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  2. Park value is an important number for the completion of several scenarios. Many players do not fully understand how park value works, and struggle to complete those scenarios which require a high park value. When you know how park value works, those scenarios will actually become very easy. This guide is divided in three chapters: 1. Park value formula 2. Ride value formula 3. Conclusions (tips) If you dont like reading through code, you should probably skip to the third chapter, where I will give some tips on manipulating park value. 1. Park value formula Park value is calculated in Park.cpp , in the function calculate_park_value(). This function is actually quite simple. First, the program cycles through all rides and calculates their value. After that it adds €7.00 (I'll use € in this guide) for every guest in the park. So if the total value of your rides would be €100000 and you have 5000 guests in your park, the total park value would become €135000. Now, the difficult part of this function is calculating the ride value. 2. Ride value formula To get the park value, the value of all rides has to be calculated. The formula to calculate ride value is as follows: There are three important variables in this function: 1. Ride->value 2. Ride customers in last 5 minutes 3. Ride bonus value 1. Ride value Ride->value is calculated by taking the excitement, intensity and nausea of a ride, and multiplying those by certain factors. Then after that, the result is multiplied by an aging factor. Basically, the older the ride gets, the lower the value will be. In this guide, i have explained how to calculate this value, as it also determines how much you can charge for your ride! The cool thing is that this part of the formula can be abused. If you make a ride with ultra-extreme intensity and nausea, and because Ride->value is for a large part a multiplication of the stats with a certain factor, this means that the ride value will become very high! 2. Ride customers in last 5 minutes This part is quite self-explanatory. For a good ride value, you'll want rides with a high throughput of guests. If you need a high park rating, try building rides with a high capacity. 3. Ride bonus value This is a bonus value for every ride, which is also used to calculate how many guests spawn in your park. The ride bonus values can be found in RideData.cpp, under const uint8 rideBonusValue[RIDE_TYPE_COUNT]. Every ride type has its own bonus value. Example Now let's take an example ride to calculate its contribution to the park value. In the guide where I explained how much you can charge for your ride, we had an example Giga coaster which had an excitement of 8.00, an intensity of 5.50, and a nausea rating of 4.00. When we used the spreadsheet from that guide, we found a value of 88 when the ride was younger than 5 months. 88 will be the value we use for the Ride->value in the formula. For the number of riders in the last 5 minutes, lets just assume the ride has 1200 guests per hour, which gives us 100 guests in the last 5 minutes. The ride bonus value of a Giga coaster can be looked up in the table in RideData.cpp, and it turns out the value is 120. We can now substitute those values in our formula: ride->value = 88, ride_customers_in_last_5_minutes = 100, rideBonusValue[ride->type] = 120 (88 * 10) * (100 + 120*4) = 510400 To get the contribution to the park value in money, this value has to be divided by 10, so this giga coaster would contribute €51400 to the park value. This value will diminish over time as the ride gets older, because the ride->value component will get smaller over time. Also, it will be 25% less if there is already another ride of the same type in the park. 3. Conclusion (tips): As explained in the previous chapters, the park value is calculated by summing the value of all rides, and then adding €7 to the value for every guest. Here are some park value tips and considerations: - For a high ride value, the stats of a ride need to be high. You can abuse this by making rides with extreme stats. A few very high roto-drop towers or freefall towers are a very cost-effective way of increasing your park rating. - Build rides with high capacity and keep the throughput high. - If rides break down, the throughput will be temporarily reduced, decreasing the park value. Try to keep downtime for rides low. - Rain will also decrease the throughput for most rides, thereby temporarily decreasing the park value. - If you build more than one of a ride type, their values will be reduced by 25%. This guide used the soure code of OpenRCT2 at 21-03-2018.
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  4. Both of those work for me. That's probably due to the trains having differing mass.
  5. Ah, my bad, confused some stuff. Other trains indeed use boosters normally. Depending on the used trains, you will see different acceleration rates though. @S-Man42, thats because that track type doesnt have boosters. If you build a giga coaster track and put a wild mouse car on it using cheats, you will see the wild mouse car accelerate over the booster.
  6. White-Water Rafting

    Thank you!
  7. White-Water Rafting

    Exactly this. It is. That's why I'm not recommending that you do it, just pointing out that it's possible. It's a real pain to get right - the two parts of the train must cover exactly the same distance during a circuit, or they get out of sync and the ride stops working. There's a tutorial here. This also a more complicated hack; OpenRCT2 does not have a cheat to do it, so you'll have to use a debugger, hex editor, or similar tool to accomplish this
  8. I tried dinghies and at the screenshots you can see the spinning mouse cars
  9. It does not have booster sprites. That's a spinning control toggle. The booster piece is actually the same track piece as the spinning control toggle, the game just changes the behaviour based on the track type. On wild mouse track, it functions as a spinning control toggle, and on everything else it behaves as a booster. This had to be done because it is impossible to add a new track piece to the game without a new save format, so they had to repurpose an existing one that most track types don't use. What do you mean "coded to work with boosters"? Object files don't contain code. Can you give an example of a train that doesn't work?
  10. Not all trains are coded to work with boosters. For those it may be better to use a fast chainlift. ^ disregard that, boosters work if you use a different train.
  11. White-Water Rafting

