier

    How to use .DAT files with OpenRCT2?

    OpenRCT2 will only load vanilla objects from the ObjData directory. To load custom objects you have to copy these .DAT (or .json) files to your Documents\OpenRCT2\object
  10. CrazyCalebGamer

    How to use .DAT files with OpenRCT2?

    Hello community, I have made several custom stalls, path additions, and scenery and saved them as .DAT files. I noticed that OpenRCT2 uses .JSON files and cannot read .DAT files, at least not to my knowledge. Does anyone know how to use .DAT files with OpenRCT2? Thx, CrazyCalebGamer
  11. Last week
  12. I am on Mac and I can access the game through my finder but I can't get it onto my desktop. please help. thank you
  13. Kowiji

    Scenery Guide & Tricks

    Knew about the Ctrl holding one, But never worked, Actually got the hang of it while we're a couple years later and I'm building a coaster for New Elements.
  14. shellhammer1998

    Editing ride properties crashes the game

    yes i thought the same thing i can still get on you tube and every thing else just fine no problems
  15. jensj12

    Editing ride properties crashes the game

    I thought support for windows XP was dropped more than a year ago. Once you have a newer OS, download the launcher from the download page and run it (assuming you have RCT2 installed).
  16. shellhammer1998

    Editing ride properties crashes the game

    im new here but i have been playing rct 1 and 2 since i was five but i dont know how to download and setup mulitplayer im using windows xp 32 bit i already have rct 2 on my pc on cd
  17. anonymous19

    Favorite Roller Coaster to build?

    I love to build the Vertical Drop Coasters. Here's a shot of one. Babylon.
  18. This has been the most requested feature since the start of the project a few years ago, but I heard some rumors that it might come in 2019. It requires a new save format and thus quite some work from the devs. Expect it to happen, but not anytime soon.
  19. I'm trying to create some sandbox scenarios, but I find that I always run out of item places. I always max out the 128, and its kind of hard to choose which ones you need to keep and don't. I was wondering if there was anyway to expand this number or even possibly make it an unlimited number in a future update, it would be awesome!
  20. Deurklink

    Guide: When and how do guests spawn?

    I added a video to the guide!
  21. wudien

    Best way to decrease queue wait time?

    depending on the ride, you can increase the "chain lift" speed. This will reduce the total ride time but increases intensity (i believe)
  22. SK_Productions

    Editing ride properties crashes the game

    Thanks. I updated it a few hours after I posted this this and it was fixed.
  23. Earlier
  24. Ok, thanks. You will need to take a look on the file system. You can do that with a file manager (available in the Play Store) or by connecting the device to a computer with a USB cable. Unfortunately, the internet appears a little thin on details as to where RCT Classic stores its files. I would love to say which directory to look in, but lacking both an Android device and RCT Classic, I cannot look it up. What I would do is connect the phone to a computer and search for the name of the track design, or for files ending in *.TD6 (the track format that RCT2 and RCT Classic use).
  25. Deurklink

    Tutorial series: Git gud at OpenRCT2!

    This trick is useful if your boats go up the hills too slowly!
  26. Lazynillionaire


    Well i figured out a decent one now... it was by trial and error....... the settings I have it allows for all prebuilt wooden coasters. A good amount of all the other coasters. And just about at least one of every prebuilt ride. It is not necessarily THE most optimal, but pretty close. I think the only way it could be better is to go into the advanced scenery part of the core game and pick actual trees or walls, etc being used... but if I were to do all that I might as well create my own scenes which ibdont want to do, thus the reason for my moniker....
  27. X7123M3-256


    I understand what you mean now, but I can't really help you. It's quite a specific requirement, I'm not sure anyone has looked into it. What you can do is leave some scenery slots unfilled, and add scenery items later as you need them. This still requires you to know which scenery items are required to build your design, which the game doesn't show you. That might be a nice feature to have.
  28. jensj12

    Another Anitvirus problem

    There is nothing the devs can do for you. You need to tell your Norton installation that OpenRCT2 is not a virus. For example, whitelist it (or the entire directory if that is possible), restore it from the quarantaine, ...
  29. The latest Develop branch update released on Feburary 9th (or at least that's when it was put on the launcher), was setting off my Norton antivirus so bad that it was needing a full restart immediately. I think it may do this because few people us this program, and it was flagging the game itself, Openrct2.exe. I've switched to release branch because I know that works but I am no longer able to play the Develop branch as it quarantines the file and blocks me from opening it. Please look into this!
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