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    • There's over 12000 objects in NE's database, not all of which are used in any park on NE, and I know of some objects that aren't included in that. So yes, there's plenty of CS you're unlikely to get by downloading parks alone, but unfortunately, there really isn't an easy way of finding what you're looking for.
    • What he said. If you want actual scenarios, like the ones I've made, you would go to MyDocument>OpenRCT2>Scenarios. Same thing works for data, and tracks. MyDownloads>ORCT2>objdata and MyDownloads>OpenRCT2>Tracks. It's very handy to take the RCT2 disc out (If you have one), as some things will be automatically installed and will start up RCT2.   Hope this helps!  
    • If you have the park file just put it in MyDocument>OpenRCT2>Saves and then load it in-game and it will install all assets if the creator left it with the option enabled
    • Hey all. Im used to playing RCT2 and I always download from just a couple parks to get my custom stuff.  Is this the same way that OpenRCT plays?? I'm thinking of downloading The Kumba from NE, and maybe Starpointe. Is there a few other parks that have any more Custom content that these don't have? I only want custom stuff that is Cedar Fair style or Carnival style if you will and these have most of it.  If you guys download a different way I'd like to know. Thanks all 
    • In conclusion, no. You are not the most popular server. HOWEVER, from what I can tell you are the only server that doesn't require sign-up to play.
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