Download OpenRCT2 v0.4.8 release

Windows downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Windows ARM64 PortableOpenRCT2-0.4.8-windows-portable-arm64.zipbdb14d660.77 MB
Windows x86 PortableOpenRCT2-0.4.8-windows-portable-win32.zip9f22a7860.66 MB
Windows x64 PortableOpenRCT2-0.4.8-windows-portable-x64.zip612a06361.7 MB
Windows ARM64 InstallerOpenRCT2-0.4.8-windows-installer-arm64.exe3a1974357.2 MB
Windows x64 InstallerOpenRCT2-0.4.8-windows-installer-x64.exe6752f8758.38 MB
Windows x86 InstallerOpenRCT2-0.4.8-windows-installer-win32.exe540a43357.69 MB

Linux downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Debian Bullseye x86_64OpenRCT2-0.4.8-linux-bullseye-x86_64.tar.gz8f8e3a8123.77 MB
Ubuntu Focal 20.04 i686OpenRCT2-0.4.8-linux-focal-i686.tar.gze5204d163.59 MB
Ubuntu Focal 20.04 x86_64OpenRCT2-0.4.8-linux-focal-x86_64.tar.gz6cf2d0966.11 MB
Ubuntu Jammy 22.04 x86_64OpenRCT2-0.4.8-linux-jammy-x86_64.tar.gza915260123.67 MB
AppImage x86_64OpenRCT2-0.4.8-linux-x86_64.AppImage820062c87.82 MB

macOS downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
macOS Universal PortableOpenRCT2-0.4.8-macos-universal.zip85ce63780.52 MB

Android downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Android ARMOpenRCT2-0.4.8-android-arm.apk58de82c11.81 MB

Miscellaneous downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Windows ARM64 Debug SymbolsOpenRCT2-0.4.8-windows-symbols-arm64.zipaea5e2129.59 MB
Windows x86 Debug SymbolsOpenRCT2-0.4.8-windows-symbols-win32.zip6c43f0c29.8 MB
Windows x64 Debug SymbolsOpenRCT2-0.4.8-windows-symbols-x64.zip3377f0532.44 MB

Release notes

- Feature: [#21062] [Plugin] Add API for managing a guest's items.
- Improved: [#18632, #21306] Land ownership and construction rights are now shown on top of the water.
- Improved: [#20951] Activate OpenRCT2 window after using native file dialog on macOS.
- Improved: [#21184] The construction marker for rides, paths and large scenery is now shown on top of the water.
- Improved: [#21192] Tooltips will now follow the cursor.
- Improved: [#21227] Entrance style dropdown is now sorted alphabetically everywhere.
- Change: [#21200] Raise maximum lift speeds of the Reverser Coaster, Side Friction Coaster, and Virginia Reel for RCT1 parity.
- Change: [#21225] Raise maximum allowed misc entities to 1600.
- Fix: [#19494] RCT1 fence gate walls not imported properly if they were placed on slopes.
- Fix: [#20196] New scenarios start with an incorrect temperature.
- Fix: [#20255] Images from the last hovered-over coaster in the object selection are not freed.
- Fix: [#20616] Confirmation button in the track designer’s quit prompt has the wrong text.
- Fix: [#20628] Moving caret using Ctrl+left can move too far when using a multibyte grapheme.
- Fix: [#20631] IME window not positioned correctly.
- Fix: [#20845] Trying to save under a folder with no write permissions causes a crash.
- Fix: [#21054] “No entrance” style is selected by default in the track designer.
- Fix: [#21145] [Plugin] setInterval/setTimeout handle conflict.
- Fix: [#21157] [Plugin] Widgets do not redraw correctly when updating disabled or visibility state.
- Fix: [#21158] [Plugin] Potential crash using setInterval/setTimeout within the callback.
- Fix: [#21171] [Plugin] Crash creating entities with no more entity slots available.
- Fix: [#21178] Inca Lost City’s scenario description incorrectly states there are height restrictions.
- Fix: [#21179] Additional missing land/construction rights tiles in Inca Lost City & Renovation.
- Fix: [#21198] [Plugin] Setting brake or booster speeds on a tile element doesn’t work.
- Fix: [#21290] Sound keeps playing when paused from fast-forward mode.
- Fix: [#21291] Hungry guests heading to any flat ride do not count for warning threshold (original bug).
- Fix: [#21309] Africa - Oasis & Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s monorails are built outside the park’s land rights.
- Fix: [#21316] Isolated land for sale tile on Extreme Hawaiian Island.