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  2. How do I move Open RCT2?

    There is a parameter: --user-data-path However, this only works if you have a shortcut that points to the actual EXE of OpenRCT2. Modifying the Launcher shortcut will not have an effect. If you just want to use the Launcher, the symbolic link is probably a better idea.
  3. New save format

    You can already create custom JSON objects, but they can't be embedded in the SV6. That problem will be solved when we have our own save format. Support for PNG images was added this last month. You can now load images from CSG1, G1, an object DAT and embedded PNG. The default objects will continue using DAT images.
  4. How do I move Open RCT2?

    Yeah, I used a symbolic link and It has worked now, although it did take a long time to load.
  5. How do I move Open RCT2?

    If there is no proper way to do it, you can force it using symbolic links. That works for any folder.
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  7. New save format

    Does this mean we can use the JSON format for custom objects now? Last I heard it was only for default objects and the images were still loaded from the DAT.
  8. New save format

    Well, then—we all need to get to work on creating all-new .PNG replacements for all our .DAT files that we're currently using in-game.
  9. Group Park 8

    Like this?
  10. Group Park 8

    I don't mind the building itself, it's just that it obstructs the view of the nearby attractions. And thus it discourages people to build around it or decorate their attractions and or buildings well. If it stays you should really fix the pathway supports sticking out of the top of the tower, it'll look neater then.
  11. Group Park 8

    Eh, it's for fun, I say just keep it. These parks aren't meant to be perfect, are they? Not that I have any skin in the game here, just as an outside observer.
  12. Group Park 8

    Well if you guys don't like it, you can unmake my turn and continue from 8.23 again. Also in Japan there are a lot of modern stuff so technically it fits. But I admit it, it's a bit taller than I expected it.
  13. New save format

    That is not only what we planned, but also what we already use - checkout , which combines the JSON together with a PNG file for an extra preview.
  14. Catwalks !

    I know, but they are tedious. There is a cso someone created out of the multi-dimension sprites that is clipping through trains visually and then there's a good catwalk set by "1K". But they take up object file space you know... If this could be implemented (like the booster sections of the B&M tracks) it would be sooo much easier.
  15. There is not another way to do it. The workaround has already been mentioned for copy/paste, you'll just have to do it in pieces rather than all at once. Some pictures of your park would also help us to understand and determine if there is another way.
  16. Catwalks !

    I like this idea, not sure it would be achievable in the current file structure though. I'm almost positive that the catwalks are a portion of the lift-hill sprite for the multi-D coaster, and that they're not something additional that could be implemented on other tracks, but I could be wrong. You can use custom scenery catwalk pieces to get the same look if you desire.
  17. OpenRCT2 v0.1.2 released!

    Be patient, it will come eventually. For now, you can use a ride with saved scenery to copy/paste.
  18. Sandbar Shores

    In other words, use as many as you can to tick off Deurklink (he hates those things!).
  19. custom content not recognised

    You have to put custom scenery in the OpenRCT2/object folder now. If you put it there it should work.
  20. What's new in 0.2?

    You can find the changelog online here : You can also find it on your computer. OpenRCT2Folder/bin/changelog.txt
  21. Sandbar Shores

    Even though it's a sandbar, you should really try to do some more landscaping under your rides. Make some artificial mountains between them, vary the land texture a bit, place some water. I think it will look a lot better than just using sand with some scenery objects here and there. For example, you could let the orange coaster race through a pirate town on its lowest level, or you could let the wooden coaster go through some caves or waterfalls. Also, you should avoid using water spouts (the tornadoes), those just look silly when placed above water level
  22. Group Park 8

    I don't really think that huge metal & glass tower fits in with the Asian themed stuff next to it.. EDIT: I just looked in game, and it's further away from the asian area than i thought.. Still, it's another monstrosity, that will block out the view of parts of the park from every angle.
  23. Catwalks !

    So as you may know the "Multi-Dimension Coaster" has catwalks on its lift segments. It would be amazing if these could be added by trigger on other coasters as well. flat sections could also be usefull during straight track sections & brakeruns: And an example of a Menu entry: The catwalk sprites could be edited out of the multi-dimension coaster. (Like i did on these screens here in gimp *g*)
  24. openrct2 with the update from 0.1.2 to 0.2.0 will not open any park that I have created with a custom item I have downloaded over the years. All was working fine earlier and is still present in the correct folder.
  25. Last week
  26. OpenRCT2 v0.1.2 released!

    We need copy/paste
  27. Does anyone know another work around ? I guess that the SV6 are saving the objects’coordinate from a corner of the map, is there a way to move thoses objects ?
  28. Yes I know about the « save ride design with scenery but I want to add 18 000 (Eurosat’s dome) objects and you can select 255. is there another way? I need to expand the map in an other direction/move the rides and scenery
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