Download OpenRCT2 v0.4.1 release

Windows downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Windows x86 InstallerOpenRCT2-0.4.1-windows-installer-win32.exede5e2a719.13 MB
Windows x64 InstallerOpenRCT2-0.4.1-windows-installer-x64.exe55f5d2419.86 MB
Windows x86 PortableOpenRCT2-0.4.1-windows-portable-win32.zip598bc7922.02 MB
Windows x64 PortableOpenRCT2-0.4.1-windows-portable-x64.zipd62b73523.2 MB

Linux downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
AppImage x86_64OpenRCT2-0.4.1-linux-x86_64.AppImage11c8ae948.13 MB
Linux x86_64OpenRCT2-0.4.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gz9d1279a83.23 MB

macOS downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
macOS Universal PortableOpenRCT2-0.4.1-macos-universal.zipc0c4e9154.08 MB

Android downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Android ARMOpenRCT2-0.4.1-android-arm.apkac7770511 MB

Miscellaneous downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Windows x86 Debug SymbolsOpenRCT2-0.4.1-windows-symbols-win32.zipf418c7d30.15 MB
Windows x64 Debug SymbolsOpenRCT2-0.4.1-windows-symbols-x64.zipaf2af7333.29 MB

Release notes

- Feature: [#16825] Add Alpine Coaster track type.
- Feature: [#17011] Option to show ride vehicles as separate entries when selecting a ride to construct.
- Feature: [#17217] Add FLAC and OGG/vorbis as supported audio formats for ride music objects.
- Feature: [#12328, #17418] Add vehicles for the Hybrid Coaster, Single-Rail Roller Coaster and Classic Mini Roller Coaster.
- Improved: [#7983] The red colour in the ride stat screen and the ride graphs now corresponds better to negative effects on a ride’s stats.
- Improved: [#13966] Music Style dropdown is now sorted by name.
- Improved: [#16978] Tree placement is more natural during map generation.
- Improved: [#16992] The checkbox in the visibility column of the Tile Inspector has been replaced with an eye symbol.
- Improved: [#16999] The maximum price for the park entry has been raised to £999.
- Improved: [#17050] Transparency can be enabled directly without needing see-through enabled first.
- Improved: [#17059] Show Tile Inspector usage hint when nothing is selected.
- Improved: [#17199] Allow creation of Spiral Slide reskins.
- Improved: [#17242] More natural looking shorelines in map generator.
- Improved: [#17328] Parks can now be resized into rectangular shapes from the map and map generation windows.
- Change: [#16952] Make “Object Selection” order more coherent.
- Change: [#17002] Weather no longer resets when converting a save to scenario.
- Change: [#17294] New ride window remembers scroll position per tab instead of highlighted ride.
- Removed: [#16864] Title sequence editor (replaced by plug-in).
- Removed: [#16911, #17411] Residual support for pre-Vista Windows systems.
- Fix: [#13997] Placing a track design interferes with other players building a ride.
- Fix: [#15787] When deselecting "Show banner text in upper case", the banners remain upper case for 10 seconds.
- Fix: [#16539] CustomListView header not clickable when listview is scrolled.
- Fix: [#16799] Browsing “Up” in the Load Save window shows no files, only folders.
- Fix: [#16934] Park size displayed incorrectly in Park window.
- Fix: [#16974] Small scenery ghosts can be deleted.
- Fix: [#16989] Re-focusing maximised window triggers a restore and maximise.
- Fix: [#17005] Unable to set patrol area for first staff member in park.
- Fix: [#17017] [Plugin] Crash when using tile element properties that require a valid ride to be linked.
- Fix: [#17073] Corrupt ride window and random crashes when trains have more than 144 cars.
- Fix: [#17080] “Remove litter” cheat does not empty litter bins.
- Fix: [#17099] Object selection thumbnail box is one pixel too tall.
- Fix: [#17104] Changing map size does not invalidate park size.
- Fix: [#17157] Crash when browsing “Up” to folder with CJK characters in its name.
- Fix: [#17187] Text input window does not resize correctly.
- Fix: [#17197] Segfault when extracting files from the GOG installer.
- Fix: [#17205] Map generator sometimes crashes when not all standard terrain objects are available.
- Fix: [#17221] Object ghosts and tooltips follow invisible cursor when moving the viewport by right-click dragging.
- Fix: [#17255] Cursor position is incorrect when adjusting terrain and water height.
- Fix: [#17257] [Plugin] Add tertiary colour to large scenery scripting API.
- Fix: [#17261] Hand cursor position is incorrect when dragging items in the Inventions List window.
- Fix: [#17292] Rows in shortcut key list stay highlighted when cursor leaves list.
- Fix: [#17295] Pause status not cleared when loading a scenario made from a converted paused save.
- Fix: [#17310] Reversed reversible vehicles not imported properly when loading RCT1 parks.
- Fix: [#17335] [Plugin] Documentation has an incorrect type for PixelData ‘data’ attribute.
- Fix: [#17337] Air Powered Vertical Coaster trains not imported properly when loading RCT1 parks.
- Fix: [#17346] Surface height markers are concealed by sprites of same surface.
- Fix: [#17369] [Plugin] ‘Car.travelBy()’ moves other cars as well.
- Fix: [#17377] When building the park entrance before opening the Footpaths window, the path will be invisible.
- Fix: [#17381] Air Powered Vertical Coaster stat penalty is wrong.
- Fix: [#17399] Guests never generate the being watched thought.
- Fix: [#17433] Wrong T-shirt colours for guests on a Twist ride.
- Fix: [#17450] Ducks can swim on three-corners-up land tile.
- Fix: [#17461] Footpath Railing tooltip showing incorrect tooltip.
- Fix: [#17464] Green Tarmac footpath is not available in the Track Designer.
- Fix: [#17466] New object types not packed in save files.
- Fix: [#17481] Roto-drop cars try going up to top pieces that are ghosts or belong to other rides.