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  2. @X7123M3-256 I actually tried to make them into doors, but I couldn't really figure out how that worked. Opening existing door models into the object editor just made it crash, so also couldn't find an example.
  3. Thanks... I don't have the file claimed, so I was mainly using it for my bounderies. For all I know, that space won't be available when I claim..
  4. i think it was a synonym for: "in real-life" or "in reality". here from wikipedia: it goes some distant straight befor the turn. X7 just said, they would fall off in reality. -------------------- And no: those files should not be part of the download. oRCT didnt remove them, after i de-selected them. It seems to be bugged sometimes.
  5. In Real Life
  6. Those objects downloaded when I saved it earlier... was that supposed to happen?
  7. @X7123M3-256 What is IRL?..
  8. Nah it's fine, if you saw my park here (the Seven Flags Oberstone) you can see a splash boats ride cornering at 100 mph... Nah stick if you're realistic builder or half-realistic
  9. They can't in game, but they would IRL, so it should still be avoided.
  10. Easy peasy...
  11. Yesterday
  12. Thanks.. It will top 9 for sure when done... it's not my turn yet though and this is conservative.
  13. Im ok with it. Looks equally sized as the other rides. But the boats can't fly off those curves, can they? Never tired it. I think i have never seen a ride explode, until i reached Fiasco Forrest... wasn't prepared for that *lol* if you ask me: you can make it a bit bigger and let the boats bleed off some speed befor going into a turn. (e.g: a bridge to the other side of the canyon) But you dont have to. Its your ride after all. Edit: The approximation of the stats of my work-in-progress-Ride: "Sif - Artoria's Companion" Forgot it to attach :> The final values might be a bit higher. I try to get it up to 9.0 with scenary for my next turn. ... Im just thinking on continuing this theme-setting. rct2 + addons might have all assets for a dark-souls area. :>
  14. Is this too BIG? supports will be reduced to minimum with complete scenery... I need to know... it holds 496 peeps also. I must know .. thanks
  15. @Broxzier ... I was ansering something to @cascadia, when you replied. And then chrome crashed. This forum is strange Ok ontopic: it wasnt meant to be offensive. There are a lot websites with really strange rules (mostly hidden somewhere, deep in the archives). That was a legit question to prevent myself from getting any more trouble... It takes a lot to offend me (no one ever managed to do that) (but when it happens, the website that offended me would be wiped off the internet...) And dont worry about the URLs. I have created a script, that will prevent that. The only thing i can't prevent is a server-downtime, but same goes for your website as well. How about a double upload? I'll edit my post from erlier in a few minutes. The upload takes a lot longer on this server. We have a Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line in germany... its a pain in the a'' I could make a meal while uploading a bigger file. And because my server is closer, i dont have to send those files over the atlantic or over some nodes (e.g: england) Those are points, where everything gets slowed down >.> EDIT: Is the new version now without additional signs? For me it is (like the first one, too...)
  16. (Only saw this edit just now) Please don't take it as offense, I was just saying. In case you change things up on your server, all links you've posted here will be broken, while for files attached to a message here on the forums will keep working, even after an update.
  17. It keeps all the copies in one place.
  18. Don't think of it as a decimal number, each number next to a dot is a different number. The corresponding numbers are usually called Release, Major, Minor and Build. Check out this Wikipedia page about versioning, and especially the Incrementing sequences part.
  19. This is not a version at all. Version increment goes like this: 5.x.x and not 5.10 The next one should be: 5.1.1 otherwise we would end up with something like: 5.1337. The best way is to keep the numbers to 1 digit maximum at all time and seperate them for readability. For the signs: I thought i had them removed. They were only used for the screenshots. Not sure, why you actually could download them... >.> @cascadia @Broxzier The new version should be uploaded by now. I would be happy, if you remove the .DAT from your objects-folder, because they are never ment to be used in public. FOXSIG01.DAT FOXSIG02.DAT Sometimes, the Object editor dosn't removes or adds items. And why should i upload them here? Its easier for me to let my webserver automaticly put a screenshot together and store them in a download list. Or is it against a rules of openRCT2?