    Thanks a lot for your patience and ideas I didn't even know about the switch in the coaster's main window which I found now. Awesome I hope I am not impolite if I ask some more. Some things you mentioned sound really nice. It is nice to learn more and more. Are there some examples/tutorials? All I know about "shoestrings" is from that thread But I am not sure how this would help. Maybe the definition of a shoestring is unclear. I thought that the shoestring means this splitting the train thing. Am I wrong? So what is your intention? Splitting a double dinghies train into two single cars and then let one brake on the underground where the other one is right on the turn? Seems possible but then I need the switch at the beginning... Seems really hard (but it would be a great challenge, wouldn't it?) How can I add invisible cars (or in more general: different types of cars)? Thanks for your patience
  12. Hi I played around with the roller coaster type switch and I found something strange. I build a test coaster with a brake and a booster. The brakes always work. But the booster sometimes has no effect. How can this be explained? 1. Wooden Wild Mouse: No brake, no booster --> brake works, booster not. 2. (Steel) Wild Mouse: Brake, no booster, but has booster sprites (!) --> brake works, booster not. 3. Giga Coaster: Both pieces exist, both work. (But: Booster is set to 20km/h, the graph shows much more?!) 4. LIM: Brakes, no booster: brake work, booster work (with correct 20km/h value) The brake always works as expected but the booster piece always work different. What is the logic behind this? Or is this a bug? Greets S-Man
  13. White-Water Rafting

    No you don't. You are making the track invisible anyway, so there's no reason to merge (if you use a track piece that is not supported on a given track style, it still works but the missing piece will not be drawn). In any case, the steel wild mouse track has all the same track pieces as the wooden wild mouse and does allow brakes, so I would recommend using that instead. You can always switch the track type back again after you've built the brakes (you can do the same for diagonals, or really any track piece you want - you only need to merge if the track is supposed to be visible). Unfortunately not. You can get this effect using a shoestring, but a shoestring is very complicated to set up and IMO not really worth it for something so simple. Another option is to put brakes just after the turn, then add a few invisible cars in front of the rafts so that the brakes are hit during the turn. Of course, you then have to account for this delay everywhere else you used brakes. It's also not an easy hack to set up - unlike a shoestring this can't be done with cheats, and is less flexible but it requires a lot less trial and error. This is called breaking out. Thing is, there are no eddies on your river left channel so there is no place to break out - once over the lip, the rafts aren't stopping until they wash out at the bottom. I would have the rafts follow the flow of the river, as they do now, but place brakes where the hydraulics would form, because these would slow the raft IRL. I'd have it drop over the first ledge and then slow down to ~15mph in the pool at the bottom. Ideally you would brake slightly in the turn before the slide, but as noted above that's not easy to do so I'd skip it and just put brakes at the bottom of the slide. Then more brakes once they turn out of the flow. The main thing is to not have the rafts going really fast on flat water.
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  15. OpenRCT2 v0.1.2 released!

    Aww Yeah. Great work guys! Time to diiiig in~
  16. White-Water Rafting

    @X7123M3-256 I had a look for the breaks. The Wodden Wild Mouse doesn't have any brakes. So I have to merge another rollercoaster type into the track. But merging needs 2 tiles afaik. There is not enough space in the small river for that. Do you have any other ideas? It would be great if I could brake on the turn tiles... Is it possible to make any track part a brake/booster/whatever like the chain lift? In reality the rafting boats sometimes breaks after the drop by turning the boat. So a brake on a tiny turn wouldn't be unrealistic.
  17. Screenshot dump topic!

    Dude, every time you post something you jut get better and better. This is effing amazing.
  18. Alpunta, somewhere in Swiss

    Looking good!
  19. OpenRCT2 v0.1.2 released!

    Thanks to the devs for all their hard work!
  20. Alpunta, somewhere in Swiss

    Nothing much recently, just found a good wooden path and replace the path type to this newfound one on the lake crossing, and added more supports to Bois Epique (the wooden coaster). Not sure how to fill the remaining areas
  21. Hello everyone, four-time OpenRCT2 title sequence creator here! I've made the 0.1.2 title sequence as good as it possibly can be, and I'm curious what you all think about it!
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  23. Absurd rides

  24. Absurd rides

    It's forced perspective - the track is not connected but the two ends are lined up so that they look connected from that angle. The ride is non-functional - I did build one that was functional, but I couldn't get it to work consistently. The synchronization has to be perfect for the illusion to still work with a train running.
  25. Absurd rides

    @X7123M3-256 Your last one is mind fucking. It seems to play with the perspective. But I do not get te trick. Would you explain it? How do you hide the level difference?
  26. *i can't English very well* i use Samsung Notebook pen (or Notebook Pro). Any other APP or Programs are not have Touch or Spen issue. but OpenRCT2 has a problem. one touch -> two Click also Spen have a same problem so i can not 'pause' or 'close' Is this problem on another laptop or tablet like MS surface? any Driver is up to date. Thank you
  27. White-Water Rafting

    Yeah, I used s-bends on mine. There just isn't anywhere on OP's waterfall where one would fit.
  28. White-Water Rafting

    @X7123M3-256 I didn't mention the S-bend for this raft. But as you mentioned, the hairpin turns are kind of rough and if S-Man was planning to build another ride like this on a waterfall that has a less steep slope, the S-bend could feature as a nice manoeuvre around a rock for example.
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