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  2. Group Park 7

    Indeed very great update @RedScope53! The fences around my coaster, I want to build a building there so it's somewhat a mark but no problem with it
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  4. Group Park 7

    Very nice update @RedScope53 Claimed: Broxzier Queue: Deurklink, Wuis, Leudimin, giraty, Darhtyoda714, 1081p, RedScope53 Missed: xbalogan, Philmon11, jensj12, Przemek, Jochem, SpiffyJack, cascadia, saxman1089, TCE, TheMightyClem
  5. Can't build any rides

    The old-fashioned "have you tried turning it off and on again"
  6. Group Park 7

    Jaffa kree!
  7. hey if is in the wrong category im sorry i dont know but can you change your username on this site? because i just changed my name on other places and i wonder if i can change it here, because my email is the same. if you cant then i have to change my name back on all the sites and that will take a bit because i change alot of them
  8. Can't build any rides

    it fixed itself when i started the server again but thanks
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  10. Group Park 7

    Glad you like it! Yeah I wasn't 100% sold on the lights, but thought eh, easy to change lol. I'm actually really happy with how the gate to Illumi... came out, glad you like that too! As far as the fence goes, I wasn't sure how'd you like it, so I only did part as a demo
  11. Group Park 7

    Cool update! I like what you did to part of the fences: Not sure about the lamps though, i'll probably replace them: I like the entrance gate to Illuminati confirmed, I'll probably recolor it to something like this:
  12. Group Park 7

  13. Group Park 7

    Are you sure that isn't a "7-STORY 360° LOOOOPING COASTER!"?
  14. Group Park 7

    Whew. Did a TON of landscaping. Added a new ride. (Props if you get the reference.) Changed some paths up. Fixed some broken paths, added info/bathroom stalls. Added benches and litter bins, etc. Added a ton of trees and grass and flowers and bushes. Added more grass and trees and bushes. New ride. Spiced up Space World entrance(s) a little bit. (Feel free to revert if you don't like them, ) @Deurklink Made a fancy bridge for the monorail. Made a gateway for Illuminati Confirmed. (Which I just noticed is missing a fence on the bottom half.) Treeeeeeeeeeeeessss. I hand placed all the trees, grass, bushes and shrubbery, so please, remove as needed and not a giant eraser tool sweep Claimed: Queue: @Broxzier, Deurklink, Wuis, Leudimin, giraty, Darhtyoda714, 1081p, RedScope53 Missed: @xbalogan, @Philmon11, @jensj12 , @Przemek, @Jochem, @SpiffyJack, @cascadia, @saxman1089 , @TCE , @TheMightyClem The OpenRCT2 Group Park 7.34.sv6 This was taken yesterday and doesn't reflect the current file.
  15. Space Base (On an unnamed planet)

    So, to make up for the lack of updates in the last week, here's another one Overview: I decided to go for the more natural looking green water in the craters. Also, i expanded the park a bit in all directions. I modified the monorail to have a longer path in between the buildings and gave it a longer station. First off, i built an air-launched rollercoaster named Escape Velocity, which partially goes underground. I may build more buildings over the underground part, but for now i'll keep it this way. I also built a Top Spin called Warp Drive in the building next to it. Inside view: Next, i made an attraction with boats that float on a rare and exotic form of ice that is completely liquid. Inside view (from another angle): It also seems some sharp beaked alien lifeforms have decided to take refuge in the crater next to it. And finally, i built a suspended swinging rollercoaster using old-fashioned rocket trains, which partially runs outside the building. I never build any of these, but i think this one actually looks pretty good. And the inside view: Here's the save, for people who want to take a look: Space Base 04.sv6
  16. Can't build any rides

    How many coasters are in the park? What commit are you using? Which server is it?
  17. Weird Texture on Ride Overall View

    The DEV's are aware of this on GitHub, it's a bug
  18. Entrance/exit placement bug

    There was a bug with entrances/exits in a older build, try upgrading to the newest
  19. Weird Texture on Ride Overall View

    It turns white here too... I'll have to take a screenshot of the original picture so that you can see the black.
  20. Hello! I've been noticing a weird texture in the overall view windows of rides. The first time I noticed this, I thought maybe it's just certain graphics not loading properly possibly because of lag since my current PC isn't strong at the moment, but, this hasn't happened before. I have also thought maybe something happened with a saved game so I tried a new park and I'm still noticing it. What's even weirder is when I try to load the screenshot into an editor to crop it, the black texture turns white. v0.1.2 / build 67ebf40 (Windows 10 x64)
  21. Terrain Texture Glitch

    I'm using the normal software drawing engine.
  22. (I can't place the exit for that station on any of the station tracks except for the one the entrance is placed on.)
  23. Last week
  24. Installing expansion packs will only fix the problem if it's expansion objects that are missing. I imagine most people asking this question will not know where the objects are from (you can search this on NE though).
  25. I can't build any rides, and it just says "WARNING!". Please help, video below (this only happens when I host a server):
  26. Can't join any server

    @Asriel I have encountered this problem before, try installing the 2 texture packs; Wacky Worlds and Time Twister. You can buy these at places like Amazon, Walmart, etc. If that doesn't work, please direct to your OpenRCT2 installation and open "openrct2,com" (not a link). If the game starts as normal, join a server you normally can't join and take a screenshot of the .com file.
  27. If this was locked, they would have 3 options: 1. Read a solution comment of this thread. The solution is to install EXPANSION PACKS (not always, but that worked for me). It's as simple as that. 2. Make their own topic. (best option) 3. Deal with it. This problem has been solved since Aug 2017. If this won't be locked, I will no longer reply to it.
  28. Group Park 7

    I can't wait to see the rest, i LOVE toilets! (by the way make sure to connect the path to it )
  29. Group Park 7

    Heres a tiny peek at whats to come.
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