Download OpenRCT2 v0.2.5 release

Windows downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Windows x86 InstallerOpenRCT2-0.2.5-windows-installer-win32.exe83d274910.32 MB
Windows x64 InstallerOpenRCT2-0.2.5-windows-installer-x64.exeaefddd710.85 MB
Windows x86 PortableOpenRCT2-0.2.5-windows-portable-win32.zipf74ea5712.27 MB
Windows x64 PortableOpenRCT2-0.2.5-windows-portable-x64.zip8c8a7c313.02 MB

Linux downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
AppImage x86_64OpenRCT2-0.2.5-linux-x86_64.AppImage1e248e634.68 MB
Linux i686OpenRCT2-0.2.5-linux-i686.tar.gz41af1a67.64 MB
Linux x86_64OpenRCT2-0.2.5-linux-x86_64.tar.gzdc29f7231.78 MB

macOS downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
macOS x86_64 PortableOpenRCT2-0.2.5-macos-x86_64.zip788ea7323.02 MB

Miscellaneous downloads

VariantFilenameSHA-256 ChecksumFile Size
Windows x86 Debug SymbolsOpenRCT2-0.2.5-windows-debugsymbols-win32.zipbf905c217.86 MB
Windows x64 Debug SymbolsOpenRCT2-0.2.5-windows-debugsymbols-x64.zip1710bfe18.29 MB

Release notes

- Feature: [#3154] Use a random title sequence each time it is shown.
- Feature: [#6553] Android version now runs in full screen.
- Feature: [#7865] Transport rides can now be synchronised.
- Feature: [#9073] Shortcut keys for the Tile Inspector.
- Feature: [#10305] Add two shortcuts for increasing and decreasing the scaling factor.
- Feature: [#10189] Make Track Designs work in multiplayer.
- Feature: [#10357] Added window for scenery scatter tool, allowing for area and density selection.
- Feature: [#10637] Console command to remove all floating objects.
- Change: [#1164] Use available translations for shortcut key bindings.
- Change: [#10997] Speed is automatically reset to normal upon scenario completion.
- Fix: [#2485] Hide Vertical Faces not applied to the edges of water.
- Fix: [#5249] No collision detection when building ride entrance at heights > 85.5m.
- Fix: [#6766] Changelog window doesn't open on some platforms.
- Fix: [#7784] Vehicle tab takes 1st car colour instead of tab_vehicle's colour.
- Fix: [#7854] Cannot build a custom spiral roller coaster design.
- Fix: [#7854] Empty entries in spiral roller coaster designs list.
- Fix: [#8151] Game freezes upon demolishing mazes at odd heights.
- Fix: [#8875] RCT1 competition scenarios are classified incorrectly.
- Fix: [#10176] Mistake in the sprite for the land tool's 6x6 grid.
- Fix: [#10196] Doors unable to be placed at end of track corners.
- Fix: [#10228] Can't import RCT1 Deluxe from Steam.
- Fix: [#10313] Path furniture can be placed on level crossings.
- Fix: [#10325] Crash when banners have no text.
- Fix: [#10376] No ratings generated when a shop and track intersect.
- Fix: [#10420] Money effect causing false positive desync.
- Fix: [#10477] Large Scenery cannot be placed higher using SHIFT.
- Fix: [#10489] Hosts last player action not being synchronized.
- Fix: [#10543] Secondary shop item prices are not imported correctly from RCT1 saves.
- Fix: [#10547] RCT1 parks have too many rides available.
- Fix: [#10587] Update last action coordinates on correct player.
- Fix: [#10631] Game bugs out and crashes if you get too many stations via copying stations with the tile inspector.
- Fix: [#10662] Duck cheat tooltips look odd and do not explain anything.
- Fix: [#10694] The lift hill speed of the flying roller coaster cannot be changed (original bug).
- Fix: [#10705] Apply multithreaded rendering to all viewports.
- Fix: [#10739] Mountain tool overlay for even-numbered selections.
- Fix: [#10752] Mute button state not correctly set at startup.
- Fix: [#10822] Can place too many peep spawns.
- Fix: [#10898] Banner text has an offset in tile inspector window.
- Fix: [#10904] RCT1/LL-scenarios with red water won't open.
- Fix: [#10941] The Clear Scenery tool gives refunds for ghost elements.
- Fix: [#10963] Light effects are drawn off-centre in some rotations.
- Fix: [#10993] Bottom toolbar not refreshing when a guest leaves the park.
- Fix: [#11001] Rides list does not use natural sorting.
- Fix: [objects#54] Stage Coach cars are not considered covered by the game.
- Fix: [objects#56] Handymen cut grass incorrectly.
- Improved: [#682] The staff patrol area is now drawn on the water, instead of on the surface under water.
- Improved: [#10858] Added horizontal grid lines to finance charts.
- Improved: [#10884] Added y-axes and labels to park window charts.
- Improved: [#10970] Introduced optional light effects for vehicles at night.
- Removed: [#6898] LOADMM and LOADRCT1 title sequence commands (use LOADSC instead).