Download OpenRCT2 v0.2.6 release

Windows downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Windows x86 InstallerOpenRCT2-0.2.6-windows-installer-win32.exe9085f0d10.36 MB
Windows x64 InstallerOpenRCT2-0.2.6-windows-installer-x64.exe956398a10.88 MB
Windows x86 PortableOpenRCT2-0.2.6-windows-portable-win32.zip3e2dfa012.32 MB
Windows x64 PortableOpenRCT2-0.2.6-windows-portable-x64.zip70b8e8e13.07 MB
Windows x86 PortableOpenRCT2-0.2.6-windows-winnt5.1-portable-win32.zip1fdb19721.49 MB

Linux downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
AppImage x86_64OpenRCT2-0.2.6-linux-x86_64.AppImage223347f34.74 MB
Linux i686OpenRCT2-0.2.6-linux-i686.tar.gz192a1067.66 MB
Linux x86_64OpenRCT2-0.2.6-linux-x86_64.tar.gz7ecc92231.92 MB

macOS downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
macOS x86_64 PortableOpenRCT2-0.2.6-macos-x86_64.zip007393323.11 MB

Miscellaneous downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
misc ARMopenrct2-arm.apk5d2d87c10.32 MB
Windows x86 Debug SymbolsOpenRCT2-0.2.6-windows-debugsymbols-win32.zip67f7cd617.94 MB
Windows x64 Debug SymbolsOpenRCT2-0.2.6-windows-debugsymbols-x64.zip4284e6a18.37 MB
misc undefinedOpenRCT2-0.2.6-raspbian-dbgsym_armhf.debe27402170.99 MB
misc undefinedOpenRCT2-0.2.6-raspbian_armhf.debcaed6508.66 MB

Release notes

- Feature: [#10925] Show hovered values on finance charts.
- Feature: [#11013] Ctrl+C copies input dialog text to clipboard.
- Feature: [#11218] load_park command for console
- Feature: [#11272] Option for toggling notifications for 'Ride casualties' and 'Stuck or stalled vehicles'.
- Feature: [#11281] add_news_item command for console
- Feature: [#11300] Add powered launch and reverse incline launched shuttle mode to the Stand-Up Roller Coaster (for RCT1 parity).
- Fix: [#475] Water sides drawn incorrectly (original bug).
- Fix: [#6123, #7907, #9472, #11028] Cannot build some track designs with 4 stations (original bug).
- Fix: [#6238] Invalid tile elem iteration in Guest::UpdateUsingBin
- Fix: [#7094] Back wall edge texture in water missing.
- Fix: [#9719] Hacked walls in RCT1 saves are imported incorrectly.
- Fix: [#10372, #10509, #10806] Lift base sections incorrectly exporting, causing various lift related bugs.
- Fix: [#10928] File browser's date column is too narrow.
- Fix: [#10951, #11160] Attempting to place park entrances creates ghost entrances in random locations.
- Fix: [#11005] Company value overflows.
- Fix: [#11027] Third color on walls becomes black when saving.
- Fix: [#11063] Scrolling position persists when switching tabs in the scenery window.
- Fix: [#11106] Crash on getting invalid vehicle index.
- Fix: [#11126] Cannot place Frightmare track design.
- Fix: [#11208] Cannot export parks with RCT2 DLC objects.
- Fix: [#11230] Seat Rotation not imported correctly for hacked rides.
- Fix: [#11225] Replay manager cannot handle track designs.
- Fix: [#11246] Fix Various Import/Export issues with Boat locations, balloon frame number.
- Fix: [#11258] Properly remove format codes from imported strings.
- Fix: [#11286] Fix banner tooltip colour.
- Fix: Small red gardens in RCT1 saves are imported in the wrong colour.
- Improved: [#11157] Slimmer virtual floor lines.