  20. I agree- the custom signs should be removed in favor of custom scenery that can be used elsewhere in the park. The slide is awesome, through- too bad the ratings can't be permanently manually adjusted right now to fit the RL excitement and intensity factor on it...
  21. You know you can just upload the parks here, right? The version should be 5.10, not 5.1. I'm not sure if non-generic scenery like the signs and the to-be-wolves is a good idea. They cannot be reused in the rest of the park, and take up an object slot each. With GP2 and 3 we managed to hit the limit early on.
  22. Sorry, this was literally"Crash-City". OpenRCT couldnt even create dump-files for some reason. Thats why i took a bit longer than expected. Anyway: I'll wait with the entrance and see what all of you can do with it as well. Actually: i dont really want to build it all alone. The main attraction is not finished, but i think i came up with the perfect solution. There is also a secoundary attraction running right now. Now: Let me tell you a Story... (maybe not 100% accurate) Its the story about Artorias and his companion: As suddenly the abbys breaks out in Oolacile, Lorg Gwyn gave Artorias the order to stop the abyss from spreading out any further and rescue princess dusk. And so knight Artorias and Sif ventured to Oolacile to face the thread, but sadly the did not succeed. Artorias got overwhelmd by the abyss, that infected his heart. Feeling, that he more and more looses control over himself, his final act was to create a protective barrier around Sif to protect her, befor he absorbed the wholeness of the abyss. This stopped the thread, but also cost his life. Living with the knowlage, that Artorias saved her, watching him becomming husk, only capeable of screams racked with pain... she kept the ring of Artorias, knowing, that many will try to traverse the abyss, and defends her masters grave. ... Praise the Sun! Changelog The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.1: There are 2 placeholders for custom objects: Sif and Great-Sword. I will try to create an animation for it, that will fill the entire circle around the grave. Soo, keep some clearance please, because this wolf is quite furious with the sword :> Claimed: Queue: @UTMAN, SpiffyJack, giraty, RedScope53, Jochem, TCE, Tune, Cascadia, Broxzier, Wuis, FoxyMissed: YoloSweggLord, jensj12, Philmon11 Download: OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.1.sv6/The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.1.sv6 The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.10.sv6
  23. It's all very white, I'd make use of some different colours between the lower and top part.
  24. Hi, peeps. I surely am looking dumb with this reply but anyway. How do I use GoG .exe-installer for OpenRCT2 needs? It clearly is not a folder (jk, was having a PC for quite a while) and I know no wine-less ways to extract it... Any help besides "just go and buy it on Steam you moron" suggestions? Thanks a lot! UPD: Nevermind. I just extracted it on a nearby PC and brought data folder back to mac.
  25. @Foxy I like it! Tho, a bit more defining things and details would make it %10 better (I'm sure you're not done.) Tho, I do think the tunnels need to be more open, airy. (I've got an idea so I'll wait till you upload it for the next person and try an idea.)
  26. Last week
  27. Half-time feedback needed: The color for the wall is based on the go-Kart-building and the roof on the "Park" sign. Its a "Gothic-Medival-Fantasy-GameOfThrones-NeuSchwanstein-Hybrid-Castle"... or something like that (click on URL to see the pictures) Had to re-route the monorail. But i think its a cool feature to let the monorail go through the entrance. I let it like it is right now and one of you could add some more details to it. The top looks a bit strange, but i didn't want to put even more weight on the two towers. It already might be at the maximum, the base could support. I also tried merging blocks into each other at the arcing (secound pic), but there was some terrible z-fighing going on and it ended up looking better with that small gap between the arcs. Need to take a break because its: 0:20h UTC+1 Have a nice day/Night/Whatever
  28. You could make them as animated doors, so that they'd be functional when used with the wild mouse and certain gentle rides.
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